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Elements: Cold Matter

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In the darkness of space lurked the bitter cold
celestial bodies entrapped in a tomb of ice
the Stellar-Ignition was approaching
freedom was soon to come


The second piece in d-design and my elements series. Was a big psd with a lot of layers. Planets, nebula and most of the impact were made by d-design and most of the rest by me. Please pay d-design userpage a visit, you won't regret it. All comments and favs are appreciated as always.
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xan I use this ?, thanks. your art is so beautiful
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I was just browing the pictures and i typed in matter and this came up i was like hmm thats interesting clicked on it and was amazed! wow its great work,... Proballly one of the best ive seen
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Incredibly awesome stuff here.
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holy crap this is unbelievable.. the thing i like most about it is the little guy standing there, it gives it an amazing sense of scale..

this is truley fantastic.. i couldnt help saying "oh my god O_O" about 5 times when looking at the detail on here..

amazing work man
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:drool: stellar...... this kicks ass!
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very cool. That'd make a kick ass poster. I want -steals and runs away- ^^
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Woooahhh Niicee
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wow, amazing work, i loved the top part, then i scrolled down and saw this interesting and stunning winter scenery and then the little man
cool concept and well done, great!
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That's nice...veeeery nice. Different to the usual space art in a great way :nod:
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sweet work for sure, but some color would be nice :D
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The little hiker dude is really what made this picture awesome to me. Very nice.
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just blew me away :) love the touch of the lone person, overall effect is incredible another :+fav:
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:+fav: *O U T S T A N D I N G ~ W O R K * :+fav:
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Stunning each element is a awesome work in itself!!!!! =)
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Wonderfull work.
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the beauty of that.. is killing me

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great work d_desgind did a great job on tha planet , nebula and impact .. its beautifull.. the rest is great to.. only the snow disturbs me.. looks very unrealistic since their isn't any athmosphere :hmm: but still .. awesome work :clap:
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Awesome image! Really has a cold feel to it:-)
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Nice job with the noise. Rings look neat too ans the shading is nicely done. Good work, both of ya.
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Great piece... great mood.
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Wow, simply amazing :+fav:
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w00t great work :+fav:
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