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Celestia's Aide

"At your service, Your Majesty."

We've seen her around. Princess Celestia's little assistant. Her name is Raven (canonical). I like her later appearances, like in Season 3 and in Friends Forever #3. She also has a wicked, lovely mane, and that's why Raven is new in my repertoire and Pony of the Week*.

*There's no such thing. I just wanted to have somepony else than Twilight for once.

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Brainstormer623's avatar
I never even knew who the heck this character was prior to you drawing her.

And now I wants to snuggles her.
Brackets002's avatar
I accidentally headcanon'd that she's a changeling a few days ago and now it refuses to leave.
AussieGriffin's avatar
Would love to see an episode that looks at background ponies, and she's almost as sweet as Coco Pommel. ^.^
Jazoijua's avatar
Did she appear in equestria girls as a student.
Mariachiman's avatar
I'm totally shipping them as Ravenlestia and I'm gonna write a fanic, lok at me in FIMFiction as Proffessor Herz.
templar127's avatar
LOL! Number 1 assistant!
LeviathanTheGamer's avatar
her maid looks like Sarah Palin.
PinkiesPartyGirl's avatar
She looks absolutely sweet!

Now we have to wonder if Luna and Cadence have their own personal assistants. Twilight already has Spike, of course.
BoneSatellite's avatar
Raven's probably got some interesting stories to tell. I'd be awesome to see more of her in canon.
Pyrobug0's avatar
Aw, Raven is awesome.
Alesiopdv's avatar
Ah so cute one of my favourite background ponies
countdarkmire's avatar
Why is this not a ship?
ArrJaySketch's avatar
Raven is adorable, for sure! I fell in love with her design since her first appearance in Luna Eclipsed. :)
Rixlan's avatar
I've always thought of her the Drumnot to Celestia's Patrician.
Mad42Hatter's avatar
I always called her Sarah Palin Pony.
SeriousJupiter's avatar
Raven is cute and her earth pony clone is equally cute. Celestia and Mayor Mare should consider themselves lucky for having the cutest assistants in all of Equestria.
ShadowoftheHive's avatar
I thought she was Mayor Mare's assistant?

Anyways, nice picture (again). Kind of inspires me to create a story for it.
SeriousJupiter's avatar
Mayor Mare's assistant appears to be an earth pony version of Raven. Who knows if those two are twins or if one of them is simply an animation error.
ZippyZak's avatar
:icontwilightinsaneplz: No, no, Twily! Everything is FINE! Your her star student! She would never replace you! *shakes violently*

:iconmlpspikeplz: Twilight? Are you OK? Your not paranoid about Raven taking your spot, are you?

:icontwilightinsaneplz: ME!? PARANOID!? Oh, Spike, where do you get these silly, silly ideas? *insane laughter*
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