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This. Is. Awesome! :D
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may I please promote your work on my site? 
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Your stuff is awesome, can't wait to look through all of it!
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Kekai Kotaki-ish! :D
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Very badass and awesome. Seems very Viking-like and Viking stuff is usually awesome. :D
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been checkin out kekai work? :)
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I somehow think he is roaring with glee for battle :)
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This picture is so cool!
Did you know that the word "berserk" came from a tribe called the Berserkers who went into battle naked, screaming like banshees, in order to stun their enemies and to give them a head start? (sorry, i just thought it was funny) Your warrior is anything but naked, but he sure looks like a force to be reckoned with. Keep up the fantastic work!
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thanks for info :)
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Looks like Kekai Kotaki Work!! Amazing!
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Totally agree. :)
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Great flow in this work :) And the details are impressive! :D He seems angry about something...Wouldn't want to make him angry at me..xD
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Looks so amazing I love the effects, the background, the detail, everything is awesome. I wanna learn to do designs like that airbrushing and stuff and your style is the most connected with what my vision is :)
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so amazing *_* so awesome
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