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All Cloak and No Dagger

"I... feel a cold wind blowing through."


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Princess Luna: Oh, COME ON! That's the SEVENTEENTH take where this has happened! I need to to go take a rest in my trailer...
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<Real Ghost of christmas past walks in> 
GOCP: see now your not even trying to make this look real....
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Ha! I remember someone suggesting this idea in a livestream of the episode's premiere, and I thought it was hilarious. :D
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Hilarious! XD

I hope that you have a great and blessed day/night!
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And I was wondering, how she was that tall!
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Princess Luna (hmm...) plz : Oh... (to Celestia) Sister, it appears that our cloaking device has been removed. (giggles)

Starlight Glimmer (smile) plz
: (grinning) Blame it on the Windigos, Princess Luna.

Celestia happy : Nice going, Moon Tushie.

Princess Luna (hmm...) plz : (still giggling) We apologize, Sunbutt. We forgot to button our cloak. Again.

Clapping Pony Icon - Fancy Pants : CUT!!! (takes off monocle, laughing) Excellent blooper, your highnesses! This goes on our production blog tonight! Float the cloak back into place and we shall do a retake, shall we not?
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Director of "A Hearts Warming Tale": CUT!!
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More like a draft? :giggle:
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This is hilarious.
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I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!
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I saw this before seeing the episode, and wondered what it meant. 
Now I get it. XD
This is why I have zero respect for either one of them! Always resorting to these unnecessary bold move just to scare others, get a point across, or to force them to do the right thing while at the same time scaring them for life. Honestly, who in the right mind would stoop to this kind of new low just for the sake of saving the future and teaching others a lesson? I say it's high time somebody taught these alicorn jerks a lesson of their own once and for all! Who's with me? 
That idea had my attention the second they slapped "destined" and wings onto a certain pony which turned out to be only one out of two

I'm disenfranchised with their overbearing down your throat arbitration

It's high time, indeed, that more ponies stop following indefinitely
I've got some OUTRAGEOUS ideas on how to PUNISH these tyrants. Want to hear them? 
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