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Things got ridiculous after I set up the new poll. So I put both of them from their appearances being prodded by big brothers and let them settle it between themselves.

Misspelling and misinterpretation of "waifu" intentional. In case it wasn't clear.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", "Equestria Girls" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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I'd say Flash, he may be bland, but he is im the military, he has to have done something right.
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Oh my goooosh!😲
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*shotgun's them Both* Thug Life I win The Honor  Freddy Herd You Talkin Trash (Chat Icon) Chica is a Boss (Chat Icon)
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Kick his ass, Flash!
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Waffles are better.
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Mares and Stallions. Colts and Fillies. Let's get ready to RUUUMMMMBLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!
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10/10 would watch
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"This fight right here is going to be a friggin slobberknocker, let me tell ya that!"

"You can just FEEL the intensity!"
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there will be transport right?
Because I'm The Transport Tycoon On Wheels Myself!
"OLD STEAMY" from the Simpsons Is Who I Am! ;)
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FLASH: We're all professionals here, we all know the score.
TRENDER: My job, my score, get your own!
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 :icontrender-hoof: :iconflashsentryplz: : Evil beware, we steal waffles.
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am i dumb? I don't know what a waifu is :iconpinkieshrugplz:
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Well, let's look at the root of the word. 
ChoccyMilkshake's avatar
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Well, I had to google it to understand it. SO you probably aren't half as dumb as I am. 
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10/10 would wach
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I am so going to come for this..
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my bits are on Flash...
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wheres chess sandwhich i thought a lot of ponies love her
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Cheese Sandwich is a guy...
housin123's avatar
yes he is and i can tell he loves pinkie cause normal guys dont stalk girls 
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