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Best Baby Dragon

By dm29
"Every day, with you."

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there is the other dragons in that world he has visited, and he is friends with the new leader of the dragons
also at the crystal empire he has a statue of him saving the crystal heart and is somewhat treated like a hero
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lol spikes face is likeGrump Grump Grump 
PinkieThePowerpuff's avatar
Spike: It's too obvious... :|
catz537's avatar
Lol xD Oh Spike
BB-K's avatar
Twilight sure loves her Spike. :)
Isn't spike the only dragon you know at all
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>Twilight says Spike is best dragon, and Spike gets annoyed.
>People then abuse and treat Spike like shit like they usually do, and Spike barely says anything about it.

Yeah, something about that isn't right at all.
SFaccountant's avatar
Well, "best dragon" is a relative term...
TheDarkHandy's avatar
But still. He gets annoyed about Twilight loving him. But i'm pretty sure he doesn't like it when everyone just does nothing but abuse him like a damn fly. He should at least be glad that he actually gets some love and is not hated by every character in town.
SFaccountant's avatar
I think that's WHY he's annoyed. That ponies sometimes pay him lip service, but it isn't reflected at all in their actions. I think it's worse being mistreated when people compliment you for it.

Adding insult to injury, Twilight's compliment doesn't even amount to much. She didn't call him smart or great or helpful, she said he was her "favorite".
TheDarkHandy's avatar
So, he's annoyed because Twilight loves him even though she can sometimes treat him like shit? I'm just trying to make sure it's clear, that's why i'm asking you this question.
SFaccountant's avatar
No, he would be annoyed because the "love" seems insincere. Ponies might SAY they like him, but they don't treat him that way.
Or that would be my take on it.
He might just be irritated because of the way Twilight is saying it, like he's a baby or even a pet.
TheDarkHandy's avatar
Oh, I see. Even though he IS a baby dragon!

"No, he would be annoyed because the "love" seems insincere. Ponies might SAY they like him, but they don't treat him that way." That's exactly my problem. They say they love him, but they don't normally treat him that way like they always do with the rest of their mane 6 friends, like Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash. If you really love him, TREAT HIM LIKE YOU ACTUALLY DO LOVE HIM! Otherwise, treating him like shit and talking about how much you love him doesn't make any damn sense!
SFaccountant's avatar
Well, it DOES make sense, in a really messed-up sort of way.
A great way to keep people around despite mistreating them is to give occasional boosts to their self-esteem. You don't have to do anything nice for them, just say something nice.
It's especially bad in Spike's case, because it's not like he has anywhere else to go. If he decides he's had enough of being Twilight's "assistant", where is he going to go? How is he going to get gems on his own? A lifetime of virtual slavery under a pony is the best option he's got.
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Well considering your the only dragon that's not a jack ass yes yes you are.
AngelTheBootyful's avatar
Oh god you made my day
brony3099's avatar
It always makes my day when someone tells me something like that, and watching all four critter movies helps too.
MLPegasis4898's avatar
We all do know that, Spike ;) ;) ;)
Puffed-Artist's avatar
Spike: Im your ONLY baby dragon

EcliptorCalrissian's avatar
Getting too cool to be snuggled by Mommy, hmm?
Little-Hellion-Fever's avatar
Awwww someone sounds a little cranky. Is it time for a certain baby dragon to take his nap? ^-^
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Seeing as Spike is the only baby dragon in Twilight's life, wouldn't that make him simultaneously her favourite and her least favourite?
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So cool! but what program do you use?
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