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The Potion (drble)
(drble of 100 words, no less no more.)
A misty substance flowed over the top of the bottle as he dripped a few drops of another substance into the bottle. A misty substance over flowed from the bottle.
“Ow,” Malik yelled and dropped the bottle. “Damn Steve, how much dry ice did you use?”
“Sorry Malik,” Steve said pushing his glasses back up his nose. “I thought it would be cool.”
Malik wiped his hand on his pants leg and glared at Steve. He was such an imbecile. Turning, he looked at his brother, “Sorry, resurrection potion failed.”
“That’s not fair,” Ted whined.
“Life’s not fair,” Malik said.
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(This is a Drble of exactly 100 words, no more and no less.)
"Release the ghoul," Clint said.
Luke pulled on the knotted rope, the door didn't budge. He tugged harder, snapping the rope. Walking into the containment cage, he looked over the frayed rope. It looked cut right above the release mechanism. Luke released a held breath.
The cage door slammed shut. Before Luke could turn around, Clint stumbled into him, knocking them both to the ground. The door holding the ghoul in creaked open slowly.
Clint laughed, "Ghouls don't eat live people, just corpses"
Luke threw up. Wiping his mouth with his sleeve he looked over to Clint, "This one does."
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“Your honor sir,” the guard said.
“What?” Judge Trep spun around and eyed the guard.
The guard leaned in closer, “we need to get you out of here.”
“Can’t you see I’m eating?” Trep gestured at his food. “And you are being rude to my date.”
“Don’t mind me,” she said sweetly, “I’m enjoying this.”
“What do you mean you’re enjoying this?” Judge Trep snapped. He had a bad temper that hadn’t gotten more than one date canceled.
“Just because I’m blind doesn’t mean I can’t hear,” She stood and grabbed the handle on the Seeing Eye dog and started to leave. Trep reached to stop her and she slapped his hand with her walking stick. He sneered back at her.
“Sir,” the guard said again, “we need to go.”
 “Yes, yes,” Judge Trep said. “Bring me the check.”
“No time sir.”
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The Show
I talked it over with my therapist and she agreed that I should just go out there on stage and face my fear. I’m taking her advice tonight. I’m going to go on stage and entertain people, even if I am the opening act, doesn’t matter, I’m going to do it. I look into the mirror and adjust my hair. I see the door open in the mirror and the producer sticks his arm in and waves, must be go time.
I straighten my tie in the mirror and fix my hair once again. I pull the door and confidently make my way to the stage. The curtains were pulled shut, good. I reach into the crate and pull the juggling knives out of their sheaths. I strode forward and just before the curtain opened I pulled the blind fold down over my eyes, can’t bother me if I don’t see them. The curtain opens.
I toss the knives up, one by one and speed up the juggling. I missed one and it stuck into the wooden stage, they probably won’t be happy about that. I finish my routine
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He couldn’t think of a time that he was in a theater that was completely empty, but he wasn’t going to complain. He could lip read the movie if he wanted, but he used this time to think. No other time did he feel like he could just ignore everything and just feel the sound.
This was also the time he planned. He had planned all 6 of his murders from this same seat for the past 3 years. He was surprised that nobody had noticed the pattern. The murders always happened the night of the movie and he tried to incorporate part of the movie into the scene.
There was a slight tick to his left and he felt the theater door close. Oh well his singularity was over and he looked towards the entrance but didn’t see anyone. He shrugged and laid his head back and looked up. The lack of vibrations became apparent and he glanced at the screen, the movie was still playing but maybe the turned the sound off for some reason.
Another tick on his left and that’s wh
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The Meeting
I reach down and scratch the scar that ran the length of my leg. It was mostly healed now, hence all the scratching that I do. I pull out my phone to check the time, 7:53. Only 7 minutes to go. My nerves were starting to get to me. I couldn’t believe I let my buddy talk me into this. I have never been more nervous in my life. I guess I should make my way in now, considering it will take me that long to get into the theater.
Thump, the sound of my good foot taking a step. Tick, the sound of my cane on the floor. I drag my other foot forward, leaving the foot to scrape along the floor. Pain shot up my leg, anytime I put weight on it. My breathing was labored by the time I reached the doors but I made it. Every little victory counts.
I pulled the door open and made my way in. My concentration wavered as I entered and the door slammed behind me. Empty, the entire theater was empty. No stage hands, not even an orchestra. Was it the wrong night? No, couldn’t be. The
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Gunther the Lonely
Gunther, “The one man army,” they called him. He hated that name, but he had heard his name chanted on many of battlefields once the fighting was done. He had cried every time. Not out of happiness or joy, but because he had been forced to kill, again. The many armies he was part of all had one thing in common, a way to force him to fight and kill. They had started with threatening to kill him, and then when they stopped working and he wanted them to kill him, they threatened to kill all the people in the village that he lived in. He wouldn’t let them kill someone else for him, so he fought.
He was 7 feet tall and covered in scars. Each pink line stood out in stark comparison to his pale skin. Gunther, the hero of Yitru, was a man that would stand out anywhere he went. He was not just a man, even though he longed for a normal life, it just wasn't possible for him. He didn't even know what his other half was. His mom had died in birth and hadn't told anyone who the fat
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