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"After the destruction of a large metheor a planet is bombarded by thousands of "small" fragments. The pretty far advanced inhabitants desperately try to deal with this problem. But even while the remainings of the asteroid approach slowly they are numerous and hard to destroy without creating more debrie."

I hope that made some sence ;) Once again a contest piece. Terraspace, a big theme with even more freedom to create whatever you want. In this piece i created a few planets with terragen2 (yes all planets are terragen 2 in this one). Added some 3d elements and blended it all with some photoshop flavour. I made this one in 1920x1200 especially for those that have large monitors. it makes a good background ;)

I'd love to take credit for the entire piece but the spaceships are not mine. I found those on [link] So credit for those go to their creators wich can be found in the startrek and star wars sections.

It was fun creating this piece. For the first time in a long long time i felt like i was doing something i didn't do before. I love tg2, it enables you to create stunning scenes. So everyone that hasn't tried it, YOU SHOULD CHECK IT OUT!!!! Well that's all from me. Tnx for watching, i hope you like it ;)

DKF out.
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