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After School Shopping

"B-but... it's still winter!"

That's a thing girls do, right?

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"OOOOOH, how about this one?!"
"Pinkie, that's literally a handful of string"
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Have fun Sunset  :D (Big Grin) 
You'll sunset super outside
Marblelight's avatar
More like-- Swimsuit Shipping! :D
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I dunno why but as a man somehow I like to see more the girls in one-piece swimsuit on tha Beach than the ones in bikini.
emdotfoxy's avatar
same. even though ima girl... im bisexual, so it counts
Granonis's avatar
Same. I don't think the figures that the show uses would look all that good in bikinis.
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Swimsuit shopping, ready for Spring. I see in this section is mainly bikinis, let's move on to the one-piece. :)
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aye. smart thinking, buying them when on clearance.
Clearance is probably there as those swimsuits might be almost a year old on those shelves, so the fabric doesn't stretch that well so when you wear it...lets just say it will "wear and tear" if u know what I mean
kirbyfalcon's avatar
lol. that'll be a sight to see in the pool.
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Why is there not a clearance sign in this picture so I can tell Tumblr to go back home!? This would totally be a tumblr comment!
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I wouldn't mind seeing those 4 in bikinis 
Blackfoxx777's avatar
That would be awesome.
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Gr8 image! Keep it up! :D
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My predicted result; stalion eye candy
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:iconsunsetshimmerplz: :iconsays3plz: But I don't WANT to buy a swimsuit!

:iconhuman-pinkie-pie: :iconsays3plz: Aw, c'mon, Sunny! They're 50% off!! Don't be such a stuck in the mud! That's MY job, anyways...

:iconhumantwilightsparkle: :iconsays3plz: She's a little bit... odd... isn't she?

:iconeqgrp-rarity: :iconsays3plz: Indeed. BUT we like her that way...
kimpossiblelove's avatar
Pinkie:  Come on Sunset.  It will be a lot of fun. 
Rarity:  And you Twilight.  You could use some new clothes.
Sunset:  I don't know.  I am not good at this stuff.
Twilight:  I am with Sunset.
Rarity:  That my dear is why Pinkie and I are here.
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Please let it be a bikini1
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What reason people would shop for swimsuits in winter, to prepare in advance?
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Well the people I know who do that is because it's really cheap to buy it in the winter. Stores mark them down by like 50% this time of year.
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