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My Bio
I like drawing pretty cartoon ladies.


I would be very happy if you did not take any of the following text as a "holier-than-thou" statement. I do not wish to imply that I'm "too good" for something, I simply just don't like or care about something and that's all there is to it. Also, the strict nature of the text comes from my frustration of people asking me the same thing over and over and over again. That is bound to irritate almost anyone in the long run.


- do not request art
- do not ask me to do an art trade
- do not ask me to draw your OCs
- do not ask me to read your fan fic(s)

I will only take these questions account if you can find yourself listed as my friend in the Friends section below.

If you see pics in my gallery that deviate from these rules, they are either old deals made before these guidelines or something I've decided to do on my own will. Call me selfish but I draw mainly for myself as it keeps me motivated.

Commission guidelines and information can be found here: sta.sh/0zze0fytiiy

I welcome critique and suggestions regarding what to draw next, although I will not promise anything. But seriously though, critique is okay, you can be harsh too, I won't start crying over something like that. After all, the purpose of proper critique is to help people improve and become better at what they do.


- trace from my art
- edit my art without mentioning it's edited (see below)
- repost my art as yours

Keep in mind that those stealing my art WILL get caught and I will spread the word to my colleagues about them. I will also write a journal entry where I offer proof of the said delinquency. Repeat offenders will get their names added to my list of blocked deviants.

I do not necessarily mind edits (such as nude edits, colour changes, removing/replacing characters, meshing my art with other people's art) but please, make it clear that it's not 100% my work anymore. If you absolutely feel like editing my art, please include 'Edited by' and your signature. Please note that simply tracing my art and releasing it as your own does not count as an edit.

Even if I draw fan art of BH cartoons, I'm not necessarily very fond of them (but I do like the early 'TFOP' episodes).

Favourite Visual Artist
Sergio Aragonés, Stephen Silver, Kiyohiko Azuma, Peter Bagge, Dan DeCarlo, Jordi Bernet, Bruce Timm
Favourite Movies
The one where Randy Quaid flies an F/A-18 Hornet into an alien laser weapon and explodes.
Favourite TV Shows
Mystery Science Theater 3000 (KTMA, S0–S10), Miami Vice, various cartoons
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
I have several, usually old stuff (pre-'90s).
Favourite Books
The old-school ones where you actually have to use your fingers to grab a hold of the page to turn it.
Favourite Writers
Philip K. Dick has a couple of really interesting ones under his belt.
Favourite Games
Half-Life (the first one), F.E.A.R. (also the first one), CoD: Modern Warfare 2 (I know I should be ashamed but I'm not)
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC Master Race!
Tools of the Trade
Way too many pencils I don't use, five kneaded erasers I also don't use, two pencils and one regular eraser I do use, four dozen sketchbooks, an old Epson scanner, and a Wacom Intuos Pro M
Other Interests
Buying video games and then not playing them.

Slight Update

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Yes, I'm alive and no, I'm not "back." Things are still the same, I'm simply trying to get the remaining commissions done at a snail's pace, don't expect a huge comeback or anything. However, I did promise to let my dA followers know when I will release new art again. Well, I just did, last night, and it's not just one but two new pics! You can find them on my blog or, preferably, on R u l e 3 4 P a h e a l (higher resolution versions are available there) when you search with the tag DLT. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll return to my chambers now. Oh, and one more thing: the new dA layout is still absolutely terrible. It took me more than five minutes to figure out where my journal posts all went and where to find the button to write a new entry. Also, when I attempted to edit the old posts to get the journal header pic I drew back in '13, it either sent me to my mostly empty Sta.sh or just back to my main page. I was literally unable to edit my old posts! Fuck this place. Also, if
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I think I've reached a point where there isn't much to say during the anniversary of my artistic debut online, not to mention there isn't really much for me to celebrate at the moment since my life has forced me to go on an extended hiatus for the foreseeable future. I suppose the most I can say is that I am eternally grateful and thankful for all the years I was able to as active as I was, even though I never really managed to get to the level where I'd be able to pump out art on a regular, stable basis. Having said that, I should mention that in happier news, I've made progress with the first of the four remaining commission pieces and hop
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* Starting today, I will be on a hiatus/taking an extended break from posting art. While I will still be working on the remaining commissions I have (duh), you will most likely not see that much new art from me for some time. As for how long might this break/hiatus be? At worst, it could be five years. At best, only a year. In reality, it'll probably be something between those two extremes. As for the reason why I'm doing this, I would like to keep that to myself, although I will say that it is not out of my own volition, but rather due to outside circumstances in my life. Also, for those who might be worried, this will be the third time I'm
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Thank you for the Daisy thanks for fav es.

I got some more stuff coming down the pipeline and elsewhere on the net. ;)

Thank you for accepting the request to share Ok Hand Emoji

Can you download your Pteresa picture to your gallery?

The one where she's leaning forward, showing upskirt? No, because that would break deviantART rules, unfortunately.

Well, I wish that there are no rules on deviantart. And yes, that's the one.

I may be wrong but are you inactive l? But you MLAATR artwork is sick

Yeah, I'm currently on an extended hiatus. I still have about four commission orders that I intend to finish, with one very close to completion, but I'm not taking any new orders ATM as I really don't have the ability to focus on my art right now (which is also why it's been taking so long for me to finish those remaining pics).