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I'm making a list of gumminess and the animal character of the clay matter.
It'll be renewed in sequence.
These two people are reprint and use, it isn't permitted. 

Please don't reprint everyone without notice.
When reprinting, please write reprint origin clearly.
I made me worry. I'm sorry.
An account stopped.
The cause couldn't be understood well.
But perhaps an adult illustration is the cause.
Therefore an adult illustration was eliminated.
Activity is resumed.
An adult illustration was carried.
It can be checked from a scrap or adult.
Does everyone want me to exhibit an adult illustration?
I play in splatoon in June.
A cartoon is drawn.
Therefore I'm busy, so a picture isn't drawn so much.

I'm active even here.
I'm an English weak point.
I'm active in Japanese.
He repented and recycled.

I want you to watch him who became new.
If he's doing a wrong thing, please warn him.
But, it isn't certain.
Only something to want to draw me is drawn.
The contents I'd like to request here, please make a comment.…

It's being broadcast from the timing to which this journal was contributed.
Please see quietly.

From several weeks before and him, "Permit.", a contact has come.
But he blocked again.

I was busy up to now, and an answer couldn't be returned.
Does he want me to permit really?
Are they selfish?