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King of All Cosmos - B.C.

Some Katamari inspired artwork! :D

If you've been talking to me lately, then you'd know that I've been playin' the heck out of the Katamari games as of late. I LOOOOOOVE it SOOOOOOO much! :dance:

The guy in the picture isn't the same King of All Cosmos from the games or his dad, but rather a self-created ancestor. He's in a pool of thought right now! :)

Enjoy! :D

Done in Watercolor and Copper Dust
KOAC and Katamari by Namco

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This is super great. I was looking for a KoAC desktop image, and this was the first hit. I know this is from six years ago, but do you still have a larger version kicking around somewhere?
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It's away in storage right now, but when I get the chance to dig that out (and get access to a large scanner) I'll be sure to do that.
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This is beautiful. I love the fish tank hammer.
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Why must I comment when I do not know what to say? :<
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But that fact that you have taken the effort to do so is most appreciative. Thank you! :w00t:
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Hehehe... Agreed! :XD:
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Wow~ that's epic!
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Such a likeness, and the colors make my mind do starjumps!

Your collecting abilities are mastering the paint! Fearsome.

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Looks like he's the King of a parallel Cosmos in which air is water and water is something else.
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Haha... he does! :XD:
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The fishes are a great imaginative embellishment.
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Haha... thank you! :)
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This is brilliant, such a great talent!
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Good that you caught his overall fashionableness.

If that's a word. Probably not.
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Haha... it's a word to me. Thank you very much! :D
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Wooooo! Katamari!
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hey there! i featured this piece in my journal! you do fantastic work :) [link]
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this picture says, "Your katamari sucks, make it bigger."
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