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Currently working on a sculpture of a feathered dragon that will be a wall hanging.
Now I am working on another sculpture for my portfolio, Wonder Woman.  1/4 scale. Will be posting soon.
I have a new project, Captain America. 1/4th scale. This one is just for my portfolio. When I was kid I painted a life sized Captain America on my bedroom wall. My parents flipped when they saw what I had done. I have been a life time fan of Captain America and now I am hoping to bring all my skills to bear in producing a sculpture for my living room. I have sculpted the head with Super Sculpey and then made a mold with silicone. I then cast the head in wax and I am continuing to refine details of the face. I have also set my armature and began to work out the details of the body. He will hold his shield on his left arm in the "ready to throw" position. I have made considerable progress so far.