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And Clean That Up!


Li'l Shiny still runs a tight ship atop his mighty steed.


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Genderbend him as well Twilight. If he can still command respect as a little filly then he really deserves to be captain of the royal guard XD
Twilight (Squee) Plz Little sis shiny...
MLP Shining Armor (Angry) Plz Don't you dare..  
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What is this based off of? A fanfic? If so, please link. I like. 
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"And don't forget about my pay raise once you're back to normal, Sir."
"I know. What's that, like the ninety-third time you've told me today?"
"I'm just making sure. I mean, fifty bits a month is in no way a decent payment."
"I know."
"Two hundred bits. Per week, not month. That or I resign."
"I know."
"And I'll also need life insurance. Home owner's too. Won't have my family out on the street if I kick the bucket."
"You say one more thing, and I'll be kicking YOUR bucket- hard."
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Must be hard to be taken seriously when you have to be carried around like that.
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Shining(still talking like he's on helium): SOLDIER, clean up that mess NOW!

Pony guard: Uhh... Should I be taking orders from a COLT? O_o

Shining: COLT??? I'm your PRINCE and RULER, for Celestia's sake! Who only happens to STILL be stuck in a rejuvenation spell!

Pony guard: Princess Twilight?

Twilight: Hmmmm... *flips page* Nope. Nothing in the rules say anything about a Prince's size OR age. You STILL have to follow his orders.

Pony guard: DAMN! *mutters* Just as I was hoping to get out of it...

Shining: And WHEN is this rejuvenation spell gonna WEAR OFF, Twiley!!?

Twilight: I honestly don't know, Shining. You just have to be PATIENT.

Shining: My PATIENCE is starting to wear thin! BTW, I want my HELMET back!

Twilight: And you WILL get it back, as soon as you're back to normal size.

Shining: *sighs* This is getting RIDICULOUS...
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He's been in FAR WORSE situations, believe me. =P
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If some fan comics are to be believed, I'll gladly believe :D
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'If it moves, salute it. If it doesn't move, pick it up. If you can't pick it up, paint it.'
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:iconguardponyplz::iconthinksplz: "Join the guards" they said, "bag a princess" they said.
rnko26's avatar
the lies they tell you to recruit you lol!
DrX-Raven's avatar
(OoC: "Bag"?! What, was he planning on murdering the princess in her sleep?!)
EverlastingJoy's avatar
In this case it means "to get a princess as your girlfriend/wife".
DrX-Raven's avatar
(OoC: .... You mean "Bang")
ArcCahlon's avatar
no it's bag… it's a common phrase with the younger crowds
DrX-Raven's avatar
(OoC: It's "Bang". No one uses "Bag" in this context)
ArcCahlon's avatar
well thats you I guess man he said bag you can call it what ever you want. it's cute ponies thats all that matters in the end.
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Guard: “So how do we do this”
Twilight: “These plans are a little hard to make out”
Shinning: “You guys are stupid, my pillow fort goes there, my swimmy pool goes there and my cookie tree goes there”
Guard: “Cookie tree, is that….”
Shinning: “A tree that gows cookies”
Twilight: “Ok…. CADANCE, HELP HERE..NOW!’
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hah thats a good one!:rofl:
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Shinning Armor (Worried) mlp season 6 I had the strangest dream, Twilight turned me into a young colt and I had to order everypony while riding on her back.

MLP Twilight Sparkle (Lecturing) Plz That wasn't a dream.

MLP Shining Armor (Derp) Plz !!!!!!
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Tiny shiny is so adorable!
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"Clean that UP!" I read this in the voice of Super Kami Guru from DBZ Abridged.
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Did ShiningColt™ just spit up on the floor and then order one of his soldiers to clean it up?
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