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shadow of the dragon

last post of the year... :)

edit: I reposted the pic, didn't upload the final version :/
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Great girl, great dragon! Beautiful work😃
Who cares with my character sheet, one would say, huahauhahau ^^
I've been using this picture of yours as my tabletop RPG character illustration for awhile, but i would like to say from now that i'm doing it with your permission (for this specific non profit purpose, of course) if you don't mind ^^

I love your drawing, by the way, if it's not obvious for i had chosen it. As others have said, the girl is cool because she's convincing and you don't made her skinny and/or busty as others always done. My character is overweighted (a little more than the picture), a wizard and a dragon slave since she was a child, then you can see it fits almost perfectly.

I'll give credits and also put a link to your deviant and tumblr in my character sheet. So i have your permission? :D
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Yes, thanks for letting me know :)
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Wow, a caster who knows how to dress pragmatically for an adventure? That's a rarity. Awesome work!
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its great infact. i would be lucky to produce something as powerful as this. because i just really dont know what you guys use :l
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looks like ariane from runescape's signature heroes :s
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I don't know ...hope is good :)
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Awesome :D her wand is so smoky and awesome. Her clothing is great.
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I love the detail of the clothes :)
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Absolutely beautiful. I love the detail work on the dragon, the staff, and her clothes.
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She looks awesome. I wanna be her. Except, if I was her I'd wanna be her with a sword or a dagger instead of a staff. o.o
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Gorgeous work! :D
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A little less sharp and a little more blurry than some of your other work, but it's still amazing! I love the colours in this piece :D
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I LOVE the dragon in the back!
OoOoOoOmnaOoOoOoO's avatar
the dragon is epic!! and i like the character's clothes
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