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The amazingly eager clancy688 wants to see more Trust Machines content, as do I.  I'll be picking up Beastly Beauty again soon, so that's my part of it.

To get more authors into the setting, he has sponsored a writing contest: The Trust Machines story contest.

There are some pretty nifty cash prizes, and I've decided to kick in one of my own:  I will pick one author from all the submissions at random, and write them a custom Trust Machines short story.

Deadline for my offer is the same as the contest itself: July 15th.  Clancy added something about "final whistle of the World Cup", but I'll consider any story submitted before midnight PDT.
I seem to have hit a pageview milestone without realizing it.  An eagle-eyed watcher pointed it out to me, and suggested that I write a fan-driven story to memorialize this milestone.

So have at it in the comments.  What do you most want to see in a story from me?  Pick one thing (theme, transformation, whatever strikes your fancy) per commenter.  I'll draw a bunch at random, and incorporate all of them into a single story...

EDIT: Story's done: Milestone - Yana's Gift
A lot of my potential writing time for the past week has been sucked up by a new book - The Moon Etherium, by L. Rowan.  I've been a fan of her writing for a while, and when she released a story in a setting where most people have the ability to shapeshift as they see fit...  Well, you can imagine.

That said, I actually gave up on the book once.  The opening chapter isn't focussed on the main characters, so it felt a little 'meh'.  Fortunately, I returned to the online sample (first 5 chapters or so are readable on Amazon) and soon found myself caught up in it.  So if you do take a peek, make sure to get as far as chapter three so you can meet Ardent.

I finished reading it the day I bought it, and have been re-reading it in part and in whole ever since.  Sooo much lovely stuff.  Ardent's a sweetie, and her inner voice in particular can be hilarious to read.  One of my favourite characters isn't even technically alive - there's a golem by the name of Sessile that's just too cute...

Lots of fun stuff for my fans - shapeshifting, most of it voluntary but some not.  Power exchange on so *very* many levels and permutations...  And some amazingly steamy scenes too.

Plus there's an amazing amount of worldbuilding tucked into the story as well.  From thoughts on what to use as currency when anything you want can be created with a wave of a hand, to probably the most advanced use of Agatha Heterodyne's Law I've ever seen.

Links to your favourite e-book retailer here:

Please give it a look.  Rowyn's a great author but just starting out, and if this book gets more sales there's a sequel in the works...

Edit: For those that find this, Rowyn is currently serializing the book on her LiveJournal, 3 days a week.  It's about halfway as of this writing (March 24, 2017):
I feel a little odd doing this, but it only seems fair given how much time Pharaoh-Hamenthotep put into rendering his vision of a variety of things from my stories.

My favourite so far, and closest to my vision of the Trust Machines, comes from his second Trust Machines video series Venn Machine: The Mannequin  It's a cute story with a few wicked twists, and worth the time to watch.  (I read rather faster than his videos assume, so clicking forward a bit whenever I'm finished a 'page' helps.)

The rest of the videos can be found easily in his Youtube channel.

There's another set of videos called 'The Trust Machine' that's working on an alternate concept of the Trust Machines (for one, they look way more steampunk than my idea ever did, but he gets the interface really close to what I'd imagined), which is a little darker but still fun.

I suspect most of my fans would enjoy the 'Cursed Ring' series, too.

Last, but definitely not least, he's created a cool visualization of the spray from Fitting Revenge, Perfectly Fitting Clothes.
Complementary Gifts is done, finally.  I did not expect it to take two months.  When I started I'd figured 3 chapters, not 14... and some eventual sequel.

I seem to have snuck past 250k page views recently, so... yay!  Thanks for watching.  To celebrate... well, I posted the end of Complementary Gifts, that'll have to do.

Next up... I think it's time to revisit Trust Machines.  There are some stories there that need finishing, or at least another look-in.
200k pageviews came and went, and I didn't notice.  I'd hoped to do something special, but finishing off Button will have to do.  Chapter 19 shortly, and the final chapter soon after.
Two hundred postings, in a little under six years.  There will be many more...

I wanted to do something special for the 200th entry, and since Entanglements was my first submission, I figured another chapter would be perfect.  Then I noticed that I'd posted the first chapter in September 2009, the second in August 2011, the third in July 2013... so I had to get this done by the end of June to keep the pattern going.

I don't expect it'll be *quite* so long before the fifth chapter, though.  At least I hope not.  I've got a much stronger sense of where these two are going now.

The plan: before the year is out, finish Enganglements (~2 more chapters), Button (~4 more) and Super Sucker (one chapter to go before the new adventures of Xevozz...).  And other insanity, too.
I'm one submission short of 200, and I'm planning something special for it.  Only halfway done or so, but it's clicking along nicely, and I'm really hoping I can get it up by the end of the month to fit another pattern.

200 submissions times about 4000 words on average (as a guess, as the bulk of my submissions are around that length, and the long ones hopefully balance out the short), is about 800,000 words.  I've heard it said it takes about a million to get good at writing.  So I've spent some time pondering how to make a little money off this.  It's not exactly like I'm hard up for cash - I have a good job.  However, it's a salaried position, so it's not like I can work a little overtime to get money for a side project.

Would there be any interest in a Patreon?  I'm not sure what sort of bonus material would go in, though.  Scraps of half-finished stories (such as this morning's 'Wild Magic' story fragment) that may never get completed, the chance to look over my shoulder on Google Docs to see what I'm writing...  Would polls as to which story to work on next be popular?
OK, it's a few days late, but I was more focused on getting Moontouched 25 done.

In 2014 I posted 53 stories or chapters. 
Total word count:  over 210,000.
Moontouched counted for over 90,000 of that, plus another 7,000 words in spinoffs.

Moontouched is nearly done, and should wrap up fairly soon.  I'm going to try to finish off some of my other partly-finished stories this year.

Stories I should like to finish in 2015:
* Button
* In Too Deep
* Super Sucker (so I can do some of the other stories in the setting)

I'd also like to make some progress with the 'Homecoming Dance' series, as Danny/Dani and Sarah are sweeties.  Beyond that... more fluff, and probably more than a few sequels (Slumber Party X2 is half-done...)
I seem to have hit another of those milestones I like today.  So I finished off a Trust Machines story that I'd been meaning to save for later...  A silly and hopefully fun romp called Trust Machines - Almost Human.
Certain numerical milestones amuse me.  I don't have much special to offer on this one, though, save a new chapter of Moontouched.
Did anyone see a rabbit?  I'm afraid I've been off the grid for a bit, and Moontouched is going to be a few days late.  Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of this crazy writing thing again soon.
Well.  I suppose I should do something about the milestone.  How about I write some more stories?  <heh>

EDIT: Story's up.  Enjoy and thanks for the enthusiasm!
This one courtesy of clancy688.  As before, I'll skip the tagging others part.

1: Choose any number of your OCs.

2: Make your OC (s) answer these questions.

3: Tag three other people.

4: Add one question of your own.



Character: Yana, from 'The Button'



1. Do you want a hug?

Sure!  As long as you're cute.  Or rich.


- Question removed -


3: Do you have any kids?

No.  Well, not that I know of.  I don't think so.


4: Have you killed anyone?

See above.  I think I almost did, but my memory from then is kind of fuzzy.


5: Do you hate someone?

No.  KK can make me kind of uncomfortable sometimes, but I don't hate her.


6: Love anyone?

Darryl, my fiance.


7: What is your job?

Art design for a... um, adult studio.


8: Favourite Season?

Summer.  I love the warmth.

9: Who's your best friend?

Um...  Heather, I guess.  I think she's a friend.


10: Any talents or hobbies?

I'd love to design clothes, but I don't have any materials to work with.  Well, unless you count Darryl.


11: What are you going to do once this tag is over?

Go back to staring at Heather in horror now that she's found out I have access to magic.  Hurry up and write the next chapter already!


12: What is your eye color?



13: What's your morality? Good or Bad?

Pfft.  They're overrated.


14: What is your greatest fear?

Being turned into a swimsuit. Weird, huh?  I still haven't figured that one out.


15: What do you think of your parents?

I don't remember them.


16: Any siblings?


17: Was it fun to answer all these questions?

Not really.


18: How do you feel about your creator?

My what now?


19: Do you have any weakness?

The usual stuff for a human being.  Well, and chocolate.  And sparkly stuff.


20: If you could have one wish...?

That I could stay in doll... why am I telling you this?  <blush>


21: Your favorite element?



22: Who is your superior?



23: What anime would you switch to for awhile if you could?

There was something about that at the con...  The costumes are cute.


24: Sexual Orientation?



25: Do you care what others think of you?

Yeah, I guess.  Doesn't everyone?

26: Hi...




I really like my Advil certain times of the month.


28: Are you flirtatious?

Not usually.

29: Would you change gender if you could?

Why would I?

30: If you could change your boyfriend's/girlfriend's gender, would you do it?

Hm.  That could be fun.  Now where'd that button go...



Heartbreaker.  No, wait, The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me is You.


32: If you could re-design yourself, what one thing would you change?



33: Do you have a favorite drink?



34: If you could be any animal, what would you be?

A big, stripy kitty-cat.


35: If you could redo your life, what would you change?

I'd like to remember more of it.


36: What do you do when you're bored?

Read fashion magazines, looking for new ideas.


37: Favorite video games?

Say what now?


38: Have you ever considered a fetish?

A few, yeah.


39. If you were in an anime who would play your voice?

I really have no idea.


40. Has there ever been a time where you find yourself lost or confused on what to do in a situation?

Appearing naked and without any memories in a Salvation Army.


41.Do you have any powers or abilities?

Not unless you count using a magic button.


42: What's your favorite type of cake!?

There's this sort of deep-dish apple cake that's almost a pie... wait, where did that memory come from?


43: Boxers or Briefs?

Boxers just look silly with the big gloves, and I didn’t even know briefing was a sport.


44: What kind of house do you live in?

A rented townhouse, not too big but at least the roof doesn't leak.


45. Would you stab a random person on the street?

What kind of question is that?  No!


46: Who would you die for?



47: How easy would it be to get you into bed with someone else?

I don't like to talk about that year.


48: Have any OTPs?

Say what?


49: If you had to date any fictional character, who would it be???

Linus Larrabee (the Bogart version)


50: Do you have battle scars?

No, just mental ones.


51: Have you ever been in a war?

No... well, maybe.  I don't remember that part.


52: Would you wear the flag of your country with pride? 

I... I don't think I really belong here.  But one has to make do, you know.


53:Can you swim?

Mmm, that was fun with the tail... wait, what were you asking again?


54: QUICK Favorite color?



54: Will you ever settle down?

If someone would get off his butt and write the wedding, yeah.


55: Isn't this tag too long?

Very much so.  This is boring.  Stop writing silly answers and get back to work on my story!


56: Did something completely change your life?



57: What do you do when it rains?

Stay inside and watch old movies.  Some of them feel like old friends, but I don't know why.

58: What's your most favourite candy? 


59: Where do you want to go on your honeymoon?

Oh, we're getting a honeymoon now?  Cool.  Anywhere nice and warm with sandy beaches will do, really.  I hear the south coast of France can be very pretty...

It seems Reel123 has tagged me for a meme.  It amused me enough I'll participate in a limited way.  Look to their journal for the rules if it matters to you, I'm ignoring the part about tagging others.

Five things about me:
1. I'm silly, prone to quoting from shows that amuse me or spontaneously singing made-up versions of songs.
2. I once campaigned for the restoration of the alt.* newsgroups at the university I was attending.  Even made up buttons for the effort, though most of them ended up given out by the Computer Science Club.
3. Tangentially related, my first story was posted to an alt.* group.  Shan't say which, and it's long gone from the archives.  This is a good thing.
4. One of my favourite transformation stories is 'A Fistful of Sky' by Nina Kiriki Hoffman.
5. My first computer had 4k of memory.   I still managed to create a clunky 3D PacMan game for it.

Reel123's questions, answered:
1. I don't remember exactly why I joined dA, most likely it was to see the pictures hiding behind mature tags.  Putting my stories up here came way later.
2. Favourite creature...  It'd be hard to nail it down to one.  Of existing animals, perhaps the cougar.
3. Finding that stupid error in the code that makes it all work cheers me up.  Better still is finding a new story by an author I like.
4. I don't tend to get mad, I'm good at keeping my cool in most circumstances.  Really ticks people off.  The most common thing that annoys me is solipsistic driving.
5. No question, the superpower I'd like the most is shapeshifting.
There's a new Trust Machines story up, one that wasn't written by me.  JMD1961 wrote a fun story in the setting called 'Mean Girls'.  I imagine most of you who follow my work are also aware of his (especially after the 'Til crossover), but if you aren't... go read!
I went over my posting history for 2013, and was surprised to find I'd put up 49 stories or chapters.  I'm not sure about the word count, that'd be too much work to collate.  I think they're around 3k words on average, with a few short pieces balanced out by the many 4k ones, and a handful that ran 6k+.  So I guess it's around 150,000 words.

I'd like to try for more in 2014, but we'll see how things go.  I will be posting new chapters of the Moonstone sequel on the full moon, to keep alive a tradition I quite liked.  Beyond that, we'll see.  I want to finish The Button this year, and there are other stories deserving sequels as well.

And I can't resist one last note - it looks like I broke the 16-bit barrier in pageviews not long ago.  Yay!
I've got a few pieces queued up, so starting with yesterday's posting of 'Display' I'm going to try to post something every evening for at least 4 days, and hopefully more like a week.  I suspect the postings will get shorter as we go on, though...

EDIT: Well, I made it a week.  Better than I'd hoped.  But such a rapid schedule doesn't really work for me, I like to spend more than an hour or two on a story.
Remember how I said I didn't care about round numbers?  Well, that's not entirely true.  I've been watching the counter creep up on 50,000 for a while now.  So... yay!  Here, have more Button, the oldest story of mine that I'll admit to.
I'm going to bounce between Trust Machines, Super Sucker, and Ravelled for the next couple of weeks.  (Until the new Moon.)  Trust Machines has lots of room for strange and fun ideas.  I've harvested some from comments one one story or another, but I'm always interested in more.

What would you like to see happen in a Trust Machines story?  My favourite suggestion will get written up this month.