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A Book Horse Valentine

A Love Day-style card for Twilight Sparkle fans.


Check Out My Other Horse Valentines.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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© 2015 - 2021 dm29
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Anytime you want, Twily~
guardmn's avatar
Awwww.So cute.
XTApocalypse's avatar
How can you say she's yours while constantly giving her to Flash? |:I
AplReach's avatar
D'aawwww 'bellyrubs Twilie'
ABrightSide's avatar
Make me a pony or make yourself human and maybe. :)
AspiePie's avatar
Horsey come over!
PrinceCres's avatar
Hmm, i do like Twilight sparkle even tho she is a princess now, but i still don't mine xD
Donsssssss's avatar
>Check out my other Horse Valentines

>Horse Valentines

I laughed harder than I should've. >.>
BenCurt's avatar
There's my BGF.
CorpulentBrony's avatar
julian, you are the best
CosmicTail42's avatar
As a big fan of Twilight, I would give her a premium membership to check me out as long as she want. :D
naan21's avatar
this one's my favorite of the card series! :D
Sonito1992's avatar
you certainly may :aww:

very cute art btw! :)
CharaViolet's avatar
best pony, best card :3
scottishawesome11's avatar
This is some real autistic shit here, and this is coming from a person with mild Asperger's. I ain't no clopper but I am not going out with that slut.
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FadhilPF's avatar
low quality bait
ZSnation2440's avatar
you're right! His just an attention whore, and he sucks at it
FadhilPF's avatar
and you're also quite pathetic for falling into something so crude. 
ZSnation2440's avatar
you know your right, I'm sorry, I just don't like it that people make fun of Autism, the main reason why is because people are born with it, and making fun of Autism is really cruel,

but i easily fell to this trap, I want to thank you for helping me realize that.  
ZSnation2440's avatar
WOW! you a fucking idiot!!!! Using Autism as an insult? WOW! You're a whole new level of stupidity, asshole like you should never use Autism as an Insult, you are a pathetic piece of shit that should leave the internet.

Go ahead DUMBASS!!!! Make fun of me all you want, but you're still pathetic as hell! for making fun of Autism.
Your parents most really hate you do they? and I see why!  
hawaii42612's avatar
I'm with twilight lol
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