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Texture Pack #3

Soft Light Textures

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Dark Park

Solid Texture Stock

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Texture 843

Commercial TEXTURES

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in tonne red


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Couple poses 3

Commercial MODELS

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Sky 5

Commercial SKIES

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Chicory flower 2

Commercial FLOWERS

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Dove in Flight - Stock

Commercial ANIMALS

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Winter 288

Commercial TREES

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Fog 30


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Autumn 816

Commercial FORESTS

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Moisakula winter 434

Commercial BUILDINGS

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play checkers 1

Commercial INTERIORS

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Frame png Stock

Commercial FRAMES

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Thorny Vines

Commercial OBJECTS

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Abstract 3

Commercial FRACTALS

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My gift for Halloween

Unrestricted free premade background.

Commercial PREMADES

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I love faves stamp


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[I'm Weak]


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Brendon Urie


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TOP Artwork

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Model Stock

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Prompt: I'm always the last to know... Prompt: Why? Prompt: The most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Prompt: Why'd I have to figure it out on my own? Prompt: A guy/girl like that. Prompt: London, England. Prompt: Waterbottle. Prompt: You always leave me... Prompt: Do you love me? Prompt: In the end... Prompt: Winner. Prompt: Loser. Prompt: Where were you? Prompt: I'm sorry. Prompt: So ungrateful. Prompt: I feel so foolish. Prompt: We wasted so much time. Prompt: Too far gone. Prompt: Music. Prompt: Dancing. Prompt: Handwriting. Prompt: We're so far apart... Prompt: Is this a dream? Prompt: White vs. Black. Prompt: Fire

Writing Inspiration

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White - Stock Images

Structures Stocks

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maple leaf 1b ... plus one exposure step

Nature Stocks

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Field Fire Premade Background

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Malaysia Stock 067

Landscape Stock

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Sky Stocks

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Stock 34 'lightning'

Lights pngs

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Wings 1.1

Wings pngs

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Frame 3

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E-S little Dragon IV

Animal pngs

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Png 1

Flower Nature png

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Autumn PNG Pack #1

Misc Pngs

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Christmas Stocks Pngs

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Photoshop Action - Bright Eyes

PS Actions

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Moodboard Template | f2u

PSD Files

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Text Styles #3

Fonts Styles

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L - Can You

Death Note

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Tumblr Grid Template

PS Resources

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Boulevard of Dreams

Artwork I love

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Flash arrow


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List of cool Photoshop tutorials

So I found a bunch of cool tutorials that can really help anyone who uses photoshop! I decided to share what I have found with all of you guys. ps. these tutorials are picked mainly for us equine artists so i just put the ones I think are useful for equine manipulations artists.....but of course, they can be used for lots of other things XD Tools in Photoshop: Layer masks layer mask tips and tricks even more tips 2. Smart objects Smart object tricks 3. cutting things out three ways to cut things out more tips 4. dodge and burn dodge and burn explained 5. adjustment layers things you didn't know about adjustment layers 6. LAB


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