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Point Of Origin

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Here is my first collab with d-design make sure you check his gallery. Great stuff.

Working together was great, we both learned a lot and we are happy with the result. D-design handeld the nebula the small planets and part of the light source as well as the starfield. I did the rest of the light source, starfield and the 2 bigger planets.

113 layers, about 13 hours of work and a psd of 86 mb. We hope you all like it :D
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Stunning. Who knows, maybe in the next decade or so, the new planetary searching telescopes will find something like this. Amazing work. I'm getting inspired.
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Whoa. Just whoa. Absolutely fantastic. I mean... I can't really express myself.
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Some of the best work I have ever seen!
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This is the best space theamed work I have seen in a while! Absolutaly astounding work both of you. The colours give the pice such mood and beauty, you realy captured the beauty of space in this. :trophy: :D +FAV
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Lovely colors and nebula. The blast is also sweet, but I won't comment the realism when it comes to two rings embracing one planet. Also, the visibility at the moon/planet over another one is imo wrong. But this is just details, the overall impression is great. Sorry for picking at you :pacman:
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That's insane, can't say much more than that o_O
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BEAUTIFUL , can you post the tutorial ?
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113 head hurts just thinking about it. wow. this is extremely impressive.
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Holy cow man, you need to show people how you do that.

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Thats just Godlike! :o you guys are aliens....
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wow, excellent job, i love the color scheme - great planets and especially your starfield !
keep up the good work !
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im ore stuck its amazing
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Gorgious work,! keep it up! :+favlove:
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Realy awesome work:| :+fav: :D
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how do you do such work?
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S T U N N I N G work :+fav:
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this is awsome ! perfect detail! gj m8 :+fav: also
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how did u make the rings around the planets that has always intrested me!!
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Dude, this is AWESOME! :+fav:
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Deze, samen met Stranded zijn cker toppertjes.. hoe maak je naast die mooie planets.. die lucht? photoshop I think? .. tell me how! :D
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wow! great work, both of you!! :thumbsup: :clap:
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freakin awesome, luvin the rings heh, also great job making everythin blend in well(great collab work) im luvin pretty much everything on it all!
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