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Roza Revised

Finally the completed and revised version of the ISU 122 / 152mm tank series, codename Roza. 

:iconrob-cavanna: <-- Rob did the tweaks and fix the design on his side and i finalize the shadows. The new back part is the infamous katyusha rocket racks, which you all should be familiar with if you seen through the OPDS project. If not here is the link  -->…

The rockets are done by :iconcosedimarco: so credits goes to him for that.

All there is left is wait for Rob's final colour and character addition to the hero shot here. Will update that when he is done. 


UPDATE : Finish piece here -->…
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Pretty cool! :)
But "head" is not typical for soviet. May be, you can use some this style:……
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I know. Wasn't going for an exact Soviet helmet replica. You have very good suggestions, but I'm also totally happy with it as is. 
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Hahah thanks i will direct those idea to Rob, the head is based of his concept first so i will run through with him on your head reference design. ;)
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Looks absolutely beautiful, Josh! Credit for the Katyuska rockets must go to :iconcosedimarco:…

Nice job, keeping them from being too overwhelming BTW. Looks better w/ light shining on body and the rockets pushed back a bit in shadow. 
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LOL actually that is the rocket default base color .. which somehow worked well. You might wanna tweak the colour, i only did very little shadow touch up for the rockets. XD
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Adding shadow made a big difference. Yeah, I'll add back a little color to some support bars on the rack. Other than that, will probably not fuss w/ them too much, since I want main focus on the mech. Actually still might leave them off the final color, so I can do a very tightly cropped composition, and you did me the solid of showing them here already.  
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Sounds like a plan, cant wait to see the character and the color theme you gonna give Roza.
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