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Astral Projection

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As i promised, my submission for the new "Spaceartists" pack. the theme is impacts. Worked on this one for several days. psd is a bout 120 mb. Around 150 layers and 7-8 hours of work. I like the way the nebulas came out and the planets look pretty good to. But enough talk from me. Comments and favs appreciated as always. Enjoy!!
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No words to describe this, it's simply amazing!
Long time since I last visited your profile ,and wholy moly I've been missing a lot!
You're still my fave artist on DevArt!
Keep it up!
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Nice work :)

How come you decided to name it astral projection?

I got interested in space art because of this!
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what program did you sue for all this?
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100% photoshop and textures ;)
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exelente work.
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This kicks ass!! :+fav:
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Awesome man, this will be great for this pack :thumbsup: +fav
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damn those green planets are ubersweet!! great work here m8 :D
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As always, great work! This kinda reminds me of the comet that broke up and then smashed into Jupiter... Shoemaker-Levi 9, I believe... anyway... really nice :+fav:
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That is... yeah.... just.... my god.... so awesome. That greenish color on the planets is my fav. Beautiful work man :D
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great work man , your lightning is awesome !

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man your nebulas rock...

i need to learn how to do better nebulas... i tried that nebula tut, but mine came out shit, but i will keep trying till it get it hay...

i have planets down pat, but those damn nebs... :shakefist:

great job man... stay cool brother.
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hehehe, i was saying the same thing 2 months ago. Keep workin on them and you will get a good result eventually.
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any resources to give me a push start in the right direction?
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well, i always start of with the clouds filter and then i erase some and change the color. then i put some cloud layers over it and try them on multiply and colordodge till i get a reasonable result. then i use a texture on it and in the end i use the brushing technique d-design describes in his nebula tutorial. if you tweak all these things good enough you should get a good result. good luck.
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freakin amainzg! great job witht eh nebula's and planet textures! i am luvin teh astroids also!
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i think you should take some more time and effort with your comments because every singly time you've got dozens of spelling or grammer mistakes and it just looks really messy.
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i' is be dislex-ic sowwry :-P
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well, as long as the message is clear it doesn't matter to me. I guess he was typing very fast and then those things happen.
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yea thats awsome...
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Holy Crap! That's amazing. I enjoy space art, but this is easily... EASILY one of the best ones I've seen. Not entirely suer as to why, but truly amazing work here. Good Job.

ryan baker
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i love how it's so wide
bit too dark i think
very nice!
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