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CMC Beats The Heat

Scootaloo's most useful in the summer.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro

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Hi i have a question what kind of drink is in sweetie belle's glass cub :-?

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I would enjoy that
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Well, she's a RD F-A-N
ColinRocks99's avatar
Oh now I get it.
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nice draw, so cute
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:iconapplebloomplz: :iconsays3plz: Flap faster, Scootaloo!

:iconsweetiebelleplz: :iconsays3plz: Yeah! We're getting HOTTER, not COOLER.

:iconscootalooplz: *groans* *buzzing sounds*

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true friend...I guess
KraangTheConqueror's avatar
This is remind of what I saw in episode 5 of Prehistoric Park but it is the eagle-sized Dragonfly.
FossilDiggerPegasus's avatar
I loved Prehistoric Park. Nigel Marvin is best Time Traveler. (Sorry to all you Doctor Who/Hooves fans)
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
Well Scutes, maybe you'll get a fan cutie mark (preferably one of those fancy Asian ones).
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Poor Scootaloo! XD
StarFire115's avatar
Ahhahahahahahah!!! XD
IceBall234's avatar
Wow they know how to beat the heat. 
XxLancelot-WolfxX's avatar
Kyoshyu's avatar
....ahahaha! :D
Omi-New-Account's avatar
OOOOoooooo~ Scoots seems mad.
NicolasDominique's avatar
Hmm, seems legit ^^
ShiningDragoon107's avatar
See, those wings do have a use, Scoots.
FrancisSplinter's avatar
This is how she earned her cutiemark.
MidnightWonko's avatar
Why the sour look on your face, Scootaloo?  You're making your friends happy!
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