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D'Vaughn Bell
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D'Vaughn Marqui Bell is a millennial entrepreneur, author, fitness enthusiast, financial and marketing consultant. D'Vaughn has a passion for everything creative and would like to share his thoughts, concepts and ideas with the DeviantArt community. For more information or to reach out please contact D'Vaughn Bell


D'Vaughan Bell Professional Businessman In Office
What's going on everyone. D'Vaughn Bell again. Figured I'd hold off on posting more of my "How to Buy Time" series for now and see how everyone responds to it. If it gets engagement then I'll definitely post more but until then I hope you like the images and here's some interesting text I found online.
Learning is a never-ending road of discovery, and it must meet each person where they are, when they want it. Our educational and assessment tools, content, products, and services are designed to help people make progress in their lives. A person is a being, such as a human, that has certain capacities or attributes constituting personhood, which in turn is defined differently by different authors in different disciplines, and by different cultures in different times and places. In ancient Rome, the word persona (Latin) or prosopon originally referred to the masks worn by actors on stage.

Person-hood is the status of being a person. Defining person-hood is a controversial topic in philosophy and law and is closely tied with legal and political concepts of citizenship, equality, and liberty. According to law, only a natural person or legal personality has rights, protections, privileges, responsibilities, and legal liability.
D'Vaughn Bell How to Buy Time Part 3
How to Buy Time Part 3

The same scenario would apply for a close family member, right? If your parent or sibling ended up in the hospital, do you go check up on them, maybe even cover their bill, expecting something in return? Well, if you do, you’re just plain evil. If not, no exchange will occur. This becomes a one-way market. Some people donate to charities because they want to help people or causes, not expecting anything in return.

Now there are people who will do those things expecting something in return. Hopefully you are not one of them. 

Motion is described as the process of moving or being moved. People can be moved by your actions, whether in a positive or negative way. The impact happens. Again, I don’t want to discredit what you know, but Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion does not apply here.

For those of you who are not familiar with this law it states that “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” For you science buffs out there, this means that when two objects interact with each other there are two forces that will oppose. An example would be, when you sit down on a chair, you are applying downward force, while simultaneously the chair is pushing you up. These two forces are called the action and reaction forces. His theory states that every force comes in pairs. The size of both forces are equal but the direction of the forces are opposite.

With that in mind, his lessons apply to Physics, which is a study that involves matter’s motion through space and time. That’s about as Star Trek as I’ll go, but you needed to know that before I continue explaining.

You and I are both matter, moving through time and space.

Something else that is matter, is currency or what you think is money. Equal and opposite forces would be me going to the store and buying something with my money. I’m gaining whatever I purchase while simultaneous losing the currency of which was used to pay for it. The only thing that remained constant was value, which in my mind, the two were of equal value. If the two were not of equal value I would not have bought it. But how often do you buy something that you believe is of the same value of what you are paying for it? Generally, it either cost much more than you anticipated or you believe you bought it at a bargain.

D'Vaughn Bell How to Buy Time Part 2

How to buy Time part 2

Until you find that ‘one-thing’, you'll just be driving in that right lane on the road, going slow, with no sense of purpose. Many people will be driving in the right lane to either stop somewhere, or slow down because the person in front of them needs to stop, creating a slinky effect. My goal, is to get you out of that environment. I want you in the left lane, going fast, because you have somewhere to be. I want you to get you out of the assembly line. Since you’ve been born, that’s how you were programmed to think. 

Aside from the old cliché of ‘time being the most valuable thing’ the idea came to me a few years. Someone tried to convince me that money can buy you anything but time. Usually when I hear how money can’t buy you happiness I sigh out of disbelief. Stay with me.

Money can buy you almost anything. That’s just a simple fact, and I’ll explain that but first, I want to talk about what money actually is.

I’m not one to discredit any authority, but according to Merriam Webster, money is something that is generally accepted as a medium of exchange. That sounds correct, right? A simple measure of value maybe? Or a form of payment? All these concepts are true, I will admit. Before you go calling me out of my name though, I want to ask you, “what is money to you”?

Aside from those three things I mentioned previous, what is money? You can’t figure out how it’s used until you can really define what money is. While you’re thinking about that I know your mind is picturing coins, gold, silver, dollar bills, cars, clothes, exotic cars, jets, all these materialistic things that are displayed in today’s media. Some people might be thinking of stocks, bonds, other assets or things that make them money.

If your life-long best friend came to you asking for help, saying she would pay you to, I don’t know – help her move. The movers were overbooked, no one else would help her, she needed to move tomorrow and could not wait any longer, would you help her? Would you help her and afterwards not accept payment? Maybe a few drinks at the bar instead? What if you endured all that hard work and found out that she was unable to pay you? Would you demand something in return?

Personally, I wouldn’t demand anything. I’d simply say, “I wish you would have been upfront with me, I thought our friendship was better than that. I would have still helped you regardless.” As I said, that’s my personal answer. At that point, no exchange has taken place. The act was done out of kindness to someone I care about.

D'Vaughn Bell How to Buy Time

Excerpts from my free upcoming "How to Buy Time" ebook
Many people do not believe you can buy time. I will have to say, they are wrong. If the world ended right now, you probably wouldn't even have time to say goodbye to those you love. Yet the wealthiest people on this planet would. They would probably know that the end is coming and either be very far underground or in Space. So, in that manner they are buying time every day.

Every little bit of time saved is time earned. Almost like money. So, invest it wisely. There's a limited amount of it. Aside from what most people think is money, healthy people are wealthy. Meaning, we are buying more time on this earth by taking care of our bodies. But there's something else...

People are forgetting to compound the most important thing which is knowledge. Which is something I personally have an intense passion for.

Every bit of REAL information your mind is open to and retains, will help propel you forward that much more. Most people give up in the earliest stage of the compound growth curve because it's almost flat-lined and they're not seeing instant results. Most people will not make it past the introduction of this book. But truthfully, if you just found one-thing and put all your attention, time and focus into that one thing, that's when you have found the right path. This path leads to success and becoming the best version of yourself. You’ve heard of alternate universes, where there’s unlimited different versions of you that exist, with each one being slightly different or making different choices in life.

That one-thing that needs your attention, time and focus must be a goal or your ultimate passion. It must be something you know will take years to achieve. Years of compounding.

 - D'Vaughn Bell

D'Vaughn Bell Male Model Sitting at Office Desk
Hey guys here's the second part of that write-up I talked about. I might add more to it everyday. If you like it so far let me know and I'll definitely keep going. Hope you enjoy the images as well! Also here's a link to part one:…



To dig is destructive. We are self-destructive by nature as it is in our genetic code. The same way our cells attack each other as we age our mind does the same. I choose to do the opposite for stress should only be productive.

The way I go to the gym and train, creating micro-tears within my muscles is the same way I demand stress throughout the rest of my life.

Other people's problems are not my own. Sometimes we are barely able to handle our own problems, why create unnecessary stress from including the burdens of others?

If I intended to fail my thought process might be different ultimately, however, I only want failure for the short-term. I want to fail so that I can learn, grow, and retain.

My ultimate goal is success, and true success is not destructive.

So I am disturbed by the very same thing that drives my every thought which leads to every action and which accomplished every goal I set for myself.

- D'Vaughn Bell

D'Vaughn Bell at New Office in Texas
D'Vaughn Bell back some somewhat recent photos. I didn't have time to post them when I posted the other ones. I also wanted to share a write-up I did yesterday. I split it into two because one was at midnight which made the second part written today. I'll post the other one on a different image. Let me know what you guys think. Hope you like the image as well. Here's the link to part two:…


Disturbed by the same reason I am driven.

The essence of failure pervades those who are most successful yet we do not idolize them for it.

The difference between myself and other people is that most people want to hold the shiniest rock or possession, whereas I simply want the strongest and most durable.

Often times strong and pretty are not the same, but on the rare occasion where both occur, we truly find a diamond in the rough.

As I continue my endless search, digging for the truth and more knowledge, my focus remains on that which separates myself from everyone else.

Where one could say that I desire to succeed others could say I desire to fail.

If I cared to entertain the response, I would ask those others the definition of success without failure.

Today I keep my focus not on what others say or do.

Personally, I feel that as a betrayal upon myself. To contribute toward the success of dreams of others before myself, especially when there is nothing mutually beneficial from the other party does not seem productive.

With the entire world being an oasis, I'd rather water my own grass and dig somewhere else.

- D'Vaughn Bell

Vaughn Bell Businessman Male Model in Office Space
D'Vaughn Bell is nearing the completion of his new office space in Texas. Juggling multiple businesses and projects D'Vaughn still finds time to write and is working on releasing two more books in the near future.
When You Don't Even Turn Around for Haters
With success comes a lot of haters. When you take a couple steps forward there will be those trying to pull you even more steps back. Disregard them please. Even those closest to you. People don't mind being your friend until you start to do better than them. Then the real person they are starts to reveal themselves.
- D'Vaughn Bell

You guys missed a great and exhausting week! I'll see about putting a vlog together and linking to it so you can catch up.
DM25BELL The Third Phase of the Success Roadmap
Success isn't what it's cracked up to be. It's all about the journey. The struggles and hardship you face during that journey is what makes it great in the first place. So enjoy every challenge even the failures because they each put you one step closer to your goals.
- D'Vaughn Bell recorded during our last webinar, I hope you guys are liking these images too by the way
D'Vaughn Bell Selfie of walking through new office
Finally coming to an end of an exhausting move. At least we're all setup now. These are some pics I took during that move. Also made content in between when I could.


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Fox-Pixar2 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018  Professional Filmographer
Make the intro for Dinosaurs On Honolulu

It will go like this (this was from Hisoka16)

We see rotating planet, and then, one part of it zoomed.

Next stage: camera moves from left to right (or it can be static) We can see Hub Smartysaurus, sitting, learning. His back a tree. He is reading a book, then, he looks straight to the camera with a serious face. The grass is ewerywhere.

Next stage: Blub Boogersaurus, kneeling near the mole hole trying to dig him (the mole) out. The mole himself is teasing the dinosaurus, peeking from the next hole. Blub can't find the mole, and looks confused, watching to the camera (o_0)

Therd stage: Kluck Chickensaurus is chasing a chicen. His tongue out. The chicken is screaming ming. There are moutains as background.
In the end, they all come together. Kluck can be holding a chicken.

That’s basically the entire intro that you will be doing

Email me the animation at

The rotating planet scene has to be at 6 seconds

And the camera going left and right (or static) has to be 4 seconds (after the 6 second rotating planet shot)

And the dinosaur intro scene has to be 50 seconds long (after the 4 second left and right/static shot)

Do it like what Hisoka16 has said

Also here’s the iconic theme music that you will put in the intro itself :…

It’s a musical composition of guitars and everything

Make sure you use it

Don’t forget to animate the intro

I got reference sheets for the characters

Hub Smartersaurus :…

Blub Boogersaurus :…

Kluck Chickensaurus :…

Make sure you make them 2D
And make them look like in the actual cartoon form

And keep it in a 16:9 aspect ratio (same size as a YT thumbnail image)

Make sure you do it
dm25bell Featured By Owner May 13, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Art has been a lifetime passion of mine.. I started drawing before I could walk. It's been some years since I've sketched or painted anything, so now I think I will venture out into the digital arts. Try my hand at photography and modeling. Any advice on camera angles and cameras in general would be appreciated!

If any likes my content and wants to use it they can just please give me a link to the picture or my profile here. And don't use it for anything that's inappropriate or misleading.
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created this account as a backup