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Well, didn't have much inspiration lately and then i found somethin on the net wich disturbed me and made me almost angry and suddenly i had an idea. Well this is it. I hope you all like it. 170 mb psd, my second largest and a lot of layers wich i won't count :D . Btw, sorry about the size but quality was to poor when i saved under 80%. Title was thought up by me and alyn, that must be the hardest part lately. Coming up with a good title lol. Favs are welcome, good comments as well.
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tremendous work!!! too good to be true
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great work!! :+fav:
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Fantastic explosion
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thats just incredible! :) :+fav:
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Love the explosion, it gave a glare and such a change in tones that my eyes hurt when i scanned through it *full-view*. Through the vigorous looking for a title, the one you guys finally chose is very suitable, so great job overall.. *thinks D.A. should have some category for planetary works... other than sci-fi*
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Dude, u really wanna make me fav everything u create???? Great job...
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:drool: sweet.....

you always have a flare for capturing an image at it's most greatest moment
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Absolutly amazing :wow: that nebular/explosion is so very well done. the lighing and impact of it is beautiful not to mention the colours, fantastic work :)
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sweet work here bud! I especially like that green planet on the left :D
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your work continues to evolve. :+fav:
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great work , amazin' detail.. great colors on the err black hole ? , ipmlosion ?.. idunno .. but I like it :)
good job :clap:
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Hey pretty nice, a couple suggestions:

Those planets on the right look out of place, maybe consider sizing them down, moving them, or removing one or both of them. :) Also, the planet hanging above the plane of the elliptic is a bit... contrasty and at the same time drab. :P Maybe smooth it a bit more or turn down contrast, maybe just move it further from the light.

Now, I absolutely love the foreground, that moon-style with the heavy horizonal curvature is very well done. And the angle on everything is also great.

Good work.
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Thats some really impressive work there bud, deffinately a good shot you've captured. The only concern i have is lack of color. I know your trying to grab the attention of the explosion, but the rest would blend a lot better if there was more color rather than greys and browns. Also the light energy beaming from that explosion would light the bottom planet quite a bit.

Good work :)
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Brilliant effects! The brushing on this could not be more perfect, the zoom mixed in the blurs is amazing. One thing though, I'd have made the largest plaent a tad bit lighter.

Great work all in the same.
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yeah great work...
love the render in the forground....the detail on everything is very crisp...the explosion is cool...
great job.
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:+fav: omg sooooo good!!! i love it!
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Great explosion!~ I also like the planet you did in the back, though the planet on the foreplan is somewhat plain, but you dont have to heed this last part! I'm only an art amateur, so wtv! :P
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Nice details but the planets could be a little better and maybe a planet ring would look cool. But this is about the blast and that is awsome!
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really good work!!!! :D
:+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :D :)
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That's awesome man! really good work
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OMFG OMFG i just creamed my pants
:+fav::+fav::+fav::+fav::+fav::+fav::+fav::+fav::+fav::+fav::+fav::+fav::+fav::+fav::+fav: :D
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[eyes tear up] man this is fricken beautfiul, fantastic work!
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