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Commission Info For a Friend

It seems as though I'm rarely active on here lately. I thought I would do a bit of advertising for a friend. She doesn't quite have a page or anything set up, but she draws AR, or just single characters too, from anywhere in the 10-12 range, all the way down to the 3-5 range. She's charging $20 dollars for a single character, $30 dollars for a sequence or more than 1 character. If you have any questions or would be interested in commissioning, just send me a dm.

I should be around here more in the future once I sort my shit out. Haha
The live video feed started up to the scene of a brightly lit bedroom shot from a laptop
webcam. “Hey everyone, how are you guys?” A teenage asian girl greeted the other
Facebookers joining the chat. She was wearing sweatpants and a crop top, with a short black
ponytail atop her head. “Everybody's been telling me to try this stuff out, so I ordered some
online…” She continued, flashing an unopened package to the camera. It wasn’t a flashy
package at all, just a small, nondescript box.
“WTF in the box jenni??” A comment appeared at the bottom. “Oh… Uhm, it’s this
imported water stuff… from South America.” She replied, fumbling with the box as she tried to
tear it open. “Haven’t you seen the baby challenge?” She addressed the chat as it hit 27 people
from her friends list. She tore one of the sides from the box and pulled out a small vial filled with
clear liquid. “Thats just water u got scammed lol” Another person commented.
The baby challenge had been another trend that had been sweeping the nation recently,
having only popped up about a week ago. Much like most of these trends though, people fail to
realize the danger associated with them before trying it out themselves. Jenni showed the chat
a closeup of the bottle before drinking it all in one swig. “Tiny me, here I come!” she said
enthusiastically, tossing the vial onto her desk. It only took a few seconds before she started to
feel her body changing. A tingle ran across her skin as the liquid started running its course.
“This feels so weeeeeird!!” She laughed, feeling her limbs start to retract towards her
torso. The chatroom started to blow up as everyone could see the girl start to shrink into her
clothes. Jenni didnt research far enough ahead however, the effects of the serum were
irreversible. Her sweatpants fell to her feet and her croptop started to loosen around her. She
held her small breasts as the retreated back into her chest, amazed by the process.
Her transformation started to speed up however, quickly changing her into a thin, reedy,
preteen. “Guys! This is awesome!!” Her voice squeaked, becoming even higher as she said it,
and her crop top turning into more of a short summer dress type garment. Her body soared
backwards in time, turning from a wannabe middle schooler into a younger grade schooler.
Comments began to pour in, much to Jenni’s delight. The barely 6 year old planted
herself on her computer chair to scroll through what people were saying, but she quickly began
to run into a problem… “Jenni… this is… ah.. Mah… zing… w… here did you…” She tried to
sound out the words on her screen. “Wait… This isnt wight! I know how ta read!” She screamed,
hopping out of her chair and losing the last of her clothes.
The 4 year old quickly felt her mind starting to fog as information left her head as the
seconds rolled by. “Pwease! I wanna be smawttt agaiwn!” She cried, climbing back onto the
chair and lifting herself onto the desk. The little toddler pleaded with her audience for someone
to help, not realizing that the whole effort was futile. Most of her Facebook friends were in the
chat now, watching with morbid curiosity as Jenni wailed and sobbed.
Jenni’s thin frame had morphed into a chubby little body and a face that was slowly filling
with baby fat. she knew the thing in front of her could help her, but she wasn't sure how
anymore, so she bashed her stubby little hands on the keyboard over and over in hopes that
something would happen. The only effect it had was making people heart react in the chat.
Before long the process was done and the internet trend sweeping America's youth had
found another victim. Jenni was one of thousands reduced to infancy, and she had little hope of
ever returning to her previous age ever again. As Jenni laid on her desk, the last bit of knowledge had left her head, and she gave the chatroom a fitting conclusion. The baby girl
coo’d and whined before sticking her chunky little foot into her mouth, destined to be a baby for
the rest of her days.


Regresso Goo
Hey all. I'm still around the community sorta kinda. This is an older one now that I just never got around to posting. Censcored it for DA. Cheers
I have a little extra free time for a few days, so to pass the time I wondered if anyone wanted to do an AR RP? If interested we could do it over notes, discord, whatever really. Lemme know if that sounds fun to you.
I have a little extra free time for a few days, so to pass the time I wondered if anyone wanted to do an AR RP? If interested we could do it over notes, discord, whatever really. Lemme know if that sounds fun to you.


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