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Playing around with new DAZ Centaur 7
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With having the wand, I'd say she's out of the Harry Potter universe. I guess the Centaurs weren't content with just living in the forest anymore...
What software do you use?
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For just "playing around," this turned out really well.

The pose is dynamic, suggesting almost that she's been interrupted in something.  The composition puts the focal point of her face on one of the main diagonals, and the wand right on one of the third lines, so your eyes move toward what they should move toward.  The design of the character herself is good; her black hair matches her black socks and tail well, and adds a really nice uniformity to her overall look.

About the only thing that doesn't really fit well is her pink sports bra; it's difficult to explain why she'd be wearing that instead of something else.  If she was previously human (which the magic wand alludes to), she'd likely be wearing something more like an ordinary blouse.  Even if she'd taken that off, she likely wouldn't have that specific bra on underneath.  (And if she's not transformed, then it's hard to explain why she'd be holding the magic wand.)  You might want to consider a followup rendering that has her either in a different outfit, or not holding the wand.

Still, though, it's really quite good, and worthy of a +fav :)