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It's not safe for couples to walk around in the snow during wintertime like that. Not when these two are around.

I love these little winter scenes. I got more of these coming. Hopefully they aren't all FlashLight.

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Trixie&Sunset: BOYFRIEND INITIATION!(Flash get a snow ball to the face by surprice!)
Flash:Oh !?
Twilight: OH !? are You ok?
Flash: Yeah , only be surprice!
Twilight: Sorry, My friends tend to get a little rowdy sometimes...You are Lucky is not all my Friends! By the way Girls, is Shining who a ask to do this?
Sunset: he he he busted!
Trixie: he a ask Flash get his Initiation, like the Friends of Princess Cadance a done to him!
Twilight:......I will never Forget were shining get his initiation by Cadance Friends......but what the other plan? Fluttershy wiill do nothing, if she do is will be a Big surprice!
Trixie, you are so gonna get!!!
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I love Sunset Shimmer.
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the fact that it was sunset is funny
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Bingo. Ring between the eyes. Also who threw the snowball at Flash?
YAS!!FLASHSHIMMER!And Trixie!But FlashLight is cute too.(FlashLight....XD)Trixie Sees Too Roll Icon Free Sunset Shimmer icon 
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Trixie+Sunset Shimmer have iced Flash Sentry
Trixie is DOMINATING Flash Sentry

:iconmlptrixieplz:You are no match for me!
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You know what's going to happen next: retaliation from Flash.
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Well it's kind of hard to miss at that distance
FossilDiggerPegasus's avatar
Sunset and Trixe, pony villain duo. HIIIYA!
(Anyone who gets the refference has earned a :iconfluttershyyayplz:)
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Kill him with snow
WorldofTanks's avatar
Flash: I'm hit! I'm hit!
We need a medic over here..... xD 
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That's too cute!
MarioSonicPeace's avatar
And this is one of the reasons why I prefer Sunset x Trixie and Flash x Twilight over Sunset x Flash.:P (Lick) 

Anyway, cool picture (no pun intended XD). 
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Suddenly, Flash is reminded on how he was trained in Winter Warfare via Snowball Fights...

And it doesn't end well.
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:iconsunsetshimmerponyplz: :iconsays3plz: BULLSEYE! See, Trixie? I TOLD you I was good.

:icontrixiescoffplz: :iconsays3plz: Yes, indeed! The great and powerful Trixie approves!

:icontwichallengeconsider: :iconsays3plz: Sorry about that, Flash. My friends tend to get a little rowdy sometimes...

:iconflashsentryplz: :iconsays3plz: S'okay. It's only the fifth time this week I've been hit between the eyes with a snowball.

Why does everybody hate Flash so much? :(
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