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Obsidian Phoenix

cover (author A.M. Jandia)

book is still available on Amazon until March 15th and after that will be available in paperback and eformat.
here is link:
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Do you do request artwork?
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Sorry, just paid work :)
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she is so beautiful! :love:
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Cool book artwork!:) (Smile) 
Your archer is amazing!  Believable close fitting clothes for stealth and combat.  In some pictures artists add animals and they simply don't work.  In this case the wolf is perfect and enhances the picture.
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Hi, its so cool to find female characters without wearing armors without unreal cleavages.

I think your job here is so great.

Actually, i am searching an image for a character in a rpg I am running, I will run an adventure for my players and then I would like to put it on a PDF and release it for free, is it possible (with your permition) to use your image? obviously you wil be linked in credits.
I would be deeply honored if you would allow this. Thank you.

I would like to point out this would be a non-commercial use.
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thanks! Image copyright is not mine! It's a book cover, sorry :(
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beautifully done! :)
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you're very welcome! :nod:
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Simply fascinating. Wizard Hat, complete with Wizard Fire! Poof!
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Beautiful. I love the design of the bow!!
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Your wonderful art has been featured here:  moonlightmysteria.deviantart.c… :heart:
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That looks ineffective..
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Beautiful Picture. Nicely done. BTW, what is the name of the book? The link doesn't work anymore
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obsidian phoenix! look at this link:…
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