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Bringer of Coffee

"and I love you, coffee. You're the best coffee that coffees coffee..."

Spike is such a good assistant. That's why he's number 1.

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Nice work;-) (Wink) Spike is also like Twilight's adopted little bro ya know!=D (Big Grin) 
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The amount of dirty jokes that can be made for that mug is staggering...
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And an afterthought to the writers :D.
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:iconmlpspikeplz: :iconsays3plz: Uhh... Thanks???
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Celestia may raise the sun, but it is the one who brings the coffee who truly makes the day begin.
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If Celestia's cutie mark is on a white mug, does that mean holding it is symbolic of cupping her ass?
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Coffee is love! Coffee is life!
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Celestia: "Where is my cup of coffee? I left it on the table for a minute and now it's gone!"

Well, looks like trouble brewing...
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:icontwilighthey1plz: : It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the beans of Java that thoughts acquire speed, the hands acquire shaking, the shaking becomes a warning. It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion.
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What us guys won't do for a kiss ;-)
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:iconhappytsplz::iconsaysplz:The only thing that would make this coffee better is if it came with a cookie!:iconsaysend-plz:
:iconspikehappiestplz::iconsaysplz:Well...I'd offer you one of my special cookies, but...well, it's just that they're....:iconsaysend-plz:
:iconstonerspikeplz::iconsaysplz:...twice baked!  :iconifyouknowhatimeanplz::iconsaysend-plz:
:icontwilight-rapefaceplz::iconsaysplz:I have no idea what that means, but I'm willing to give one a try!:iconsaysend-plz:
:icondrugaddictspikeplz::iconsaysplz:Alight...I'll just go ahead and note Celestia that you'll be taking the rest of today off!:iconsaysend-plz:
:icontwilightcookieplz::iconsaysplz:Mmmm....I've never had cookies this good before!  What's your secret?!:iconsaysend-plz:
:iconstonerspikeplz::iconsaysplz:Oh, you little bit of "magic" and shit...:iconsaysend-plz:
:icontwilightcookieplz::iconsaysplz:Well whatever it is, this cookie is the bomb!:iconsaysend-plz:
:iconstonerspikeplz::iconsaysplz:Oh yes, they're the bomb alright...hehe...just give it a couple hours to hit....:iconsaysend-plz:

2 hours later....

:icontwilightizhappyplz::iconsaysplz:Daaaaaaayum Spike....this feel....right like....the best feel!:iconsaysend-plz:
:iconstonedspikeplz::iconsaysplz:You know it Twi!:iconsaysend-plz:
:icontwilightizhappyplz::iconsaysplz:Take a note...I'm calling in "sick" today!:iconsaysend-plz:
:icondrugaddictspikeplz::iconsaysplz:Already done!  Now how 'bout I order us some Little Celestia's...mare-gherita XXL sound good?:iconsaysend-plz:

:iconprincesscelestiaplz::iconsaysplz:Ah....Twilight's friendship report, early as usual.  Let's see what she learned this week.....:iconsaysend-plz:

Dear Princess Celestia,
I'm writing on behalf of Twilight Sparkle, who wishes to inform you that she will be....very busy today....
Ponyville business....completely unrelated...anyhoo, she regrets not being able to attend today's lunch meeting with the
Hoofiopian prime minister, and asks that you extend her most sincere apologies for her absence.
Yours sincerely,

PS: we're still on for coffee and brownies at the Stony Pony Cafe next Friday, right?!

:icontiatrolledplz::iconsaysplz:Oh that darn Spike...he just had to give her one of his special, of all days...:iconsaysend-plz:
:icontrollunaplz::iconsaysplz:Does this mean I'm off the hook for last week's little "incident?":iconsaysend-plz:
:iconmlpcelestiawtfplz::iconsaysplz:Like hell!  That was my favorite blanket, Luna!  Those Mountain Dew stains are never gonna come out!:iconsaysend-plz:
:iconsadlunaplz::iconsaysplz:I said I was sorry!  Geez....SMH!:iconsaysend-plz:
:iconcelestianoplz::iconsaysplz:Just shut up and go fetch my bong, is going to be a very long day.....:iconsaysend-plz:
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Ah. Roleplay comments. They never get old.
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Hahaaaa great comment!
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Thanks for reading!
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Best. Comment. EVER.
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