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Flash DDR: Custom Songs

Note: Changed to alpha, still thoroughly testing!
Beta testing version of my newest flash game. This game is meant to be somewhat like Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) [minus many features]. The main feature of this game which was pretty effort-some to create was the user-uploading of .mp3 files/songs.
Anyway enjoy!

Please note that the song plays loud out of the right speaker/headphone and really soft on the left. This is purely intentional (for game function purposes).

This is a developer's edition so there is debugging stuff everywhere.

Please comment on any bugs, suggestions for game modifications or anything else :p.... actually i know there are alot of bugs:

Gotta fix pause game
Fix rhythm analysis selector to work with previously used song

Made in AS3, with the aid of computeSpectrum and some other stuff

Yes i know that this important piece of info is missing from the game....
WASD or Arrow Keys to play. If you don't know how to play DDR then i'm seriously not gonna try...
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haha i love this!
It's kinda hard sometimes, but still being fun 8D
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I love this! But I don't suggest trying to txt at the same time.
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haha ill keep that in mind :D
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I think this is a really good attempt! But if I may add a little help for you, I find that sometimes the arrows are really slow to come up and often find myself waiting for the next arrow to come.

Also, perhaps something to think about is the style of the game. I think it could do with a few more colours.

If you're interested in what song I was playing with, it was Die Heuwels Fantasties feat. Jack Parow - Die Vraagstuk.

I'm not entirely sure how fast it's meant to be, but I figured the arrows correspond with the beats? If they were, they weren't quite fast enough for the song.

I'm going to keep a look out for this game, it's a great start! :D
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Firstly thanks for taking such time to review my game. I had a listen to the song you picked (wasn't to familiar with it, me being from Aus ;p) and i think that for the arrows to appear more frequently the game settings would have had to be set to middle or treble (not to sure if you already did so), as by default it's set to bass, and the song has an occasional (and constant) but not frequent bass beat (and thus the not so frequent arrows).

In address to the colours; i'm working on custom user wallpapers and wallpaper bg slideshow feature, hopefully providing some nice colour.
Anyway thanks for your words/advice. I'll be sure to finish this game sooner or later :D
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Ah, fair enough! I'm in the UK and have a real big thing for South African music for a reason I can't quite put my finger on. No-one really knows of Die Heuwels outside of South Africa.

But that explains a lot, I didn't know there was a setting for middle or treble - and in fairness, I'm not entirely sure what it all means. But that's brilliant, I can't wait for the finished product!
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Haha maybe i'll spread word of the Die Heuwels in australia :p
Indeed i've gotta definitely fix up the user interface and experience before the real thing.
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