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BIg Trouble In Little Twilight (Clean)

For reals this time. Happy April Fools.
And thank you all for 3 million pageviews.

I've also terminated the other piece because the suggested pieces alongside it was just nasty. Derpibooru has archived it.

Original description follows:

I know some of you have been waiting for something like this for such a long time. Here's something I've kept under wraps for a while now.

BTILT is a short piece involving betrayal surrounding Flash Sentry, Sunset Shimmer, Timber Spruce, and Twilight Sparkle, who gets into more than what she bargained for. Will their friendship lust last or will someone become more than just friends?

mlp ptrndAfoot3 by dm29 Unlock the first piece on my "neigh"-treon page for free, now!

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.
"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", "Equestria Girls", "Legend of Everfree", "Forgotten Friendship" & Original Characters © Hasbro

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wait a hol up

FlareEmerald77's avatar
Rainbow Dash (what you see) plz GET A ROOM, YOU SICKOS!
calvinthedestroyer's avatar
That's not how you do the hinlick 
JJtheSNKKid's avatar
OHHHHHH.....I get it now.
Kaijufanatic19's avatar
Timber: Live! Live goddammit! 
DJHiryu508's avatar
"OMG, Timber! You saved me from choking!"

"You were choking?"
Kaijufanatic19's avatar
I'm sure he would have known.
PoniezRCuties's avatar
Twilight, stop eating food so fast...
karkovice1's avatar
Sunset: TIMBER, what on Earth are you doing!?

Timber Spruce: Giving her the Heimlich maneuvre! What's it look like!?

Flash: I don't think that's how it's done... not according to what I see here...

SciTwi: *CHOKE*
evangelian007's avatar
So Timber was giving poor Sci-Twi the heimlich maneuver. Makes perfect sense.:XD:
Although I'm kind of curious how can anyone choke on ice cream? That's physically impossible. Somehow Sci-Twi found a way.:rofl:
Chiyawa's avatar
I think she choked on a slice of banana than ice-cream.
evangelian007's avatar
That honestly makes better sense.
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You know what Flash Sentry used to say?
[Thunder voice]: "Flash" who...?

Crescentsunstudios72's avatar
Flash: Flash Sentry! Me! It's all in the reflexes
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Its going down, Im grabbed by Timbeeer!
Setakarn's avatar
Haha, i knew it!
nightcrawlerfan19's avatar
How could ice cream betray Twilight like that??
Chiyawa's avatar
Brony-Commentator's avatar
Of course it's an April Fools joke . . . . in hindsight this should have been easy to figure out, and yet no one did
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