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eDark PotPlayer Port

eDark Port for PotPlayer

** Update 22.10.2010 **
Added 2 Versions without filename at bottom

Original Skin [link] by Aaron A Arts [link]

Download contains a complete version (see screenshot) and a borderless version.

Pretty much figured everything out when it comes to PotPlayer skins so if you want a specific skin ported, feel free to ask!
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Awsome Skin overall
But please skin also the Playlist and add a option to dock it.
I have made a version of this which shows file name at the title bar without overlapping with any controls. If anyone is interested download from here…
Y-N-1-F's avatar
File is no more...? Stare 
Snoranges's avatar
How you do it? Is there any skin editor for pot player?
ZoNi-011's avatar
Can you add "close" button on bottom toolbar? And bigger time numbers...
chicoicho's avatar
Thanks for this.
esnel's avatar
Thanks for this nice skin
ethsza's avatar
Could you use this: [link] and create a potplayer skin with it?
kantori's avatar
I like it however the bookmarks are too dark to even see them is the only issue
shamka's avatar
nice skin but could you also skin the playlist? and the new versions of potplayer have a control box so could you also make it available and skin it?
Snoranges's avatar
PlayList is needed.
OakenG's avatar

Shame otherwise it looks great!
ethsza's avatar
One little thing: the filename at the bottom can overlap with the time, if the filename is long ( and the window is not that big. Could you make it either optional or create a noframe version without that? In that case the filename is already in the aero titlebar.

That will be my default skin and maybe I keep it with sable and probably get rid of the rest. :)
Strange thought I fixed that.

Nevertheless, added two new versions withouth filename.
ethsza's avatar
Now that's perfect, I'm using it, thanks a lot.
ethsza's avatar
Great! I just wanted to ask for a potplayer port over at Aaron's gallery. Thanks a lot.
BeeTee's avatar
Looks great, just tried it! You don't plan to skin the playlist? Think that would make a better ofcourse. Anyways, thanks for the great port!
currently not, since im not using it. but i will have a look at it later
chiwou's avatar
would be great, I am using Potplayer with playlist, great port btw
vi20RickrMetal12us's avatar
looks good dude...but did you ask him if you could port it? Just wondering
yup, got permission (eventough the original skin said that no permission is needed :P)
vi20RickrMetal12us's avatar
oh. Thanks its just annoying when people port things without the original artist consent. But its all good
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