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Ambassador Cadance

Work never ends, not even with a baby.

A reference to Member of the European Parliament Licia Ronzulli, who has her daughter with her during parliament sessions. She is so badass. Just look at her photo on her Wikipedia page.

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.

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You spelled "Cadence" wrong
rnko26's avatar she eating her mom's work?
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Ambassador but she's also occupied with music and her child too. :o
LadyIkoYumeoftheEast's avatar
ummm...but the headphones are not for music but to hear the translator....
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Two hard works, are the best works :)
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Wish I could fave this over and over again, too adorable.
"Darlin' , please don't play with the trade agreement papers."

Anyway, we should have an episode where Celestia or Luna gets jealous of Cadance because she has a family already, whereas neither of them are even in (romantic) a relationship. Especially Celestia since the only relationship she had ended tragically.
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How would they even get with a stallion who only lives up to 80 years (or whatever the average life span is) compared to their nearly immortal life span?
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Not going to lie, before I clicked on this I thought she was teaching her baby to hunt with a gun
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The Thumbnail did kind look like that, didn't it.
GreatTeacherDiCenso's avatar
Cadence: "On behalf of the Crystal Empire, we have this to say about your preposterous proposal"

Flurry:  "(Loud baby rassberry!)"

Cadence "That is all"
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That should happen on the show. That is brilliant! :D
darthrivan's avatar
Diamond Dog Ambassador: "She always pulls that one"
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Nice, but it might be better to get a foalsitter for Flurry Heart. Don't want the baby to slobber on an important document.
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It must be 'Take Your Daughter to Work Day' in Equestria!
dancinninjac's avatar
"Honey, please don't eat mommy's proposal for world peace"
Chiyawa's avatar
This may sound crazy, but what if Flurry Heart is an instrument of letter delivery just like Spike?

Princess Cadence: Eat this letter, honey.
(Somewhere in Canterlot)
(Shining Armour gave a loud burp and a scroll came out from his mouth)
Shining Armour: (open and read the letter) What's this? A shopping list?
dancinninjac's avatar
There's an awful lot of slobber on this list...
Chiyawa's avatar
Yeah. But hey, it's magic.
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