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owo edgy by DlakeBlue owo edgy :icondlakeblue:DlakeBlue 2 2 Redesign? OwO by DlakeBlue Redesign? OwO :icondlakeblue:DlakeBlue 4 3 IT KRIIIIIIMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA by DlakeBlue IT KRIIIIIIMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :icondlakeblue:DlakeBlue 3 2 Bubblegum Inkling by DlakeBlue Bubblegum Inkling :icondlakeblue:DlakeBlue 2 0 [Request] WAIT FOR ME! by DlakeBlue [Request] WAIT FOR ME! :icondlakeblue:DlakeBlue 5 5 [Sonic Forces] Dlake The Wolf's Fullbody by DlakeBlue [Sonic Forces] Dlake The Wolf's Fullbody :icondlakeblue:DlakeBlue 5 3 s n o w by DlakeBlue s n o w :icondlakeblue:DlakeBlue 3 1 Definitely not a dead meme by DlakeBlue Definitely not a dead meme :icondlakeblue:DlakeBlue 2 2 Awoo Boi by DlakeBlue Awoo Boi :icondlakeblue:DlakeBlue 6 4 DELTARUNE | It's only you by DlakeBlue DELTARUNE | It's only you :icondlakeblue:DlakeBlue 2 3 Dlake's Hero Gear by DlakeBlue Dlake's Hero Gear :icondlakeblue:DlakeBlue 7 8 im_bring_terrible_shame_to_team.png by DlakeBlue im_bring_terrible_shame_to_team.png :icondlakeblue:DlakeBlue 3 3 Testing some lightning by DlakeBlue Testing some lightning :icondlakeblue:DlakeBlue 2 3 A scout's dream by DlakeBlue A scout's dream :icondlakeblue:DlakeBlue 0 0 Scout Boi by DlakeBlue Scout Boi :icondlakeblue:DlakeBlue 3 0 When you realize how fucked the Splatoon fandom is by DlakeBlue When you realize how fucked the Splatoon fandom is :icondlakeblue:DlakeBlue 4 3
Art status:
Commissions: Open
Requests: Only if im generous
Art Trades: Open? Close? I don't know


Commission info
1. You must send me a picture of your OC's refrence sheet
2. No, i won't do fetish art, i could hear that question from a mile away
3. If the commission isn't ready yet then don't rush me, making these takes time ya know?
4. If your commission isn't accepted yet it's because im taking a break or im on a hiatus
5. I won't do porn, but nudity is fine
Any of the rules not followed will result the commission being declined
For 10 points
Half body
For 20 points
Full body
For 30 points


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DlakeBlue's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Im just your simple Bisexual Boy who likes games and draws shitty art, does poor posing with Gmod, always a lazy sack of shit that spends his life doing unfunny memes

Facts about me:
I do not roleplay, i used to but i find it disgusting now (No hate towards who roleplays)
I fail at being edgy
My english is not perfect
Im taken uwu
Im a furry lol
I have a meme addiction (Who doesn't)
[More facts coming soon]

Other social media
Discord: Please tell me in notes
Steam:… (Please give me a reason before you add me)
DeviantArt: You're already here lmao are you stoopid? ( sorry :c )

Quick note: Don't thank me for Faves, Watch, Visits and Llamas or your comment will get hidden



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Hrrrgh im trying to sneak to the kitchen to steal the shredded cheese but im Dummy Thicc and the clap from my ass cheeks keeps alerting my parents
owo edgy
Here's some info of this boi

Personal info:
Name: Dlake Westlake
Age: 16
Species: Wolf
Fur color: Blue
Clothing: Black hoodie with blue stripes, Dark blue belt, Dark blue fingerless gloves, Black pants with blue stripes, Black shoes with a blue base, Blue neckerchief
Likes: Watermelons, Videogames
Dislikes: Disgusting fetishes, Cringy kiddos

Combat info:
Health: 200
Level: 20
Power: 2500
Speed/Agility: 250

Burst Boost: Dlake unleashes a Burst of speed that deals 20 damage if he goes into contact to an enemy, used regularly for chasing or escaping (Think of it the boost from Wii version of Sonic Unleashed but more faster and powerful)
Burst Jump: Same as Burst Boost but instead makes Dlake go higher that makes a tiny earthquacke that deals 10 damage (30 bonus if he goes into contact to an enemy), used regularly for reaching higher platforms
Super Peel Out: Like in Sonic CD, Dlake also uses to Super Peel Out but it takes longer to charge since it's more powerful then CD Sonic's
More abilities coming soon (Maybe)

Super Ability:
Chaos Overdrive: Dlake has a special gem called "The Overdrive Gem" when it's use the energy within the gem unleashes inside Dlake's body making him full of power and rage
Affects: Doubles his stats for 15 seconds, Boost energy recharges it self, Unleashes a pulse of energy when 15 have passed (Deals 10 damage)
Boy sure i am dead in here lmao

Might also do a redesign of some of my characters
Do not trust ThETAReX also knowed as XialRool379 on DA

He is known as Frank Limon and has a long rap sheet of harrasment, stalking, bullying, pedophilia and many others

He was also dating a 13 year old even tho he's 19
I go this info on Xpert03 's Discord server

If you see him comments on your or somebody's art, watches you or even favorites your art please report him
Greetings, my name is Ed this is gonna be my first (And possibly last) journal rant

Our first vict-uuh i mean user is a 15 year old boy called TheShadow154 a.k.a JayTheInktoling

For who doesn't know Jay is a Splatoon Gmoder that makes your basic poor posed garbage and edgy stuff, if you think that's cancer just wait until you go to his Tumblr account wich i'll link at the end (warning there's futa porn)

There's been alot of posts on his tumblr that he said that he's "single" and "alone", but plot twist, he's not he's actually in a relitionship with another Splatoon Gmoder by the name of 123emilymason a.k.a Emily, and upon researching his Tumblr and DA i've seen that he shipped and dated alot of dudes on Tumblr, in other words, cheating on his GF, here's where we get to the good part, after Jay gets dumped or cheated on he becomes into the most depressed kid you've ever seen on the internet, even saying that he wants art of him or his oc getting killed
Immagine by DlakeBlue
1 by DlakeBlue
2 by DlakeBlue
3 by DlakeBlue
4 by DlakeBlue
Now i don't know who's this Kody fellow he mentioned in his blogs, but i'll keep their name noted

Jay likes to roleplay alot, some of his roleplay are fucked up, and when i say fucked up i MEAN it
Immagine by DlakeBlue

Immagine by DlakeBlue
Keep in mind that he's 15 and he wants to roleplay about rape, this fucking kid is fucked in the head

Upon doing re
searches my friend Xpert03 told me that he had a crush on JayUnknown by DlakeBlue

For now thi
s is all i have to say about Jay, there might be a possible part 2 if im not lazy to do so

s is Ed, singing out

EDIT: I forgot to po
st Jay's Tumblr so here it is, be warned that it's like purgatory in there

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