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Escape From Catfishland
So, there is this cat.  This cat is currently featured in a cooking show.  Unfortunately, he's featured in the cooking show in a way of which he's not totally fond.  But before we can touch on that, first we must establish who this cat is.
What is this cat's name?
The cat's name is indeed John.
By nature of his role in the show, he's not the only cat there - there are at least ten cats with him.  But really, only two of those ten is at all important to this story, even thought I still have little idea of what's going on here.  Thus, it is upon John and two of his companions that we shall focus.
What are the names of John's companions, and also, of what breed of cat are they and John?
Scottish Folds.
Great.  And their names?
Ned and Ted.  The rhyming makes it more fun. :D
Very well then.
John, Ned and Ted are three Scottish fold cats, aged around three.  They a
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If there was just one invention of mankind which could be said to have a defining influence on modern society, it likely wouldn't be the first guesses of most people were the question abruptly presented to them on the street as so many questions are.  It wouldn't be the Internet, war, media, religion, science, Mudkips or anything else generally perceived to be of social significance.  No, this defining invention is clothing.  Clothing is what separates the men from the boys, the women and indeed from anything else which moves.  Evolving alongside man from its primitive loincloth origins, clothing plays a defining role in our society, and has done so for millennia.  The problem with clothing is just that – its defining social role is also highly problematic, in that it is treated with far too much significance, and as a whole is taken far too seriously for our own good.
An old saying of some popularity dictates that clothes make the
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The Whales Can Wait
There is certainly no denying the excellent work to which countless charity groups dedicate themselves.  With goals as diverse as aiding the impoverished, saving the whales, and shaving hairy people in order to use their hair to cure cancer, when it comes to the actual charity work, said work is achieved nobly and well.  Unfortunately, this work ethic cannot be said to extend in full to all facets of their activities.  It cannot be said that charities are self-sufficient, yes; without donations from the common man, they simply could not last.  This fact is certainly acceptable, but one must ask: why do charities insist on sinking to moral lows in their efforts to garner donations?  And why do certain groups (hello, Red Cross) insist on squandering their funds on frivolous lawsuits?
It seems that every second advertisement on television depicts morose children, wounded Africans, Dr. Fred Hollows, young orang-utans, or some bizarre combin
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P.D. Anderson
Artist | Literature
Current Residence: Canberra, Australia
Favourite genre of music: I tend to favour instrumental orchestral or piano covers of more modern scores, mainly game pieces.
Favourite style of art: My preferences lie with the individual finished product, not the style of art
Favourite cartoon character: Clubs Deuce/Courtyard Droll
Personal Quote: "Dead lines of childrens' construction toys are OBVIOUSLY SERIOUS BUSINESS."
So my laptop just died.

My three month old laptop just died.

Its hard drive just... ceased to be.  No explanation, minimal forewarning.  A quick test with an Ubuntu boot disk shows that it simply no longer seems to exist.  And with my hard drive went everything else - works, writings, Windows, uni assessment.

Oh yes, the uni assessment.  I have TWO pieces due on Friday, and have lost everything on them.  I don't know what to do about it.  I have just been royally fucked over by my laptop, and I have no idea why.  I can't help but feel more than a little bit stressed and depressed about the circumstances.

In short, it looks like I'm indisposed for the foreseeable future.  Bye, I guess.

On a more positive note, Pokémon Black and White are absolutely wonderful. <3


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