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Better Step Off, Bub.

"Is this the crazy varmint who's been harrassin' you from your chores, AJ?"

Big Mac goes all Shining Armor up Trenderhoof's (4x13) business. Hey, what are big brothers for?

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This is amusing. Don't mess with Big Mac. He is the closest thing AJ has to an overprotective dad. I don't think Trenderhoof was trying to mean. He was just a bit too touchy feely, and that made AJ uncomfortable. Big Mac would say "Nope. You can't have my little sister."
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i wish this would happen in the episode
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Yeah, right way, Big Mac😲! Get away, Trenderhoof. You're not her type...
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Would have been funny and epic to see this!
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Wow, better not get on Big Mac's bad side! I can see Aj falling for Trenderhoof, IMO.
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Why did Big Mac not do this?!
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Maybe because he knew AJ is smart and tough enough to handle this guy... and, in the end, he wasn't a bad pony, just a bit annoying.
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What I was waiting for the entire episode.
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jejeje it's good and we all can imagine how it could have been. Just one little thing, you drew Applejack a bit short. She's not so little.
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Big Mac to the rescue!
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That's right Big Mac, you tell him and any other hipster to fuck off!
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Lulzz these faces.. priceless.
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i have been shiping  the main six latly to make their daughters the next generasioun as axample: Pinkie Pie X cheese sandwich (my favorit wich is like god damn fedex) Twilight century fluttermac (dont hae me ) Rarity X thunderlane Soarin X rainbow dash But i coulnt think of anybody for applejack so the only option i had was trenderhoove And dont worry i didnt forget spike (Spike Bloom lol)
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Props to Trender for holding his ground. He's gonna die, but still, props.
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This should've totaly happen in the show. :D
And portray Big Mac as a jerk, as well AJ as someone who can't stand up for herself? What? This is so backwards.
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You know, taking care of your sister when even her honesty doesn't seem to work is NOT being a jerk.
And what exactly was Trenderhoof dong that AJ needed Big Mac? Mac is a dick.
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Nono, I mean it in like alternate version where Trenderhooof wouldn't take "no" as an answer and would keep clinging to AJ no matter what. Those kind of guys happen way too often and then you just need someone more tough to keep them away. x.x
Since we're not given a preview of what happened between Trend and AJ prior ot this, we're left to believe that Trenderhoof is in chanracter, thus this just makes Big Mac seem like a dick. Why? Why do people enjoy turning decent characters into assholes? Being overprotective is not a positive quality, lets put it that way.
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I guess I just don't see it as being overprotective. O.o
Does Applejack really need Big Mac for this? Applejack is a tough independent mare. She could probably snap that pencil neck hipster in two. Then again it's always good to know your family has your back. Cute picture.
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