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Dropping links to the parts of this series by JMD1961 so that other people don't have to go through the annoyances I did to read the story in order:

'Til Midnight‘Til Midnight
by JMD
"What?" Lynda said, staring after her friend as the other girl crossed her room and flopped down on her bed.
"Did I stutter?" Cyndi replied, slumping back with her arms supporting her at a slight angle.  "I ... am ... not ... going."
Lynda let out a huff of air to show her annoyance.  "I heard what you said, Cyndi," she said, coming over to stand next to the bed.  "I just didn’t understand it.  I mean, we’ve been looking forward to Misty’s party for weeks now.  Why, all of a sudden, have you changed your mind about going?"
"Because…"  Cyndi stopped before continuing.  "Because I don’t have anything to wear," she finished with a sigh.
Lynda’s eyes shot open.  "You don’t?" she asked, sitting down next to her friend.  "I thought your mother was going to buy you a new dress?"
"Stepmother," Cyndi corrected with more than a little venom
 (Chronologically before everything)

'Til Midnight Again'Til Midnight Again
by JMD
   Lynda sat back, watching the little black dress spread out on the foot of her bed.  She glanced over to the clock on her nightstand, and sighed.  "Here we go."
   A second later, with a flash, the black dress was gone and Cyndi appeared in its place.  With a start, the girl cried out.  It took her a few moments to realize that she was human again.  Looking around, she quickly spotted her (former?) friend sitting cross-legged at the head of the bed.  "You!" she growled.
   "Hi, Cyndi," Lynda said cautiously.  "Welcome back."
   "Welcome?" the other girl spat out.  "I'll show you wel...  Whoa!"  In her anger, Cyndi had failed to notice how close she was to the edge of the bed.  Her sudden move toward Lynda had caused her weight to shift just enough to throw her off balance.  With a thud, she dropped to the floor at the foot of the bed.  "Ow," she groaned.
(Chronologically after the above but before everything dkfenger wrote for the series)

Til She Went Away'Til She Went Away
by dkfenger & JMD
"You turned me into a condom!"
Cyndi sighed heavily as she made the turn into Lynda's neighborhood.  "Come on, girl," she pleaded with her skin-tight leather pants.  "Will you let that go already?"
"Let it go?" Lynda's sent back over their bracelet link.  "You turned... me into... A CONDOM!"
"Ow!" Cyndi spat out with a wince.  "You don't have to shout.  It was just a joke.  I was never really going to use you."
"Well, you said you were," Lynda pointed out.  "When your latest boy-toy didn't have one."
Cyndi rolled her eyes.  "Geez!  I was kidding, okay?  You were perfectly safe in my bag the whole time."
"Yeah?  Well, how was I supposed to know that?" Lynda countered.  "I was deaf and blind in there!"
"And whose fault was that?" Cyndi protested.  "You're the one that insisted that I take the bracelet off.  Remember?  And right in the middle of foreplay, too."
"That's becau
(Chronologically after 'Til the Right One Comes Along 2'Til the Right One Comes Along (part 2 of 2)
  by DKFenger and JMD
Monday morning, Lynda rushed down the steps, passing her mother in the hall.  “Coming through,” she spat out as her mother pressed against the wall to get out of her way.  “Gotta go.  Running late.”
“Okay,” her mother shouted back.  “You girls have a good day.”
“Girl,” Lynda corrected, stopping long enough to grab her car keys off the hook by the back door.  “Cyndi's staying home today.”
Her mother cocked an eyebrow down the hallway.  “Okay,” she nodded.  She waited a bit, then added, “Where?”
“By the pool,” Lynda replied over her shoulder as she rushed out the door.
Her mother stood in the hall for almost a minute before her curiosity got the better of her.  “The pool,” she repeated to herself as she headed to the den.  Moving to the window, she looked
, making it the latest in the series as of this comment)
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