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A Sweet Embrace

First, a simple FlashLight to get Valentine's Day going.
Let's never forget last year's Hearts and Hooves Saga.
I Feel Like A Princess by dm29

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I wanna commit homicide with them
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Anyone else picturing First Base watching them and singing Kiss the Girl?
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i ship itFlashLight tease FlashLight tease FlashLight tease Love Love Love Love Love 
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I didn't care much for this ship before, but your art has made me kind of like it.
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Shitty pairing is shitty.
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No it's cancer just like this ship.
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Just like your existence is cancer.
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Whiny attitude is whiny. 
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Just like you are hypocrite.
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Don't use the word you don't know the meaning of it 
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Using it would make you look like stupid 
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Even though you do 
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Awwwwwwwww that is adorable!
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Such love. :p

If Flash brings his guitar or music player, I'm sure some romantic songs can bring out the romantic mood.
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AHHHH!!! <333 So cute! >.< 2 dorks in love! c: 
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:iconinsideoutjoyplz: : "Now that really makes all of us so happy. Let's bring out the love songs!"
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