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Costeauian Evolution by DLPancake Costeauian Evolution by DLPancake
Imagine you are walking in the Amazon Jungle and you look up through the jungle haze into the tree tops, at first you convince yourself that it is a monkey, but what if it was something alien but frighteningly familiar? Something that did not belong there but was impossibly present. This painting ask "what if" an octopus or squid evolved, what would their future look like. David, like most of America, loved to watch Costeau explore the depths of our oceans. On one episode, Costeau conducted experiments on the intelligence of the octopus and found them to be highly inquisitive animals. Perhaps millions of years into the future their bodies will have adapted to life on land or perhaps they already have and are up in the trees of the Amazon Jungle waiting for that one intrepid explorer.

This is a signed and numbered limited edition print, 11"x14", un-matted and unframed, on archival paper. Only 50 of this print has been made. You will receive a certificate of authentication from David.
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September 16, 2011
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