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Ultima Ankh

This is an Ankh I drew for the Ultima series of computer role playing games. I have turned it into a physical object utilizing 3D printing technology. This is a rare example of me designing jewelry.
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I got this drawing of yours tattooed on my chest, sent you a photo of it nearly a year ago. Thanks for everything.
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Wow! :-O

I hope you realize that I have a 3D printed version of this ankh for sale at:

I advise the Polished Bronze Steel material myself. ;-)

You're most welcome! :-)
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I've been a fan of the Ultimas since Christmas vacation ~1983 or 1984, during which I spent days on end playing Ultima II on our Apple II+.  Your artwork was so important in helping me imagine what the world of the game actually looked like, as the tile-based graphics only went so far.  This is another wonderful Ultima related piece.  Thankyou for everything, Denis!
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You're very welcome! :-)  When I did my work on Ultima I had no idea of how many people I would affect, or how deeply. I was just working in the moment to please Richard, and to make ends meet. Only later did I discover I had fans! ;-)