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Celestial Beauty

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By far my largest psd with 294 mb. I didn't bother to count the layers ;) My second piece that is based on a nebula and i think it worked out pretty good. Haven't got much more to say about it so i'll let you guys do the talking. Comments and favs appreciated as always.
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The planets at the bottom are exceptionally nice. :)
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no matter what anyone says, that nebula is a piece of art in itself. whos to say something like that doesnt actually exist? not like they've seen it, the entire reason for you not making a standard nebula is what makes celestial art a limitless medium. awesome work :)
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man this peice rocks...

i think it looks more like a massive planet explosion, rather than a nebula...

i mean with the great texture and detail, i t seriously looks like rocks flying out at high speed... like an exploding planet...

well i thing it is MAD...

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those planets are really nice but the nebula itself is a bit too sharp for me :D
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very good work, I like this pieces. maybe a little too many colours for my taste, but still good. the planets are also well done and detailed.
all in all everything works fine here :nod:
memod *wave*
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I love it!!! really good work...
how do you do this type of nebulas? Some type of star field conjugation?
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I think I would make it a bit less grainy, even though that may be veery hard to do afterwards.
Apart from that, it's good. Maybe a bit dull compared to your other stuff, but not bad at all.
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nice work dkf, i havent been on msn so couldnt offer pre-release suggestions however, this is a very nice peice as usual
personally i would say the green in the top/top left is bit tooo green, if you know what i mean :) would probably look much better and less distraction if it were like what you have on the right, which is a more blueish green

however, thats my personal opinion
i love the middle the reds and blues and colors you somehow get multicolor to look extremely nice together ;) which not good at that :P

i like the way you sed smaller planets dotted around to give depth *cough* great way to add depth aint it ;) heheheh
love the texture you always use, its like your trademark...and you use it very well :)
nice planets as always, however i think the planets lack the "wow" that you always used to have, nonetheless i love the planets and the planet placement :)

nice work as usual, keep it up

oh and abouthat green, its not that bright green isnt good, but mabey it doesnt suit this particular image :)
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amazing lightshow in the skies tonight,=) great work!! =)
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awesome piece, looks alot different from most nebulaes i see nowadays, very cool.
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Great combinations of colours, light and main concept! Congratulations! :)
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Very nice pic m8.. great planets.. and lovin thre colors.. keep it up:D
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wow... just wow...
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Interesting. I like it, makes me think of the Matrix for some reason--That's a good question. Does the matrix simulate space, too?

:P Nice effect, and I like the biggest planet, although I dunno about the ringed one and it's moon. good work, either way.
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wow..thatz huge! very cool! amazing color...nicely done!
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I don't particularly like the nebula. The rust/metal texture you used is too apparent, it makes it look more like an exploding rock.

Otherwise, it's great.
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Amazing as always, dude!
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Thats Mint!! Love the rockyness look coming from the nebula blast thing, thats pro!
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I think that the "explosion" is some sort of nabula. Don't know how but it does like that, al those different colours makes it really speciaal. Verry nice the only thing i that there is one big open piece of space which is a little weird though. You should had made a comment there.

Although this is worth a +fav
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yeah thats cool...
good mix of colours there in the nebula :P
very nice job again.
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Amazing work! Love the colors!
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wow, love the central blast/expansion thing. so... dark and sinister.
um... i know i say this a lot, but i think there are too many objects for the composition. maybe even moving them around would help the busyness. that satellite wedged between the two larger planets might look good in the top left or something.
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looks good , but idunno.. maybe too much colors.. good work tho
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Awesome piece man, Im really feeling the depth in this one. The colors are outstanding as well. :+fav:
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