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(June 7, 9 AM, 2021; West Covina, CA)

(The scene begins at Diego’s house, where we see him waking up, and doing his morning routine getting ready for the day; Clearly, something was on his mind)

Diego: Oh, my God... when will that bastard ever listen to me...? (Voiceover: Yeah, things could be going better for me right now... Anyways, my name is Diego Lopez, I'm one of the Sin City Speed Demons, and this is my origin story. It was early June, I had graduated from high school last year and passed my driving test. There weren't many job opportunities for me at the time, so I started out as a simple delivery driver for online food orders, which honestly wasn’t the best job in the world, but it was something at least, until one fateful day, however, as I was getting ready to start my lunch shift, everything changed.) Ugh… another day, more deliveries as usual- (He saw a flier on the windshield of his Nissan 240SX S13) Huh, what's this?

(The flier read, “Rookie car show at Downtown LA Live tonight at 6:00 PM! Girls, Cars, Music, and special promotions from the people of Street Car Takeover! A small tournament with 4 races, around the streets of Los Angeles! 8 drivers racing for a prize car of your choosing and prize money! Do you have what it takes? If so.. then prove it!”)

Diego: (VO: I knew that this would be my chance to not only win the car of my dreams and make some quick cash, but also make some new friends along the way.)

(A driving montage begins of Diego making his way to LA Live later that very evening)

(21 Pilots - Stressed out)

DLGamer2002 presents...

In association with CrazyTrainFromHell and NikoSatoshiketchum...

(♪I wish I found some better sounds no one's ever heard♪)

Diego Lopez as himself

(♪I wish I had a better voice that sang some better words♪)

Niko Mendoza as himself

(♪I wish I found some chords in an order that is new♪)

Ean Osborne as himself

(♪I wish I didn't have to rhyme every time I sang♪)

Grey DeLisle as Francesca D'Angelo

(♪I was told when I get older, all my fears would shrink♪)

Jennifer Hale as Michelle Parker

(♪But now I'm insecure, and I care what people think♪)

Venus Terzo as Elizabeth Rhodes

(♪My name's Blurryface and I care what you think♪)

Lindsay Jones as Kaori Kiyoshi

(♪My name's Blurryface and I care what you think♪)

Xanthe Huynh as Victoria Mina

(♪Wish we could turn back time♪)

Caitlyn Taylor Love as Aaliyah Montoya

(♪To the good old days♪)

Danny Trejo as Saul Rodriquez

(♪When our mama sang us to sleep♪)

Gabriel Iglesias as José Vargas

(♪But now we're stressed out (oh)♪)

Sin City Speed Demons: OverDrive

(♪Wish we could turn back time (oh)♪)

Jason Griffith as Casey Jones; Tara Strong as Christina Jones

(♪To the good old days (oh)♪)

Mae Whitman as Tracey Leroy; David Cross as Tom Leroy

(♪When our mama sang us to sleep♪)

Dante Basco as Jack Tran; Nicole Sullivan as Jessie Tran

(♪But now we're stressed out♪)

Kate Micucci as Rosie Tanner

(The song fades out)

(5:30 PM, Downtown LA Live, CA)

(As Diego arrives at the event, a good crowd is forming at LA Live, with a special appearance from Esther Anaya as she played multiple tracks from different genres of music)

Diego: Wow, this looks like it's gonna be fun! (He went to sign up for the event)

(At the sign-up table)

Man: (Sees Diego approaching) Hey, holmes. You coming to sign up for the tournament?

Diego: Yeah, man. I didn't want to miss out on an opportunity like this!

Man: Alright! Put down your name and have some fun!

Diego: You got it! (He does so)

Man: Good luck to you, holmes! You're gonna need it!

Diego: Appreciate it, my friend! (As he headed inside the parking garage, there were several custom cars on display with many people, and models taking pictures; A black Mazda RX-7 FD caught his eye) Oh my God... it's beautiful.

(A young adult tomboy girl with shades on with her cap on backward then walks up next to Diego as he looks at the Mazda)

Victoria: Indeed... Tell me about it.

Diego: I've been wanting one of these for my whole life.

Victoria: Whole life, huh? I'm assuming this is your favorite car?

Diego: You got that right.

Victoria: Heh, pretty good choice. Say, I forgot to ask... are you entering the tournament races later on tonight? Because from the way you're eyeing this baby, I bet a lot of other drivers here want the special cars here… Like take that car for example. (She points to the next car next to the Mazda, a gray Toyota Supra MK4)

Diego: Oh yeah. (He saw the Supra) Supras are nice, and all, but the way their fanboys worship them makes me like other cars better, hence why I've got my eyes on this beauty.

Victoria: You know.... you're not wrong there. I must say... that's what makes me not like those cars like the Supra because you mentioned it… a lot of fanboys worship that Supra like it's their god. Jeez... it's like them worshiping Shohen animes… mainly Naruto and keep doing that rip-off running pose of Sonic...

Diego: Exactly my point. My name’s Diego, by the way.

Victoria: Nice to meet you, Diego. I'm Victoria, but I go by Vicky.

Diego: Likewise. Which of these rides here have you got your eye on, Vicky?

Victoria: Which car do I have my eyes on? (She playfully smirks) Well... we are standing next to it. (She motions to the Mazda)

Me: Ah, I see. Well, good luck if you win, Vicky.

Victoria: Same goes for you.

(6:00 PM)

Esther: (Announcing from the loudspeakers) Alright, everyone! It is that time that we all have been waiting for! THE LA LIVE RACING TOURNAMENT! 4 races will be run tonight, we have 8 competitors racing for not only a grand prize of 10,000 dollars but also... a custom car of their choosing! Now for those who signed in at the sign-in table earlier tonight.. get to your cars as we will start race 1 of this tournament! Now here's how it's all gonna go down for these races... There will be a total of 4 laps for each race. You will be handed out a GPS for the layout of the races, so you won't get lost at any point of the race and it will help you where to go. And no need to risk your personal daily drivers, we will provide pre-tuned cars for you so there’s an even playing field, and no need to worry about paying for repairs, the mechanics here will fix any damage unless you total them. Now how we're gonna settle this championship... take a look on the jumbotron here.

(Each of the drivers looked up at the screen, as the points standings were shown)

1st, +10

2nd, +8

3rd, +5

4th, +4

5th, +3

6th, +2

7th, +1

8th, 0

Esther: These are the points you will receive after you finish each race. The driver who has the most points by the end of tonight will win the top prize and the car of their choosing!

(The selection of those cars are: Toyota Supra MK4, Honda Civic Type R, Lamborghini Aventador, Chevrolet C6 Corvette, Shelby Mustang GT, Nissan 350Z, and Mazda RX-7 FD)


(The crowd cheers loudly)

Esther: Alright, and now there is only one thing left to do... DRIVERS. START. YOUR. ENGINES.

Diego: Alrighty, let's do this!

(Each of the drivers got into the cars [all of which were Scion FR-S’s, equally modified enough for an even playing field, and for the rookie drivers to handle the power], started their engines, and pulled up to the starting line)

(A flag girl comes up and stands in front of the cars; She points to the cars on each side and the drivers rev their engines; She raises her arms and drops them before the cars pull away; The crowd goes wild as the first race of the tournament was underway; A montage ensures of the drivers doing the best they can in the first 3 races [The first race was a simple circuit race, the second being a series of drag races, and the third being a drift race], changing positions with their overall scores; After the first 3 races of the tournament)

Victoria/Diego (23)

Zack (13)

Seth (12)

Melissa (10)

Antonio (7)

Andy (5)

Trevor (4)

Diego: Hohoho, one more that's all I need!

Victoria: Tied up, huh... so I guess it's gonna be winner-takes-all between the both of us!

Diego: Oh yeah. May the best driver win, Vicky!

Victoria: (She playfully smirks) Heh, just don't make me wait for you at the finish line.

Diego: Oh, I won't. (Smirks)

Victoria: Good.

Esther: And now drivers, this is the final leg of the tournament. Get in your cars, we will be racing in 4 minutes!

Diego: (VO: It all came down to this. Me and Vicky for the Rookie Championship.)

(Victoria and Diego would battle it out for the final race, and the stakes for both drivers were very clear; whoever finished ahead between the 2 in this race would be crowned the Rookie champion. Both waited for the green flag to drop)

(As the green flag was then waved and the racers took off)

Diego: (Instantly, he gunned it)

Victoria: (At the same time puts the pedal to the floor as she takes off ahead)

Diego: It's just you and me now, Vicky!

Victoria: I wouldn't have it any other way!

(Diego and Victoria were dueling it for first place, leaving the others quite far behind; Both would be battling it out all through the race as it came down to one last corner)

Victoria: Last turn...! (She shifts down as she then heads into the final corner just barely ahead of Diego)

Diego: (Talking to his car) Come on, buddy! Just a little more! (He downshifts as he went into the corner)

Victoria: (Takes a quick look in the mirror and then looks back forward as they are a mile away from the finish line) Just straight ahead...!

Diego: (He shifts back to Drive gear as he enters the straightaway) Home stretch, let's go!

(The two are neck to neck as they are coming towards the finish line, Diego and Victoria push the throttle for one final push, and the winner of the race by a nose was…)


Diego: WHOOOO!!! That was awesome!

Victoria: DAMN... oh well...

Diego: You did well, Vicky, good race.

Victoria: Not bad, Diego, good race.

(The crowd applauds for Diego)

Diego: (He speaks into the microphone) Thanks, everyone, and give a hand for Vicky here, she was a worthy opponent.

(The crowd applauds for Victoria)

Victoria: O-oh...! (She waves to the crowd as she appreciates the response of applauds)

(Diego and Victoria then went to claim their prizes, and choose any of the cars up for display; Diego of course, selected the Mazda RX-7 FD; For Victoria, her backup choice for the cars in the display was the Nissan 350Z)

Diego: Oh yeah, I've been waiting for this moment for a long time, I've finally got my dream car! (He looks in the cabin) Oh, and it's automatic too, perfect for me. I have nothing against manual transmissions, but I personally never got used to them and found them to be really stressful, especially for a car like the RX-7.

Victoria: Heh, I guess I’ll get this baby here. I mean, after all, the 350Z is definitely an interesting ride.

Diego: Alrighty, great choice.

Victoria: So now that you’ve got your dream car, Diego, what’s next for you?

Diego: Not too sure... I could keep it up with racing. Dunno. We'll play it by ear.

Victoria: Huh… so the future is unknown for you…

Diego: Yeah, I might go back to my usual gig for now, but if something good comes up, let me know. (He hands Victoria his phone number)

Victoria: Oh? (She receives Diego’s phone number and looks at him) So you’re interested?

Diego: Yeah, it's better than being bored as hell…

Victoria: (Smirks) That’s all I needed to hear… (She puts his phone number in her pocket) I’ll hit you up, don’t be surprised if it’s within a couple days or less.

Diego: Alrighty, see you around, Vicky. (He towed his new RX-7 away on a trailer behind his 240SX)

Victoria: This is gonna be interesting.

(2 Days Later…; June 9, 2020)

Victoria: It’s about that time… (She gets out her phone and dials a number)

(The scene shifts to Diego in his 240SX as he hears his phone ring)

Diego: Hmm? (He heard his phone ring, and picked up) Hello?

Victoria: Am I talking to Diego?

Diego: Oh, hey Vicky! What's up?

Victoria: Not much over here, as for you Diego?

Diego: Just doing my deliveries. Why? Are there gonna be some races somewhere tonight?

Victoria: Meet me at a park near Vin Scully Avenue.

Diego: Alrighty, what time should I be there?

Victoria: 7:30 PM, tonight.

Diego: Alrighty, I'll be there.

Victoria: Got it, see ya later tonight. (She hangs up)

Diego: Alrighty, back to work, and tonight I ride.

(Later that night, around 7:30 PM, Diego arrived in his RX-7 at the park by Dodgers Stadium where Victoria was at)

Victoria: Yo! You're here! (She waves to Diego)

Diego: Hey, Vicky, great to see you again.

Victoria: Great to see you again also. Now for these races tonight, they’re all taking place at Hollywood Boulevard. Check it out. (She gets out her laptop from her car and opens it up to a website page called “The Underground Circuit”)

Diego: Underground Circuit?

Victoria: Yep, “The Underground Circuit” is an organization where the best of the best, and even some who have little experience, race to be the best on the streets. Some races will take place here, but the majority of the racing is up north in the Bay Area.

Diego: Hmm, sounds like fun. Could the winners get special upgrades for their cars and such?

Victoria: It’s not like what we did 2 nights ago. Let’s just say, you have to afford it to make your car the best on the street by winning.

Diego: Alrighty then, makes sense.

Victoria: Well… there is one exception, some special parts or upgrades that have to be imported since some are very rare to get and sometimes they don’t even sell on the market due to high demands.

Diego: I get ya.

Victoria: Plus you have 4 different types of racing. You have Drag, Circuit, Drift and Sprint. To ensure to know how they are the best drivers in this circuit, there is a ranking system for all 4 of them. Check this out. (She shows Diego the ranking system for all 4 types of racing)

Diego: Hmm, interesting. I think I'll get the hang of them, I'm a quick learner.

Victoria: Don’t get too cocky now… I mean sure, Circuits, Sprints, and Drag racing are pretty simple.. but drifting on the other hand is a whole new challenge for all. And something that requires A LOT of practice to become the drift king.

Diego: Yeah, if there's anything I should know, practice makes perfect, and never let your ego get to your head.

Victoria: Somebody’s smart. (She smirks) Now back on topic. If you want to be the best, you gotta take these guys down. You’ll have to be able to hang with these racers, they will do anything it takes to win, and I mean anything…

Diego: Good to know, Vicky.

Victoria: Good, now let's move it. I'll lead you to where we will be heading off to tonight. (She blows a bubble from her mouth with gum and walks to her car)

Diego: Alrighty, lead the way. (He gets back in his car, and starts following Victoria)

Victoria: Say no more.

(A few minutes later, both Vicky and Diego arrived at Hollywood Boulevard to see a huge crowd and the different cars parked in the area)

Diego: Hollywood? This'll be fun. (He parked next to Victoria)

Victoria: Seems like everyone is here tonight as expected.

Diego: Yeah, lemme tell you, racing in Hollywood sounds like a blast.

Victoria: Huh, it seems they are already starting to make their Hollywood debut... seeing how the crowd is down there, I'm pretty sure they are gonna start the grand opening with drag racing right about now.

Diego: Drag racing? That doesn't sound too bad. Looks like we're evenly matched with the competitors, too.

Victoria: Well, some have made their cars faster because they want to get up the ranks. But, luckily they make sure it's an even playing field for those who are just starting, including us.

Diego: Yeah, gotta walk before you can run, of course.

(As the cars then started up and revving their engines)

Victoria: Here it goes!

Diego: This is gonna be one helluva night!

(They both watch the 4 cars racing down the street at a high pace of speed and soon after the entire crowd then runs to the cars that raced and crowded around the winning car of the race)

Victoria: You see? (Looks to Diego as they walk down the street to where the crowd is now after the race)

Diego: Oh yeah. I think I've got it.

Victoria: Good, now-

(Then both hear a few cars revving their engines from the same direction of the crowd)

Victoria: (Her facial expression turns to annoyance) Oh great…

Diego: Huh? Who are those guys?

(As the crowd then forms around the 4 cars [An Infiniti G35, a Mazda RX-8, a Mitsubishi Eclipse 2G, a Nissan 240SX S14 Kouki, and a Honda Civic EJ1] that are driving up towards the middle of the street)

Victoria: North Sidaz…

Diego: Anything I should know about them, Vicky?

Victoria: Well you see... The North Sidaz are a racing crew that was formed in Northern California. Plus they dominated their competition in San Francisco, Sacramento, Oakland and even San Jose. They are basically the top drivers, now trying to take control here in LA…

Diego: These hotshots really think they can take over my hometown? I don't fucking think so.

Victoria: As much as I really dig your determination… Let me remind you of something. Those 4 members separately are the top racers in Circuits, Sprints, Drags, and Drifting, and they will make your life a living hell, especially their leader.

Diego: Oh, right, almost forgot. Definitely gonna need some practice and upgrades before I get to that.

Victoria: Well before that... You, my friend, need to race to get your feet wet here in the underground scene. Because you sure have a lot of work to not only try to be the best but also gain recognition from the racers.

Diego: Oh yeah, just like in the video games.

Victoria: Heh, well then let's get started.

Diego: Alrighty, when's the next race gonna start?

Victoria: 10 minutes.

Diego: Great.

Victoria: Get your car ready, ‘cause I want to see what you got.

Diego: You got it. (He hopped back in his RX-7, starting the engine)

(10 minutes later, Diego then gets in line with 3 other cars as they are preparing to start the race, while Victoria was spectating down the street with binoculars)

Diego: Let's do this. (He put his car in Low Gear to start as he waited)

(The starter of the race then points to all 4 cars as he raises his hands high for a second and then drops, signaling to all to go)

Diego: (He lets off the brake and floors it) Here we go! (He shifted to second, then Drive)

Victoria: And here they come… (She hears them from down the street)

Diego: (He concentrates on the road, rather than his opponents)

(The racers all come down the street to the finish line as Diego is now pulling away little by little… and wins his first race)

Victoria: Boom! He won!

Racer #1: Damn!

Racer #2: Too... fast...!

Racer #3: Who was that kid…?

Diego: YEAH, BOY! (He pulls up to Vicky and the crowd) That was pretty awesome, especially for a rookie, don’t you think?

Victoria: You really are a showman, aren't you?

Diego: Not really, I mean, didn't I also congratulate you at the track meet the other day?

Victoria: Point taken.

(The other racers then paid up their $1.25K part of the bet, for a sum of $5K)

Diego: Anyways, that was a great race, fellas, I have a feeling you might do better next time, see ya later!

Victoria: Alright, Diego. So you know that you got $5K for your first race, what's your plan with that amount of money?

Diego: Well, adding the $10K I got at the LA Live event, I think we can do some work to my car.

Victoria: I think I might know where to go. First, let me make a call to someone... (She gets out her phone and dials the number)

??: Yo.

Victoria: It's me... I have a guest coming by, and he might need a couple of tweaks. Can you do me a favor and hook him up?

??: I see... Alright then let's see what I can do.

Victoria: Thanks, I owe you one. (Hangs up) Let's go.

Diego: Great.

(Victoria then led Diego to a garage in East LA, which wasn’t the flashiest place in town or the most well-known; They then both pulled into the garage)

Victoria: This is the place. (She gets out of the car) Hey! Hey, old man, we're here!

(A man in his early 40's then approaches both the 350Z and the RX-7 as they parked)

??: You sure love calling me that, Victoria- (He noticed Victoria’s new 350Z) YOOOOO, WHAT!? This is your new car, Mija!?

Victoria: Yep! A 350Z that I got at the LA Live tournament just a couple of days ago along with this guy. Let me introduce him. His name is Diego and he is the racer I was talking about who’s trying to make a name for himself on the streets. Diego, this here is Saul Rodriquez, the man who does all the magic here in this garage.

Diego: Hey, man, nice to meet ya. (He reached out to shake Saul's hand)

Saul: Nice to meet you as well. (Shakes Diego's hand firmly)

Diego: (He was slightly caught off-guard by Saul's firm grip) Ooh. Now, Vicky said we can get some work done to my new ride here, yes?

Saul: Ah yes, since you are racing, right?

Diego: That's right.

Saul: Well then, follow me where all the magic happens.

Diego: Sure thing, man.

Saul: (He leads the way into the garage space as the lights are turned on) And here we are!

Diego: Not bad, man.

Saul: I know this is a lot of shit around the place... I mostly work on our cars. So this should be enough space and room for your car to be worked on.

Diego: Alrighty then. If I'm gonna get some work done for my car, this is the place to be. Alright, Vicky, let's get to it!

Victoria: Got it!

Saul: If you need anything, I'll be in the office. (He leaves the two alone)

(As Diego and Victoria were working on the RX-7…)

Victoria: So, Diego… I never got to know you more since the tournament… and since we are working on your car, I figured... Why not get to know each other? Is that cool?

Diego: Oh, of course!

Victoria: Okay cool! You go first.

Diego: Well, personally, things weren't easy for me growing up. I didn't have a good upbringing since my father wasn't a good role model because he was addicted to meth and often used a belt on me as his form of punishment whenever I did something wrong. My parents had a nasty divorce when I was 12, and while I'll always appreciate my stepdad giving us a new home when I was like 13, and supporting us as best as he could, he's been a major pain in the ass for us lately. I think the difference between my mom and stepdad is that my mom expects the best from me, but my stepdad seems to expect perfection. I could be wrong and be misinterpreting his intentions, though. Now, I'm not gonna lie when I say that, even though my father wasn't great by any means, at least I can forgive him since he regrets the many heinous things he's done to us and he's been trying to get his life back on track. Oh, and I almost forgot to talk about how school was for me, it was hell... My scumbag classmates in middle school and high school would often be very rude to me, disrespecting my opinions of stuff, cracking jokes to me, were plain annoying, and I even got in a couple fights before. It was also pretty hard to make friends in school, since as I said, a lot of my classmates were scum, and for those who understood me, it was kinda hard to establish a real friendship between them. I didn't even go to prom... Honestly, all these factors made me feel kinda like a shell of my former self over the years, but there are quite a few things that actually do get my spirits up, meeting you for the first time and winning my dream car and $10k is a start.

Victoria: Thanks... but damn... I didn't know you went through some hardships when you were younger, and even today.

Diego: Yeah, but the past is in the past.

Victoria: I got a friend of mine who can really relate to not going to prom also.

Diego: Oh? For real?

Victoria: Yeah… Let's just say… I used to be friends with his ex…

Diego: I wonder if I can meet him one day.

Victoria: One day you will.

Diego: Alrighty then. What was growing up like for you, Vicky?

Victoria: Well for me…. Growing up was a bit challenging for me and my family. You see my father came from South Korea to the United States where he met my mom when they were in their early 20’s. And being able to constantly work, being able to put food on the table, and being able to make up the rent while living in an area such as Los Angeles. While I sometimes wish for Dad to take a break for the sake of his own health, at the same time I appreciate what he is doing to provide for me and my mother. My relationship with my Mom is pretty much, when I was little, always protecting me when I was scared or bullied at school. Speaking of school, it was hard to fit in, considering the majority of the time when I went to middle school it was mostly a Mexican-populated school. Some were very mean and called me names based on how I dressed and how my eyes looked, go figure… Luckily for me, I had a few people who stood up for me, so I was happy about that. Now for high school, oh boy… a stage in life where you have your popular kids, pranksters, jocks, drama queens, people that spread rumors just for fucking clout, and then lastly cliques… never again… I remember being part of that group. The majority of the people there were not that bad actually, but the main girl in the group…. She was such a fucking drama queen and was part of the cheerleaders squad. Especially when she dated this one friend of mine who I still talk to this very day and who also works at this shop.

Diego: God, I really wonder what makes those "popular" girls such...

Victoria: Haha, basically any stereotypical girl who has a bitchy attitude always tries to be sly, gets what she wants, and always BEGGING for attention, and oh! I almost forgot… who is fucking spoiled. And who cheated behind my friend's back for a couple of MONTHS. And she played it off so well to where my friend couldn’t tell from her body language up until early February… I had a funny feeling about her because I grew suspicious about her attitude up to that point. Then I would regularly catch a glimpse from her text messages and the way she was messaging that boy was more than just friends, she would flirt and send hints to him… then one day I saw her with that same boy she was messaging. And I saw them get all touchy and flirty to where they kissed and made out. I even saw it right in front of me because she invited me to eat after school with that same boy! At this point, what the fuck do you even do? I want to tell my friend the truth but then she will do anything to prove her innocence and make it “A Misunderstanding” when in reality she was hurting him! And then comes Valentine’s Day of ALL DAYS, she put a card in his locker that said “Wait for me after school for a special treat.” At that point, enough was enough… I ran towards my friend and told him what was going on and to not trust that card because it was gonna be bad, plus he had caught on to the odd behavior and funny enough was gonna ask her what was going on… while holding a heart-shaped box full of chocolates and flowers… by the time school ended, I showed him where to go and everything just slowed down. He saw his girlfriend, and was gonna give her the flowers and chocolate until… he showed up just as planned and she told him the truth, and to top it all off, they kissed and made out… right… in front of him.

Diego: Shit... I really feel bad for your friend. If I ever meet this bitch... God, I don't even know what I'll do.

Victoria: There's a lot of things I want to do to her… I'm even more pissed just thinking and imagining the image of her face right in front of me right now.

Diego: She'll get what's coming to her one day.

Victoria: Yeah.. she will.

Diego: Anyways, let's get started on my car, shall we?

Victoria: Sounds good, let’s get started.

(For 2 hours, Victoria and Diego worked on the RX-7 by tuning the performance of the car)

Victoria: Ok, we’re done for now… (She wipes the sweat from the side of her face that’s covered in some oil and dirt)

Diego: Yeah... Phew... If there's anything I've learned in my time, the engine and handling come first, then we can work on making it look great.

Victoria: Absolutely, because there are THOSE guys with their cars…

Diego: Mm-hmm, all show, and no go.

Victoria: Pretty much sums it up.

Diego: Oh yeah. Anyway, I think it looks pretty good for now. We can improve it along the way.

Victoria: Indeed it does… Phew! All of this sure is making me hungry.

Diego: Yeah, I've worked up quite an appetite from that. You know any good places around here?

Victoria: Hmm.. What are you interested in eating?

Diego: Hmm, how about just some fast food?

Victoria: Yeah, I'm down for fast food.

(Later, as Diego and Victoria went to get their food...)

Victoria: Oh man, I can’t wait to start digging in! Feels like forever since I ate.

Diego: Oh yeah, I could use a crispy chicken sandwich right about now…

Victoria: I could do a double bacon cheeseburger or some chili cheese fries… (She suddenly gets a call) Huh..? (She answers) Yo, it’s Vicky here.

??: Yo, Vicky, it’s me, some fools out here are calling out the new kid that smoked them in a race earlier tonight.

Victoria: Is that so… is that who I think it is?

??: Yep, Mr. Hot-Shot himself… Dez.

Victoria: Why am I not surprised about this…

??: Aye, homegirl, he may be good but he continues to run his mouth like he is all that. And he wants to take it out on the new kid.

Victoria: (Sighs) We’ll be there soon…

Diego: What's going on, Vicky?

Victoria: Trouble…

Diego: Damn... Well, might as well take my dinner to go.

Victoria: I guess so… Damn it, I hate these sudden callouts by people…

Diego: They just can't let the little guys have a bit of fun…

Victoria: You can say that again….

(15 minutes later they arrive back at Hollywood Boulevard; One of Victoria’s friends, a young adult Hispanic male then meets up with her)

??: Aye girl, my apologies for the sudden call.

Victoria: Not a problem, José… So what does HE want now…?

José: (Points to Diego in his car) He found an interest in him the minute after he won the first race. By the way, he smoked them foos? You know he has an eye for anything or anyone that goes fast… he’s just straight down over there...

Diego: Alrighty, might as well see what that work did for my car.

Victoria: Wait, Diego.. you’re not racing him… besides I might need to have a word with Dez for sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.

Diego: No problem.

Victoria: Good.

(Diego stays in his car as Victoria makes her way down to the small crowd around Dez’s crew)

Victoria: DEZ!!!

Dez: Well, well, well… look who’s decided to show her face… you’ve kept me waiting, girl. I was expecting you, but you stood me up. I feel quite heartbroken.

(Some people in the crowd laugh along with his crew)

Victoria: Cut the jokes, what the hell do you want from me…?

Dez: It’s quite simple, your little rookie right there. (Points to Diego)

Victoria: Yeah? What about him…?

Dez: He certainly was the talk of the streets in that race a while ago, how he smoked the competition. And that type of speed and dominance really caught the attention of me and my boys. Plus he will be a good fit for us… does he not? (He smirks to Victoria)

Victoria: If that’s a joke, then I’m pretty much laughing on the inside, because there is no way in hell he is joining you.

Spike: Awww, is the girl getting a bit possessive with her property?

Luther: I think she’s jealous of the fact the new kid has got Dez’s attention and not her.

Victoria: You're the last person to speak about attention. Last time I recalled, I smoked you in a race... by 4 seconds. When you’ve begged for me to race you and even gone on and on about how you were gonna own me.

(This remark by Victoria caught Diego’s attention as he looked up from his phone, then starts chuckling)

Luther: Why you little bitch!

Victoria: What’s the matter, Luther? Are you afraid to admit that a girl like me… SMOKED you in a race while everyone else watched?

Mac: I mean… she isn’t wrong, dude…


Dez: The both of you, shut it… I must say, you definitely got some balls to come here in our inner circle and call us out for meddling in your business… However, nobody gets away with talking about my crew… ESPECIALLY YOU. Because, where we come from.. nobody could stop us, no matter how hard they tried, because I always prove to them why they are nothing compared to not just me, but to our group. We took over Northern California at ease, like taking candy from a baby, and now we are here in LA to take over these streets.. and the way we roll together, you won’t be able to stop us. We’ll make you fall in line like the rest of these punks.

Victoria: Your remarks don’t scare me… and you're right, you and your crew were the best in all of Northern California. Nobody could indeed beat you on the streets… but here is your problem… you’ve never faced REAL competition here… It’s a lot different here in LA than up North. Everything was handed to you at ease when you didn’t even for one moment earn the title “Top Driver” didn’t you..?

Dez: Grr… (He narrows his eyes towards her)

Victoria: Seems like I struck a nerve there did I…?

Dez: You watch it...

Victoria: Hmph…. Just face it, there will be someone here who beats you and your crew…. I know a driver…

Kyle: Please, you think these idiots here can out drive Us? The NORTH SIDAZ, BEAT US? You’re a stand-up comedian by just saying that.

Dez: But I’m curious.. who is this DRIVER?

Victoria: I’m not going to tell you… (She turns her back) You’ll have to figure it out yourself…


Victoria: ...?

Dez: I see the new wheels... Is that your new car?

Victoria: Why you asking? Does it make you concern about beating you? (She starts walking back to her car) C’mon.

Diego: That was pretty entertaining, you roasting those guys there.

Victoria: Tch, they never shut up.

Diego: If I'm gonna put them in their place, I should get more rep, more practice, and more performance for my car.

Victoria: Luckily, Saul has a dyno in his garage we can run on to test out your ride. That should be a start at least.

José: So, how'd it go?

Victoria: I made sure I shut them up for now…

José: I can tell, you had them fools tripping, girl. It was pure entertainment.

Victoria: I will be even more entertained when they lose…

José: Facts, girl, facts. Anyway, I’mma let you two go, Saul hit me up and told me something interesting.

Victoria: Alright then, I’ll get on my way also.

José: Fo’sho.

(The two fist bump; José then gets into his car and drives off)

Victoria: I’m still pissed that I was interrupted before I had a chance to eat my food.

Diego: Yeah, I'm still peckish after that…

Victoria: Good, let’s eat, finally…

(20 minutes later)

Victoria: Ahh, that hit the spot~.

Diego: Yeah, I needed that.

Victoria: What time is it now…? (She checks the time) Oh shit! It’s almost midnight!

Diego: Damn, I should be home and asleep by now! We'll work on beating the North Sidaz later, Vicky, see ya!

Victoria: Peace!

(As Diego left, he could definitely tell the new difference in performance for his car as he was flying down the highway!)

Diego: WHOOOO-HOO!!!

(As Victoria drives off to her house, she then smirks as she drives)

Victoria: I know that one driver that can defeat the North Sidaz… and his name is Diego.

(Prairie Cartel - Burning Down the Other Side [Instrumental])

(A montage ensues of Diego practicing over the next few days; He and Victoria were at the Irwindale Dragstrip, practicing launches and quarter-mile times)

Victoria: (She held her hands up, then dropped them fast) GO!

(Diego timed his launches as best as he could, making a good time on the strip too)

Victoria: Saul, what was his time?

Saul: About 11.5 seconds.

Victoria: Hmmm… let’s do another run, I think we can improve on his time for a quarter mile.

(The scene then shifts to several street drag races at night in quick succession with Diego against Mac and Luther)

Mac: (After he loses to Diego) Son of a bitch!

Victoria: Alright, I think we’ve got you all in sync for drag racing… with the way you’re nailing those arm drops? Nobody is gonna beat you.

Diego: Alrighty, so the next thing we’ll work on is drifting.

(The scene then shifts back to Diego practicing his drifting on Irwindale Speedway in the day)

Saul: Seems like he is a little wide going into the turns…

Victoria: And he’s carrying so much speed, I'mma have to tell him not to go that fast also.

Diego: (He pulled into the pit lane) How’s it going, guys?

Victoria: (She runs up to the car) Going a bit wide and fast in those corners, Diego. Might wanna ease off there.

Diego: Gotcha, this ain’t like the video games, after all.

(The scene then shifts to several street drift races at night in quick succession with Diego against Spike and Kyle)

Spike: (After he loses to Diego) Ugh… I let you win…

Victoria: There we go!

Diego: Yeah, I think I’ve got it now!

(June 14; Victoria and Diego kept making preparations and maintenance to the RX-7 as they did multiple test runs on the streets)

Diego: Alrighty, it feels pretty good!

Victoria: It sure sounds good as well, now to put everyone on notice tonight. That’s when we will take the next step.

Diego: You know something, Vicky? I think if we both want to take the North Sidaz down, we should do some work on your car too. I might not be able to beat them alone, you know.

Victoria: Good point…

Diego: Yeah.

Victoria: Let’s head back to the garage and work on my car.

Diego: Alrighty, let's get to it.

(As the two headed back to the garage to work on Victoria’s 350Z)

Victoria: Alright, time to get this baby some upgrades.

Diego: Sweet.

(3 hours later, they upgraded Vicky’s 350Z’s performance and did multiple dyno runs in the garage to perfectly tune her car)

Saul: I hear the car sounds REAL GOOD!

Diego: For sure, man. Thanks again for letting us work in the shop!

Saul: Aye man, no problem. So I’m assuming ya will be racing very soon?

Diego: Yeah, later this evening. I think these guys are gonna be racing over in San Francisco.

Saul: Hmm.. (He nods) I'mma go pick up the trailer, surely both could fit as we head out to San Francisco.

Diego: Alrighty, thanks, Saul.

Victoria: (Sighs) It’s going to be a long way to get there…

Diego: Yeah, I wonder why over there? I get that they're called "North Sidaz", but that seems like a bit much, but whatever.

Victoria: Well, they did take over the streets of Northern California… plus they have a lot of races there.

Diego: Yeah, seems about right.

Victoria: So, expect a hostile environment since we’re heading into “their” house as unwelcome guests.

Diego: If school made me who I am today, a bunch of wannabe street punks won't scare me.

Victoria: Well, we have been practicing all week, now how about we put all that training and smoke these guys in the night?

Diego: Fo'sho.

Victoria: (Smirks) Good.

(Hours later, Saul drove the pickup-truck and trailer with their cars hooked up inside; They soon arrived at Pier 39 in San Francisco, California)

Saul: Hey you two… we’re almost here.

Diego: (He woke up in the backseat) Hmm...? (He yawns) Oh, great.

Victoria: (She wakes up from the passenger seat with her hair all messy) Almost….? (She yawns as well) Finally...

Diego: This is gonna be one helluva night.

Saul: More than that, I’d say this shit here is gonna be very spicy.

Victoria: Just like Dodgers and Giants, expect some crazy shit when push comes to shove.

Diego: You got it.

Saul: Now I may not be no expert and shit…but with the way Victoria has been telling me about these fools? They probably won’t even give a shit if they fuck up their own rides. That’s how much they will go out of their way to take out the competition because these fucking North Sidaz basically made these streets their own domain.

Diego: Thanks for the heads-up, at least I have a good idea of what to expect from them.

Saul: Good, now what time is it?

Victoria: (Checks her phone) It's close to being 6 o’clock.

Saul: Hmm, we’re a bit early, I don’t think any of the other cabrons will be here in a bit… I’d say we park somewhere so I can basically have a bird's eye view of the action.

Diego: Alrighty, sounds good. I might go for some food with Vicky, but I think you should stay to watch over the cars in the meantime, Saul. Who knows what these morons would try to pull.

Saul: No need to say it twice.

Diego: Alrighty then.

Saul: Aye, I’ll hit you two fools up if anything is going down.

Victoria: Got it!

(Diego and Victoria then went to get themselves some dinner)

Victoria: Diego, I’ve been wondering since we have been racing… I was wondering how you got into racing in the first place?

Diego: Well, since these are tough times, it's been hard to make a decent living, so I'm partially in it to make some money, but also because it's just fun. And like I've said before, I've also been wanting to make some new friends along the way, and I'm happy that I have.

Victoria: What were you doing before that?

Diego: Well, before I got my driver's license, I worked at this small food bank in Pomona, called God's Pantry, which was fine, but a lot of my coworkers were... eh... hit or miss. Then sometime after I got my license, my mom gave me her 240SX and I started picking up online food orders, which sounded good at first, but I soon realized I had nobody to talk to, which made it boring as hell. At least at God's Pantry, I could keep up a good conversation with somebody there. Also, ever since my family and I moved from Moreno Valley here to West Covina about 6 years ago, I moved away from my childhood friends and barely ever got to see them again... However, that’s not to say I haven’t made friends here in LA; Aside from you, there’s this one guy who understands me the best and has similar interests as I do, he wasn’t even a student at my own school.

Victoria: At least it was something, well not the online orders but God’s Pantry…

Diego: Honestly, part of me regrets quitting my job there.

Victoria: We all have those moments… But you certainly chose your friends wisley.

Diego: Yeah... What did you do before I met you, Vicky?

Victoria: Well… after high school, and before getting my license, I was at a crossroads on what to do. I’ve tried going out more, going to the beach, or hanging out with my girls. But the more I tried doing that, the more I didn’t really enjoy it. Everyone was trying to get their best look on for all the boys and catch their eye and get dates when during that time I was going through an identity crisis. I just hated how one day I’m this girl who is having long hair and wearing feminine clothing and the next day I’m looking in the mirror and asking myself who are you, and having no motivation to do anything.

Diego: Wow, that's pretty heavy stuff. I guess that's why you're more of a tomboy than the girly types.

Victoria: Yeah… that’s the style I’m basically going with now. To be honest, I was quite nervous about how I would look if I went away with my long hair and cut it and made it seem like I was a dude. And then ditch the typical women's clothing and just wear baggy shirts, pants, shorts, and some sneakers while wearing a baseball cap backwards.

Diego: Well, I'm happy that you're just being yourself, instead of someone you're not.

Victoria: (She looks down feeling a bit embarrassed but smiles) Thank you, Diego.

(Meanwhile with Saul at the truck, he is keeping guard while in the process of unhooking the cars separately)

Saul: Hmm… nothing yet… good.

(But then, a group of cars from members of the North Sidaz pull up and park on the other side of the streets; The members get out of their respectable cars along with a few women who are with them for the night one of the members notices the cars)

Luther: (Walks up to Dez and Mac) Those cars..!

Dez: So, they really did have the balls to come here in our city to run these races.

Mac: Yo, you know what we can do? How about we walk up to whoever the hell is that old man and ask if we can take a peek under the hood?

Kyle: You're saying we should-

Spike: Mess up their rides, just like how that little punk bitch girl walked up to us and talked all that shit?

Dez: Sabotage rides, huh… making it seem like it was all an accident not of our doing? (Smirks) And with that dude only there and 5 of us? Yeah.. how about we “Talk” to him..

(As the group of 5, along with their group of girls, walk up to Saul as he is about finished unhooking the 350z and the RX-7)

Dez: HEY! Old man!

(Saul hears Dez behind him as he turns around and sees the group as they are putting on an act like they are a curious group)

Dez: We just happen to be walking by and we couldn’t help to notice the two cars you're unhooking. Say, are those your own cars?

Saul: Um, no, actually, these cars are owned by two drivers who work for me. I’m just the mechanic that gets these cars in the best condition. Why you ask?

Mac: It’s like what we said, old man, we were walking by and wanted to peek under the hood. Nothing suspicious about it, right? Just wanna take a small peak like say… 5 minutes… no big deal, right?

Saul:(He has a flashback)

Victoria: G35… RX-8… S14 Kouki… Eclipse… and Civic… Those are the cars of the North Sidaz…

(Flashback ends)

Saul: Before I answer anything to your request… you wouldn’t happen to be that punk-ass group known as the North Sidaz now, would you…?

Dez: So you’ve heard about us from that brat…

Saul: Sí, Cabron… and to answer your request to take a look at these cars… I'mma say this in the most polite way possible… Get the fuck out of my sight, or else…

Mac: Oooooh, I’m so scared… You think you can fight all of us here? It’s a 5v1 here and only 1 of you.

Saul: Oh, I got an equalizer, alright… (He pulls out a wrench from his pocket and points it at Dez and the rest of his crew) Now let me repeat myself…. One more fucking time. You are NOT welcome to get near these rides I worked so hard to build. You lay as much one finger or sabotage on these cars that belong to my drivers… I will take this wrench and I will have no issue beating the living shit out of you punks… You think 5v1 is supposed to make me scared…? Boy, you are out of your goddamn mind…this is nothing compared to where I come from in Mexico.

Dez: Grr…

Spike: Dez… let’s go… he means business… c'mon.

Dez: You better watch your back… this ain’t over! (As he turns his back and walks back to his ride while the rest of the crew follows him back)

Saul: Hmph…Pinche Cabrons… (He gets out his phone and calls Victoria)

Victoria: Hmm? (She picks up the phone) Yeah?

Saul: Them fools dropped by and tried to jump me and sabotage you and Diego’s rides.

Victoria: They’re here?! Did they do anything to you? Are you ok?

Saul: (Chuckles) Mija.. this man gave them a very good warning… so no worries, your rides are fine.

Victoria: Phew…! Thank God nothing happened…

Saul: You should finish up, more people are coming.

Victoria: Right. (She hangs up)

Diego: Trouble?

Victoria: There was… but Saul took care of it. Thank God nothing terrible happened…

Diego: Don't fuck with that ese, that's for damn sure.

Victoria: Yeah… anyway, we should finish up, more people are coming soon.

Diego: Yeah, I'm a bit nervous though. All that pressure of people watching and my competition.

Victoria: I understand you’re nervous… But we can do this, Diego, I know it..!

Diego: Yeah, a win for one of us is a win for both of us!

Victoria: Damn right, now c'mon.

(They then made it back to Saul, who was just finishing up unloading the cars)

Diego: Hey again, Saul. Thanks for looking after the cars.

Saul: No problem.

Victoria: So Dez and his boys actually tried to jump you…

Saul: I made sure I gave them the message, a loud and clear message.

Diego: I'm gonna fucking love putting them in their place by the end of tonight.

Saul: Oh you will… with the way I made their little asses retreat to their cars.. they are all talk and no bite… plus you’ll need these… (He tosses them cameras)

Victoria: Saul… are these-

Saul: You think I’m gonna let you run your race without any signs of proof about how they race here? I’m always a step ahead.

Diego: Good call, man.

Saul: Besides, I think it’s time to truly break these fools and have the people know the truth behind how they race…

Diego: Yeah, from what Vicky said, they'd definitely use cheap tactics against anyone who raced them.

Saul: Well, once you two race tonight, you show them how we roll in East LA…

Victoria: Say no more.

Diego: Alrighty then, but first, I gotta know what the route's gonna be like for this race.

Victoria: Sounds good.

Diego: So it should start here, but where will it go?

Victoria: Hmmm…. Oh! I know a good place to where the finish line can be.

Diego: Do tell.

Victoria: The Warriors Arena, otherwise known as Chase Center.

Diego: Alrighty then, and if I'm not mistaken, that place is on the other side of the Mission Creek Channel, which gives me a bit of an idea…

Victoria: Oh? And what idea do you have in mind?

Diego: Since you said that these fools would do anything to win, and some drawbridges cross the channel, if by any chance, a boat comes passing by and the bridges do end up rising, how about we get into Dez’s head…?

Victoria: So… we bait him?

Diego: Exactly. (He smiles smugly)

Victoria: … Very clever idea. (She smirks)

Diego: Alrighty then, we got this, Vicky.

Victoria: Damn right.

(Saul then heads off to wait by the Chase Center, along with the crowd)

(June 15, Midnight)

Diego: (Waiting in his car) Ugh... How long is this guy gonna take...?

Victoria: (Also waiting in her car) You’d think that they would already set up the checkpoints and the finish line by now…

Diego: Hope we can stay awake for that much longer.

Saul: (Radios in) Need a coffee, you two?

Victoria: Maybe after this race… as soon as these bastards get here…

Diego: Yeah, that'd be great. Where the fuck are these morons?!

Victoria: (Notices a car approaching) Well look who decided to finally show up… it’s him…

Diego: About fucking time…

Dez: (He approaches the start line in his G35) Sorry kiddos that I’m late, I was busy giving my girl some “Special” attention. Not that you two will understand or experience it later in life-


Diego: All I did was wanting to race for fun and cash, but you took it more personally as if I stole your bitch.

Dez: Ha! That’s because I own these streets! These races here in Northern California ain’t got shit on me and my crew!

Victoria: And you’ll do whatever it takes to stay at the top, right….?

Dez: You're a smart one.

Diego: (Unamused) You really own these streets…?

Victoria: I would watch myself with my words if I were you… I’d say you are pretty arrogant for allowing yourself to think you are the king of these streets.

Dez: Because I am, and there is not a goddamn thing you can do about it, once I’m finished with you and your boyfriend… So any last words before I put you in your place…?

Victoria: Yeah… Fuck. YOU.

Diego: (To Victoria) God, it's like he thinks he's just given respect like money instead of earning it…

Victoria: (To Diego) Oh don’t worry… soon he will learn the hard way…

Diego: Alrighty then, let's get this show on the road then!

Victoria: Say no more…

Dez: By all means, try….

Starter: (She then gets to the 3 cars as the crowd is getting amped up) Ready! (Points to Diego)

Diego: (Revs his engine)

Starter: Ready! (Points to Dez)

Dez: (Revs his engine)

Starter: Ready! (Points to Victoria)

Victoria: (Revs her engine)

Starter: … GO! (She waves the flag)

(Mark Mrdeza - Go!)

(The three drivers then floor it and took off; Diego and Victoria both made sure to have their cameras on as they started)

Saul: Hmm… (He watches from a monitor to spectate both Victoria and Diego, and also to make sure the cameras were functioning properly) Ok, their onboard cameras are working. (He now presses a button on his headset) Can both of you two hear me?

Victoria: (She hears a radio transmission from Saul) Saul? Is that you? Yeah, I can hear you.

Diego: Loud and clear.

Saul: Ok, good, your onboard cameras are functioning properly. I’m watching your moves from my monitors.

Diego: Make sure other people are watching too, they need to know what kind of driver Dez is.

Saul: I got that covered.

Diego: Great.

(The three soon approach Chinatown)

Victoria: Chinatown…

Dez: Heh! Time to make my move! (He shifts gears as he is now pulling up next to Victoria on her left door he then moves very close to her door almost as if he is pinning her)

(♪Can't fight a battle with your hands in your pocket♪)

Victoria: Oh you… FUCKER! Give me some goddamn room you bastard!

(♪Better duck 'cause I'm faster than a rocket♪)

(Dez’s maneuver forced Victoria to lift off the throttle and fall back behind Dez, but because there was some room on Dez's left side, Diego took advantage, overtaking him)

(♪Better be out looking or you never see me comin' for sure♪)

Diego: See ya!

(♪When I hit the ground I hit it running♪)

(♪Go, Go, Go, Go!♪)

Dez: Oh no you don’t! (He then throttles it up getting right behind Diego on his rear bumper) I’m on your ass now, punk!

(♪With the pedal down and the engine pumpin'♪)

(♪Go, Go, Go, Go!♪)

Diego: (He looked in his mirror, and saw Dez was very close) Oh, you wanna draft? Try and keep up! (He tried making it hard for Dez to draft, steering left and right)

(♪It's all I want; it's all or nothing♪)

(♪Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go!♪)

Dez: Challenging me, huh? Very well, I’ll try and play your little game! (He’s now timing Diego’s every move waiting for the perfect moment to match his move)

Diego: (He then sees the downhill roads coming up ahead, so he tries to wait for the perfect moment) Not yet... Not yet... (Just as the first downhill road came up, he hit the brakes, breaking the draft with him and Dez)

Dez: (He sees Diego hit the brakes as he now sees the downhill roads coming up) Fuck…! (He slows down, downshifts, and turns a hard left to avoid Diego as he blows right past and overshoots the jump on steep roads with a hard landing and tries to save the car from spinning out)

Victoria: (She sees both Dez and Diego come up the downhill road and she slows down to have a softer landing as she passes Diego) Tch, he’s insane!

Saul: Saw all of that.

Diego: Haha, yes!

Dez: (To Victoria) Insane or not, try and catch me!

Victoria: Actions speak louder than words!

(Soon enough, the three were out of the Chinatown district, speeding down 4th Street)

Dez: Almost to victory!

Victoria: Not if I can handle it! (She upshifts as she picks up the draft from Dez, then makes her move)

Dez: Grr! Damn you! (He tried to block at the last second but was too late, now he is behind Victoria)

Victoria: (To Dez) Now, how about eating my dust!

Dez: Not a chance in hell, you little punk!

Diego: That's right, Vicky, put him in his place!

(Meanwhile, on the other side of the channel)

Saul: (He is looking into the distance using his binoculars) Are there any boats around tonight…? (After a few more seconds later, he sees one boat far away in the distance) Ah, shit….

(Meanwhile, back in the race)

Dez: That’s it! You really want to test me? Well, test this! (He presses the nitrous button, his car revs up, and now blows past Victoria and catches up and is side by side next to Diego)

Diego: He just wasted his NOS, he's fucked now.

Saul: Don’t waste a lot of time, you two! You are a good couple of miles away from the finish line! If you’re gonna do something, do it quickly!

Diego: Are there any boats coming by?

Saul: There is one boat, but it will take about a good 15 to 20 minutes before it gets here!

Diego: Shit..! There goes our plan! Looks like we'll have to improvise, then!

Victoria: There goes our chances of baiting him! Looks like we’re gonna have to force him to make one mistake..!

Saul: Victoria, I know how you can win this race.

Victoria: How?

Saul: He can try and block once on Diego.

Victoria: But…?

Saul: Do you think he can block twice?

Diego: I doubt it, but it's worth a shot!

Saul: Well then? Go!

Diego: Right!

Dez: (He looks in his rearview mirror, seeing Victoria) Just a couple of miles, you fools!

Diego: Whatchu got, man?

(Without another word, he then drives right up on the door of Diego, forcing him to swerve to avoid what was an intentional move to sideswipe his car)

Victoria: Diego!

Diego: Whoa! (He brakes and swerves) FUCK you!

Dez: I told you from the very beginning, ANYTHING it takes to win! Now try any move you want, I’ll make sure you will never get a chance to pass me! And even if you try, I’ll make sure your ride goes on the wrecker!

Diego: That's how you wanna play? Okay then, LET'S PLAY…


(As Diego and Dez were dueling it out, Saul and the crowd saw from the monitor via Victoria’s camera)

Saul: Mm-hmm… I knew these kids were out of their minds.

(The crowd continues murmuring about how Dez was racing from watching on the monitors; The remainder of the North Sidaz are now in a panic as the crowd is now seeing this footage)

Spike: Ah, shit…

Kyle: We’re fucked…

Diego: Now I’ll really show you how we do it down in LA… (He waited for the perfect moment to ram Dez)

(♪Can't fight a battle with your hands in your pocket♪)

(♪Better duck 'cause I'm faster than a rocket♪)

Diego: Not yet... Wait for it... NOW! (He used his nitrous to hit Dez's rear fender, spinning him out with a pit maneuver)

(♪Better be out looking or you never see me comin' for sure♪)

(♪When I hit the ground I hit it running♪)

(♪Go, Go, Go, Go!♪)

Dez: NO! (He got spun out from Diego’s pit maneuver and tried turning the wheel to get his car straightened out) FUCK YOU!

(♪With the pedal down and the engine pumpin'♪)

(♪Go, Go, Go, Go!♪)

Victoria: My chance! (The moment she sees Diego spinning out Dez, she then uses her Nitrous to zoom right past both Diego and the spinning Dez)

(♪It's all I want; it's all or nothing♪)

(♪Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go!♪)

Diego: (He then gives Dez the middle finger as he speeds away) SEE YA!

(♪Go, Go, Go, Go!♪)

(♪Go, Go, Go, Go!♪)

(♪Go, Go, Go, Go!♪)

(♪Go, Go, Go, Go! GO!♪)

Victoria: (She then crosses the finish line to win first place!) DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?!

Diego: WHOO! (He pulled up next to Victoria as he crossed the line in second place) We did it, Vicky!

(The crowd is cheering loudly; as Victoria gets out of her car, she is still puzzled about what just happened then quickly realizes she won the race, but all that dies down as Dez crosses the line to finish the race as he meets with a lot of angry people and was getting booed loudly)

Dez: (He gets out of his car) Yo! What the fuck was that shit?!

Victoria: Oh no you don’t! Don’t you even start!

Dez: Bullshit!

Diego: Don't act innocent, you son of a bitch! Everyone saw what you did via Vicky's camera!

Dez: All I did was block her! Never ONCE I slam my door on any of you bitches!

Victoria: You could’ve KILLED ME!

Dez: But I didn’t! You got out of it in one piece, did you NOT?

Victoria: Fuck you!

Diego: That's not what my camera picked up either!

Dez: Enlighten me, punk!

Diego: Saul, play the fucking replay…

Saul: Say no more… (He then plays the entire footage of Dez’s antics during the race, first from Diego’s onboard camera when Dez tried pinning Victoria to the wall, then it shifts to Victoria’s onboard camera as Dez tried to sideswipe Diego towards the end of the race)

Diego: (He said nothing, giving Dez a deadpan stare, with a hint of anger)

Dez: Yeah, I pinned you both, but... DID. I. HIT. YOU? Yes or no! (Glares right at Diego)

Diego: (He shook his head in disbelief) I'm not wasting my time here… Vicky, set him straight…

Dez: Heh! Like you will, bitch! (He then gets out a pocket knife)

Victoria: …!!

Dez: COME HERE, BITCH! (He ran to Victoria in an attempt to stab her, however that soon stops)

Diego: VICKY! (He quickly grabs Dez’s wrist, bending it down not only to hurt him but to drop the pocket knife) Dude… I've met a lot of scum in my time, but you? You're just SICK…

Dez: N-Ngh!

Spike: Dez!

Luther: That’s it, let’s jump the little punk!

Saul: Hmm? (He saw Spike, Kyle, Mac, and Luther try to jump Diego) Stupid Kids…

(Diego then kicked Dez in the crotch and punches him hard in the nose, knocking him to the floor; Saul gets out his wrench as soon blocks Kyle and Mac’s punches being thrown at Diego, while Victoria fights Luther and Spike with ease)

Dez: (As he was on the ground) What the hell…?

Victoria: So… tell me something, Dez… do you still own the streets… or do the streets disown you?

Dez: What did you say…?!

Victoria: Face it, Dez… it’s over now. You always thought you were the best when it came to these streets… taking respect without even once earning the respect from the other drivers. Without that... YOU'RE NOTHING.

Dez: You watch your mouth, you bitch…

Victoria: Truth hurts, doesn’t it? And speaking of bitches, I know someone that’s universally times worse than me… her name is Karma and you know what they say, Karma… is a BITCH.

Diego: You know, scum like you are all the same. Whenever there’s a new guy in town trying to make a name for themselves or just have fun, suddenly they’re a threat to you and your power for no apparent reason other than for you to save your over-inflated ego… See ya around, asshole… (To Victoria and Saul) Let's go home, guys.

Victoria: (Inner Voice: Diego just saved my life, and wasn’t even hesitant. Wait, do I actually like him more as a friend? Has he been my wonder boy?)

(June 15th, 6:55 AM)

Saul: Hey, you two... we’re finally back at the garage now. (He yawns) Man, it feels like I was at those fuckin' late parties that don’t stop till the sun rises…

Diego: (He wakes up, yawning) Oh boy, what a night...

Victoria: (She wakes up, yawing) Finally….

Saul: (Looks in the mirror to see Victoria) Somebody sure had a good sleep, look at your face.

Victoria: …Huh..? (She feels a dry mark on her face) Fuck… I was drooling… and got bed hair…

(Diego and Victoria then got out of the truck)

Saul: Say, kid, you do delivery services, right?

Diego: Yeah, why do you ask?

Saul: I was thinking… Why not work with us? We can definitely add some more young blood to make our work easier.

Diego: Oh, for sure, man! It's definitely better than being bored as fuck delivering food and groceries.

Saul: Welcome aboard!

Diego: Thanks, man! (He man-hugs Saul)

Saul: Anyway, you two, I’ll go get us some breakfast while you two stay in my office to rest up. It won’t take long.

Victoria: Sure thing.

(Saul then takes off from the garage to go get food, leaving both Victoria and Diego alone)

Victoria: Hey, Diego… So what did you think of last night? Or rather… earlier today?

Diego: I gotta say, it was a blast, and we did it, we put those morons in their place, showing them respect has to be earned, and LA isn't their town to own. I say you deserved to win since you've known them longer than I have.

Victoria: You can seriously imagine how many times I wished I could do that towards them. But now we did just that, and honestly, I couldn’t have done it without you, Diego. I mean it, and thank you very much for saving my life.

Diego: Yeah, no problem, Vicky.

Victoria: One more thing.

Diego: Yeah?

Victoria: (She then goes to hug Diego)

Diego: Oh!~ (He hugs back)

Victoria: Did I surprise you?

Diego: Quite pleasantly, yes.

Victoria: Heh. (She smiles as she continues to hug Diego)

Diego: (VO: This may be the start of my street racing career, but certainly not where it ends. However, that's a story for another day.)

(To be continued…)

Finally, the first episode of me and my friends brand new fanfiction series, SCSD: OverDrive is here.


@DLGamer2002: Diego Lopez (Myself)

NikoSatoshiketchum: Victoria Mina, Saul Rodrigez, Jose Vargas, The North Sidaz (Dez, Mac, Kyle, Luther, and Spike), and pretty much everybody else.

Episode story concept by @DLGamer2002 and NikoSatoshiketchum

Script edited by CrazyTrainFromHell and myself

© 2024 DLGamer2002
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