Carving Party
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Finally, Spike has some sane creatures to carve pumpkins with.

"Check it out, I just drawed on mine."

Feast of Carving by dm29  Mmm... Pumpkin Guts by dm29

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Comments (33)
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BB-K|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Look what I just made, Sandbar.
Err... you're supposed to carve them, not draw them.
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fanfics4ever's avatar
fanfics4ever|Hobbyist General Artist
Silverstream- BLEH! How can anyone EAT this stuff?
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Legacy-Galaxy's avatar
Legacy-Galaxy|Hobbyist Digital Artist
If he had a family, he'd carve.
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spyrofuckingcynder's avatar
So going in my Halloween Folder.  ^^  
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evangelian007's avatar
Yona looks so adorable eating that pumpkin.
Insert pumpkin hill themsong here.
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hello945's avatar
I love the way silverstrem looks XD
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karkovice1's avatar
Heh! Just like Gallus to cut corners. 

And Yona seems to like the pumpkin filling.

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JustSomePainter11's avatar
It's pretty awesome that they invited Spike with them^^
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jimmyhook19202122's avatar
jimmyhook19202122|Student General Artist
Are Spike's Wings hidden in this shot? ^^;
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JustSomePainter11's avatar
I think this must be before he got his wings
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dm29's avatar
dm29|Hobbyist Digital Artist
s-sure... i didn't forget them. this is a plausible answer...
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jimmyhook19202122's avatar
jimmyhook19202122|Student General Artist
ah. okay.
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Scyphi's avatar
Scyphi|Hobbyist General Artist
Well...except Yona...but five out of six still isn't bad. :D

Gallus is my kind of pumpkin carver. :P
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Siluntwolf's avatar
Siluntwolf|Hobbyist Artist
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Kyoshyu's avatar
Kyoshyu|Hobbyist General Artist
Adorable. :)
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urzapw2000's avatar
nummy pumpkins!
adorable picture!
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GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
Smolder did a bat?
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BulbaFriend's avatar
BulbaFriend|Student Traditional Artist
Nightmare night, what a fright, give me something go to bite!
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Herrieli000's avatar
Herrieli000|Hobbyist Filmographer
I love it.
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SimonsArtbookService's avatar
Yona love to munch pumpkins.
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PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Smolder: Look! I made Batman!
Gallus: This is art.
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EnigmusPrime's avatar
EnigmusPrime|Student General Artist
Well, except Yuna, but what'cha gonna do?Shrug 
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ElectricGhost6|Student General Artist
I love seeing these characters in situations like this, it’s always fun
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