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After already workin on a piece like this my disk crashed and all was lost :( fortunately i had enough determination to make a new one and i think it worked out pretty good. psd size @ 200 mb (largest i ever had) and origional image size @ 1500x3000. all favs and comments appreciated as always.
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This is incredible, nuff said. One day I may be as good as this lol
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Truly amazing... the meteor blast looks incredible... wow...
Man - You rule!
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This is awesome :+fav:
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That is just so shocking & intense to view...but in a good way though
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That just so shocking & intense to in a good way though..
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Great Work! Nice concept, i like how u have the "impact" not takening over the image, that leaves room for the rest, which great. I love the nebula and i see what u were trying to do with it, but i don't think it worked properly, some parts just don't fit the rest. Other then that the planets are great (psamtik is right about those (moon/planets tho), details brillant and lighting is great also, nice rings too. def a fav! :)
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very nice job. i like the bottom part a lot. in fact, i think the lower half alone would stand alone as a better image; the top just adds too much (and thus takes away) from the energy of the lower. interesting spin you put on the popular collision theme, with the bolide melting through the surface. props on that. suggestion: the outer shockwave ring just seems a bit too round and perfect. you might consider a tad bit of jaggedness to add a bit of realism. also, i'm not sure what it is about the lower right dark-cloud / nebula thingy, but to me, it makes the binary stars seem as if they were either way too large or way too close.
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Very well done. I love the nebula, the whole piece has a great sense of scale and depth. Good work.
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wow...really amazing everything about it.the nebulas could use abit more depth...but there still damn good...wish i could get mine too look so great.and i like the impact on the planet....great work man...keep them coming
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Amazing work! Great job!
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nice job! :nod: especially on that shockwave and the rings.
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man, another awesome peice, you did realy well on the impact, and you have realy mastered those nebulae.

i tip my hat to you...

stay cool old chap
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that is an awesome picture. I have been seeing a lot of Space pictures lately and i have No clue how u guys make these pix.. you said it was in PHotoshop but how the hell?? damn.. haha.. good job man..
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awesome picture! :clap:
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This is simply astonishing! So many details to watch! Every "inch" of the pic has a story of it own! :+fav:
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You have wonderful nebulae....and the lighting is so perfect...I bow before you
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Hey, thanks for having the passion to go back and do it again. I'm glad I got to see it. Thanks!
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gaah...oh my gush..this is just..ah..stunning..the colors, lighting,
texture on that big bad all flows so well :D :+fav:
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Amazing!!!! :D
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amazing work ! light is really sweet .. clouds are amazing !! :clap: :clap: great work dude
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awesome! I love the ring things going around the planet and how its exploding in the red part, the detail is just amazing! 200 megs wow lol my pc would never handle a file that size :) :+fav:
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wow... i like your shockwaves and rings... may i ask how???
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i really like the rings of that planet :) they add something to the piece that makes it look even better. overall very nice work :)
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