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Today started off in an interesting way... especially when I learned that Darklight Interactive's "A Night in Seyvoth Manor" has been nominated in the "Best Free Product" category of the 2013 ENnie Awards!!!

That feat has actually been on my bucket list since I started doing this RPG stuff, and I'm really happy for the acknowledgement. Now let's see if I end up winning the thing or not... :)
For a while I've been debating whether to make myself available for hire to commission maps.

You see, I don't consider my maps all that special myself. I am not an "artist" in the same manner as many of the other people on this site; I can't draw freehand very well. Sure I can manipulate Campaign Cartographer 3's clip art and add some of the most basic effects (drop shadow, glow, feathered edge, etc...) to maps, but if you ask me to draw anything that I wouldn't be able to do with that skillset I'm at a loss. As I've said many a time before: I can't draw a circle freehand even at gunpoint.

For example, in a recent map I needed to make a sort of valley, where there is a visible cliffside. I don't know where to begin to even visualize that.

Also, I might be able to make due with tactical maps but I am god awful in outdoor maps. I have three modules in the works that need maps of the continent, a few villages and a mountain pass... and all my attempts have been, in my personal opinion, horrific.

So the only thing I can suggest this point is that, if you do need some sort of tactical map maybe there's something I can do. I don't know how to price it, to be honest: I've seen other artists charge anywhere from $10 to $1,000, and I can't very well base it on my normal hourly rate (which is, quite honestly, high). So if you want to pay for some sort of tactical map commission, you tell me what you want to pay and maybe we can work something out.

No guarantees on any of this, but I just wanted to throw that out there. It has been a rather difficult month financially due to personal events that happened earlier in the month, so I'm exploring all my options.


I am happy to announce that our latest Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition adventure, The Heart of Fire, is now available at Drive Thru RPG!

[ Direct link to Drive Thru RPG ]

I'd like to thank everyone that made it possible, including Sigbjørn Pedersen from DeviantArt who gave me permission to use his "Dragon Attack" image as the cover art.