Trust Machines - A Perfect Plan

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Trust Machines - A Perfect Plan

“C’mon, buddy, help me out here.  It’s the perfect plan.”

“Jerry, I can’t.  I’d love to be part of another of your hare-brained schemes, but I’ve got a conference to go to this weekend for work.   You’ll just have to go to your reunion alone, instead of Venning me into arm-candy for the event.  By the way, if you’d stopped calling Laney your arm-candy, you might still be with her.”

“Damn it, Tom,” Jerry complained, “you know that’s not why we broke up.  She turned me into a thong and I was stuck up her butt for three days.  Gah.  There’s gotta be a way.  I can’t go to my ten year high school reunion looking like a loser.”

The voice on the other end of the line hesitated while Jerry’s expression grew desperate.  “Come on, you have an idea.  You always had better plans, that’s why you’ve got a sweet job and I’m just plugging along.  Spill.”

“Can you take Thursday and Friday off?” Tom asked.


“Set it up, and meet me at the Venn Machine early Thursday morning.  Think you can hack 6 am?  I still need to get to work.”

“I can manage that.  Are you going to tell me what the plan is?”

Jerry could hear the smile down the line.  “No.  But it’s perfect.”

Jerry covered a yawn as he saw Tom walk up to the Venn Machine early Thursday morning.  “Hey.”

“Ready to have your mind blown?” asked Tom as he set the Venn Machine for three days.

“You’re not going to tell me the plan, are you?” asked Jerry rhetorically.

Tom grinned.  “You trust me, right?”

Jerry got into the machine.  “Always have.  You’ve never steered me wrong.”  He sighed.  “Even about the arm-candy thing.  I just wanted to make Laney prettier.”

“You gave her boobs the size of Texas, dude.”  Tom shook his head.  “They looked ridiculous.  I don’t blame her for wearing you.”


“Seriously.  You need to show a little class.  And maybe ask, first.  OK, here we go.  Ready?”

“For?  Oh my god!”  Jerry stared at the cute girl standing beside him in the Venn Machine, and she stared back at him.  He could see out of her eyes, feel her perfect modest breasts heave as she breathed.  They stepped out of the Venn Machine in unison, but her legs were slightly shorter than his.  Each step didn’t carry her as far so she fell behind.  Jerry turned to face Tom, and his girl half did as well.

“What the heck?” they both asked.

“It’s perfect,” Tom said with a huge grin.  “You are your own date.  You can’t piss her off, because she’s you.  Take the next two days to learn to act like two people instead of one.  There are drop in dance classes at the community center, go take a few together.”

Jerry stared at Tom, then both his bodies pivoted to the mirror.  He studied the couple there.  His sandy, wavy hair looked way better on her, grown out to shoulder length and styled.  She had his green eyes, as well.  But the face was a stranger’s.  That puzzled him at first, she didn’t look like his female clone.  At best she was a distant cousin.  Then he realized that if she had looked like a twin, people would have thought he was at the reunion with his sister.  “Clever.  Thanks, Tom.”

“You’re welcome.  Work on learning how that body works, and buy her a nice dress for Saturday night.”

With an impish grin, Jerry had his prettier half step up and give Tom a kiss.  “This is going to be a hoot.”

“See, you’re getting the hang of it already.”

Jerry and his alter-ego Jane spent the next two days getting ready.  Moving as separate people one at a time was easy enough, but getting to the point where they could do two different things at the same time took a good chunk of Thursday.  Putting on two different exercise videos in separate rooms helped a lot.  Taking dance classes helped even more, as Jane was expected to carry on conversations with the other women.  Dancing with separate partners was a challenge, and left Jerry feeling slightly adrift, not quite himself and not quite Jane.  He could feel her doing her own thing, flirting with her partners in ways he wouldn’t have dared if he’d been just a girl.

Dancing separately was a chore.  But dancing together was sublime, both his halves moving in sync.  Jane was really enjoying herself, which he found an odd way to think.

By the time Jane’s hair and makeup had been professionally done on Saturday, and she was in her party dress, Jerry was almost used to thinking of her as, well, ‘her’.  The female half of himself that he never let see the light of day, even that one time Laney had turned him into a girl for a day.  Seeing her dolled up for the first time made his heart skip a beat.  She looked incredible.

Jane smiled at the mental compliment.  “Thank you.  Come on, let’s go show off.”

They were a hit at the reunion, the dancing lessons had really paid off.  Jerry lapped up the envious looks he was getting from his old classmates.  They even got voted ‘cutest couple’ at the end of the night, and Jane was very gracious about accepting the certificate.  More so than Jerry ever would have been.

On the way home, Jerry stopped at the mall.  Jane stuck her tongue out at him.  “I know what you’re thinking, buster.  And these boobs are perfect.  Why are you obsessed with huge ones?”

Jerry sighed.  “You know why.”

“After carrying these around for two and a half days?  No.  I really don’t any more.  These are the perfect size, a good handful.  Any more, and my back would be killing me.”

“I can’t believe I’m having this argument with myself.”

Jane laughed, and it wasn’t Jerry’s usual donkey bray.  It was cute, almost elegant.  “More than a handful is a waste.  You know that.  You loved Laney’s tits, too.  They didn’t need to be bigger.  You should have had her make you smaller, instead.”

“That works for me,” said Jerry, as he set the Venn Machine for a day.  He stepped inside, but Jane hesitated.

“I can’t go in,” she said through the still-open door.  “I’ll disappear.”

“Aw crap.  I can’t believe I didn’t think of that.”  Jerry hit the red circle and the door opened.  

Jane was standing there, looking horrified.  “What did you do?” she whispered urgently.

“What?”  It took Jerry a moment to realize he couldn’t see from her eyes or feel her body any more.  “What the hell just happened?”

“You went back to normal.  So you’re not part of me any more.”  Jane’s voice grew even more horrified.  “I’m going to disappear in the morning!  I’ve just started to live, and now I’m going to die!”
She ran off, crying.

“Jane!  Wait!”  Jerry ran after her, caught up to her sobbing by the fountain.  He reached out to touch her hand, and she yanked it away from him.

“Don’t touch me!  I’m not going home with you, to do the perverted things you’ve been thinking of all night” she said through her tears, arms clutched defensively to her chest.

“What... but I was looking forward to that!”

“You just assumed I’d go along with your twisted little games.  I don’t want to be tied up on the bed.  I don’t want you pretending I’m just some toy for you to play with.  I’m a real person now.  God knows how it happened, but I am not Jane any more.”

Jerry stumbled back a step in confusion.  “But... well, who are you?”

“I don’t knoooow!” she wailed.

Jerry eventually coaxed her into the car, though he earned two stinging slaps across the cheek in the attempt.  He figured he’d earned that and worse, and it was far from the first time a date had slapped him.  He drove her to the only place he could think of.  Laney’s expression when he showed up on her doorstep with a crying girl was thunderous.  “You woke me up for this?  What did you do to the poor thing?”

Jerry explained, and Laney’s expression grew sympathetic.  “She just needs someone to comfort her until morning.  She hates my guts right now, and understandably so.”

“I don’t hate you,” not-Jane sniffed.  “I just...  God, I’m so confused.”

Laney scooped her into her arms.  “Sssh, it’ll be OK.”  She shot Jerry a scathing look, one that promised he would pay for this.

“I’ll make it up to you, Laney.  Somehow.  Please be nice to her?  I really started to like her when she was me.”

“Go home.  I’ll deal with you later,” said Laney curtly, and shut the door.

Jerry sighed, and moped his way back home.  A double shot of scotch helped make the day seem less confusing, or at least dulled the painful memories enough that he could sleep.

Jerry woke with a hangover, and a head full of memories that weren’t his.  He sat up, stunned at what he recalled.  He remembered every moment as not-Jane, who’d eventually accepted Laney calling her Ginny.  How they’d talked through half the night, until Laney had put her to bed.  Ginny hadn’t wanted to be alone, and what had started as comfort in bed together had turned into so much more.

Jerry’s cheeks blazed with the memories.  The sex between the two had been fantastic.  Ginny had been in the middle of a mind-blowing orgasm as she vanished.  No wonder his dick was hard and his sheets were sticky.

Jerry looked at the time.  Five past six in the morning.  From what he remembered, Laney would still be awake, so he called her.  She answered on the second ring, still out of breath.

“What the hell did you do with Ginny?” asked Jerry.

“I... I... oh my god, was the separate people thing just another stunt of yours?  What the fuck, Jerry!”

“No!  That was the truth.  Come on, you could tell.”

“Then how do you know her name?”  Was that tears he could hear in her voice?

“Because everything she was, everything she remembered, just showed up in my brain.  I remember everything.  Especially what you were just doing.  My god, woman, where did that come from?”

“I...” Laney stammered.  “God, I wanted to turn you into a girl so bad, and you’d never let me after that one time.  Then after the thong you swore you’d never let me change you again, and I lost hope...  She was you, and not you, and vulnerable and sweet and... now I’ll never see her again!” Laney wailed.

Jerry sighed heavily.  “She still exists.  Just... inside my head.”

“But I want her, not you.  Can’t we get her out?”

Jerry closed his eyes.  “I can’t believe I’m doing this... meet me at the mall.  Maybe if we”

“I’ll be right there!” interrupted Laney, and she ended the call.

Jerry heaved another sigh, tidied up as best he could, and got dressed.

Laney was pacing in front of the Venn Machine when Jerry arrived.  She wore a rumpled dress, and her eyes were still red from crying.  She looked up with a huge smile when Jerry approached.  She set the machine for a month before he’d even had a chance to say hello.

Jerry looked at the time, looked at Laney.  “Seriously?  After last time?”

“You owe me, Jerry.  Let her have a month.”


It was not long before Jerry and Jane stepped out of the Venn Machine.  Jane dashed over and gave Laney a hug, but Laney shot Jerry a pained look over Jane’s shoulder.  “This isn’t Ginny.”

“I know.  I need to go back in and break the connection.”

Laney set the machine for another month.

Jerry stared at the machine, mouth dry.

“Do you trust me?” asked Laney softly.

Jerry’s mind said no, but Jane said “Yes.”  He thought back over Ginny’s memories, and smiled.  He stepped into the Venn Machine, and Laney entered the other side.

“What will I be?”

Laney smiled.  “You’ll like it.”

“As long as it doesn’t involve butts.”

Laney smiled at Ginny when she emerged from the Venn Machine.  “Are you?”  The hug she got made it clear.  “Oh God, I thought I’d lost you forever.”

Ginny kissed her fiercely.  “I thought I was dead.  How am I...”  She blinked as the memories came bubbling forth.  “Oh.  Jerry loves you very much, you know.  And... me, too?  Oh my... what did you do with him?”

Laney went into the other side of the Venn Machine and picked up two sparkling diamond dangle earrings.  “Every girl should have a pair of beautiful earrings.”

“But my ears aren’t pierced.  Yet.”

“Mall opens in a couple hours.  Shall we go home, or wait?”

Ginny weighed that, cupping the new earrings in her hand.  “Jerry would want to be worn, I think.  I can wait.  I have a month now.”

“More.  Jerry’s a sweetie, he’ll let me do this again.  Especially after the memories we’ll give him.”

Ginny laughed, her voice tinkling in Laney’s ears.  “Oh, yes.  Why do you think he agreed in the first place?  Last night was incredible.  He’s never had it so good.”

Laney smiled weakly.  “Let’s hope he feels that way in a month.”

Jerry wasn’t so sure about it all.  He could sort of hear the two of them talking, and his faceted gems let him see in a fractured sort of way.  By the time the first week had passed, he’d gotten used to it and his mind turned the fragmented images into a cohesive picture.  So he got to see Ginny taking over his job, and doing it better than he ever had.  She even earned a promotion before the month was done.

At the end of the month, Jerry reappeared mid-kiss with Laney, much to her dismay.

“Jerry!  God, has it been a month already?  I thought I had until morning.  We were going to give you such amazing memories...”

Jerry smiled.  “You already have.  She loves you very much.”

“Jerry, please...”

“I know.  I can’t get in the way of that.  I feel it too, her love for you.  It...” a tear leaked from his eyes.  “I’d give up everything for that.  And... it’s not so bad a life, being her earrings.  I get to be a fly on the wall, watching you.  God, you two are good together.  How did I not know?”

Laney kissed him, and it was the kiss of a friend, not a lover.  “I didn’t know either.  I’m still shocked by it, but oh, I love her so.  Please, can we...”

“Of course.  Now?”

Laney’s desperate look made it clear.  Having Ginny disappear from her arms had hit her hard.  Jerry let her drive to the mall, as his car was in storage with the rest of his stuff, and he had a month’s worth of memories to review.

“How long?” asked Laney, breaking him out of his walk down Ginny’s memories of an amazing month of infatuation and burgeoning love.

Jerry looked at her with a sad smile.  “She’s making a better go of my life than I ever did.”  He tapped the year icon three times.  “Go be happy, and make lovely memories.”

Once Jane had reappeared, Jerry set the machine for three years again, and went back into the Venn Machine.

“Oh and this time, can I be a pendant as well as the earrings?  She does have perfect breasts.”

Laney blew him a kiss through the interface.  “Sure you wouldn’t rather be a bra?”

Jerry shook his head.  “I’m getting used to the earrings.  I can’t feel much, but I love the view.”

“You’re the best, Jerry.”

“No.  She is.  Do it.”
An exploration of an edge case of Venn Machine use.  What if you turn someone into two people, and the heavier one uses the Venn Machine again?  The other person is still there until time is up, but no longer part of the original person.  So who are they?

Jerry has a perfect plan to get a date for his reunion.  Little did he know the price he would pay, or how willingly.
© 2014 - 2023 dkfenger
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