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Edna Mode in Incredibles 2

In the sequel, Edna first appears after a sleep-deprived Bob shows up with Jack-Jack. Edna is furious that Elastigirl is wearing a costume made by a different designer (Alexander Galbaki) but still lets Bob in. Bob tells her he needs her to look after Jack-Jack. At first, Edna refuses because she's not a babysitter. However, when Jack-Jack mimics her form, appealing to her curiosity and vanity, and displays several other powers, she agrees.

The next day, Bob comes to pick Jack-Jack up. Edna reveals that she made a new suit for Jack-Jack so Bob can look after him without losing his sleep. Edna puts him in the chamber to demonstrate. Edna reveals that the suit is connected to a datapad that lets Bob know when Jack-Jack is about to use his powers. She then continues the demo with a gigantic cookie. Edna informs Bob that any solution involving cookies will result in Jack-Jack transforming into the demon baby, a revelation she recalls learning painfully. Edna's prediction proves true when Jack-Jack transforms into a red monster and uses his Combustion power. Edna has Bob hit the tracker, which makes Jack-Jack's suit put out the fire with a flame retardant made of blackberry lavender which she informs him is both edible and delicious.

After the demo is over, Bob thanks Edna and takes Jack-Jack home, and in return, she demands that she be his, Elastigirl's, and Frozone's exclusive designer "throughout the known universe and until the end of time" and claims she'll watch Jack-Jack anytime and for free. Later in the ending, Edna is seen in the far left corner when Supers are now legal once more.
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