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Alicorn All-Stars


Everypony's happy. Have a great Season Six. Just hours away.
I've been holding on to this one for a really long time. Shining Armor is an alicorn, shut up.

I'ma gonna have to warm up my engines for the travesty that is...
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Yay, i wish i joined. Fuck!
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"Shining Armor's not an alicorn."

He's banging an alicorn, does that count?
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All family members, well, the princesses would be acting aunts. I think.
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Luna bombed the picture.
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MLP Emote Shining Armor Crying IM NOT AN ALICORN THOU! Cady can you change that? Shining Armor adorable GIF 
HappyCadencePLZ lol no
GallantServer's avatar
No! Bad shiny! What are you doing in this picture!
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He's holding up Flurry Heart!  That's his only purpose!!!
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But why does Shining need to hold up Flurry? As we have seen in the S6 premiere, she can fly as well as any full-grown mare (she puts Scootaloo and the Baby Cakes to shame, which is kind of sad)! (Good parenting reasons, maybe?)
TheThunder-Art's avatar
Yes!  Bad Shiny!  He ruined the wedding episode!
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Luna with her tongue out just looks so cute!
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Hey now
You're an all-star
Get your wings on
Go plaaaay
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Shining Armor's not alicorn,he's a prince but....wait can colt be alicorns? 
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:icontrollestiaplz: "I'll never tell..."
:icontwilightsparkleplz::iconthinksplz:Is she teasing when she's saying that?:iconthinksendplz:
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I have no idea if a stallion can be a alicorn
ILoveGreenDeathsALot's avatar
I don't think they can but if they did it would be pretty freak'n hilarious 
kdaramos's avatar
Yes it would 😄
ILoveGreenDeathsALot's avatar
lol ikr idk id u remeber but in "Do princess dream of magic sheep" Big Macintosh was an alicorn lol it cracked me up 
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Omg i was dieing lol
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