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Bashful Ember

Okay, this one is just an excuse to post Ember. From my recent Princess Ember comic was this shy(?) pose of her trying to speak to her new friend. It was cropped in the comic, but really I'm just finding an excuse to post full-height Ember art. More "proper" Ember art tomorrow.

 Comic Block: Royal Jewels by dm29 

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.

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"What if Ember was Spike's Mother"
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Amazing! Your comic style is similar to the animation. it seems that you are one of the Animation producer of My Little Pony. So... I want to report it on a Chinese website to share with my friend! Could I? If you don't mind, I will put your url on the Chinese website. And I won't modify your work in any way. :) (Smile) 
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that is very flattering for you to say, but I don't work for the animation team. Plenty of people like me have made their own art based on the characters on the show. Some people may even say my stuff isn't 100% similar.

But go ahead and share it with your friends. Just know that I don't represent Hasbro or DHX.
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OK! Thank you!  :happybounce: 
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I am very nice, check out my video also the draw: D…
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I just adore these two together. Heart 
Ember is such a beauty! Heart 
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She wants the D

the d stands for dragon
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Ember & Spike... KISS! XD
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Who needs an excuse to post Ember?
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Admit it Ember ^^ You think Spike is cute ^^
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Now who's blushing!
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*pushes spike over*

Now Princess Ember..if you wanted a real man.
I'm all yours if you know what I mean.
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Would you 2 just kiss already?
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"yeah I know but look spike, I need a king and well.... you are the only dragon i trust so.... you have to be my king"
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She's a beautiful Dragon
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SHES FINALLY GOING INTO MY "MLP Characters that are overrated af i would really like to f*king kill"

So far there is

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Aww! Spember 5everrrrrrrrrr!!!!
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Best friends forever :D :happybounce:
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* grabs the back of their heads and pushes them closer to each other *
Now kiss.
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Spike: I'd bang it.
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