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Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies in Explosions-Dimension

The infamous "Rocks Fall and Everyone Dies in Fiery Explosions Dimension".

Morty: U-Uh, Rick! I'm going to to use the portal gun. W-w-we gotta get outta here, Rick!

Rick: Morty! Y-Y-You gotta calm down, Morty! I can see the "Favorites" button right ahead of me, Morty. We'll be -BLUUGH- We'll be safe in there.

Morty: I don't wanna die, Rick!

Rick: Well then, MORTY, you shouldn't have portaled us to the "Rocks Fall and Everyone Dies" Dimension. I-I-It's like you think explosions are eye-catching and warrant attention -BLUUGH- from visually bombarded onlookers.

Morty: Oooooooooooooh gee, Rick, I'm falling into the next deviation!

Rick: Hold on M-Morty! I'm gonna get us out of here!

Help Rick and smash that fave button!

ALSO HOLY CRAP. I'M SO INCREDIBLY STOKED THERE'S A RICK AND MORTY CONTEST. I listened to the Dota 2 Announcer Pack (all 40+ minutes of it) while working on this while RnM clips played in the background. It's a shame Mr. Poopybutthole had to get caught up in the mix. Seems to be having a good time though.

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We are not going to be sucked out of this fan art!
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*Hits the fave button*
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Mind blown

dope af
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this is badass
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this is great. nice work. 
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This is certainly one of my favorite submissions for this contest. I love how you keep break the fourth wall in your image.
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Very creative~
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Love how Rick is tearing out the dimension, excellent work!
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Really creative! BEST OF LUCK!
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